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  1. Brief description: Missing railroad tracks Detailed description, conditions: Kuban map, town of Troitskaya at map grid 0822. The railroad station is missing the side tracks. Their place is clearly visible on the ground texture. Would be good to have them added for train target placement. Additional assets (videos, screenshots, logs): Will add screenshot. Your PC config data (OS, drivers, specific software): See signature for hardware.
  2. S! That "Whistling Death" looks awesome. Have liked Corsair since kid and of course watched Black Sheep series...😀
  3. S! Generation Zero with friends = fun.
  4. S! Least flown map for me is the Rheinland. Those repetitive tiles and emptiness everywhere. Even those old IL-2 shots above look better. Ugra Media dropped the ball with DCS Normandy map already, a hideous map with awful colors and shore lines like done with a ruler..Best looking maps now are Kuban and Prokhorovka.
  5. S! The setup has been able to chew anything I throw at it with ease I do not think the 3950X will make a lot of difference, it was more a "because I can" - purchase 😄
  6. S! I noticed no discernable difference, need to do more tests.
  7. S! IL-2 is a bit more CPU intensive than GPU. My card is not even breaking sweat, neither does the CPU.
  8. S! Tested IL-2 with SMT Off on my Ryzen 3900X. Saw no difference at all, as smooth as it was before. Hard to say if FPS changed or not.
  9. S! Benefits or no is always debatable. There are a lot of videos on this issue that demonstrate this. 16Gb is enough today for a gaming rig and even some work being done. I would also recommend maximum of 16Gb if computer is solely for gaming. But if you do productive stuff like video editing etc. then I guess sky is the limit. I chose 32Gb just because I could. Got a good deal on the sticks so why not and does no harm.
  10. S! MSFS 2020 is a blip as AJW said. Heck, Bill Gates could pay the development from his own pockets and it would not even budge his finances. It is good that MS is making FS2020. It stirs up the competition and sets the bar in many areas higher than it is now. And also paving the way of future implementations in various aspects of gaming etc. Even I do not like "civvie simulators" FS2020 might be the first one I will test, just for the weather and cloud system. And that terrain rendering looked gorgeous. And if MS would revive CFS series...
  11. S! Why do people attack someone buying 32Gb of RAM? If one wants to get it then let him, instead of bashing how useless that amount is. I bet Temuri for example does other things too on his machine than plays IL-2, so he needs more memory. And for the Ryzen a X570 motherboard is not necessarily needed. A good X470 or similar will do fine, if you want to shave off some from the price without losing in performance. And for choosing Intel or AMD, personal preference.
  12. S! I have not tried disabling SMT and how it effects IL-2. My memory runs at 3733MHz and Infinity Fabric at 1:1 to that speed. Pretty much the maximum. My latency for memory was around 62ns. In game I get over 100fps at all times, Tank Crew having slightly lower fps than while in a plane. I have not really tweaked anything, but there are some tweaks that could squeeze a bit more out of the system. 1usmus has made the Memory Calculator which gives values for tweaking DDR4. The Stilt has his tweaked memory profiles in BIOS, at least on my ASUS motherboard. But again I do not really see a reason to tinker much if the game runs perfectly fine with high fps.
  13. S! Nice deals you got there. Guru3D is also a good place to read about hardware. No favoring of any brand, just testing and data. Can´t wait to get my 3950X...
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