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  1. S! Also 2 x Bf109G-6 had the bigger comoressor and propellor making them better at altitude. Needless to say popular among pilots.
  2. S! Rest in peace. May the winds be light. Condolences to the family. Knew him since original IL-2, a big loss.
  3. S! Not really productive to compare EAW technically to BoX. At the time EAW was on the market there was really no competition to it regarding immersion and all other things. Sure the graphics were dated compared to Jane´s WW2 Fighters, but for it´s time EAW was very good. Oleg´s L-2 raised the bar again, especially in numbers of players playing it and other things. It had a thriving comunity and still has a great deal of players. And there is no wonder why: content and ability to create something big without performance dropping to a crawl because AI and objects eat up all the power. BoX anyone? BoX is graphically very nice. One can debate if DCS or BoX looks better inside planes, but models are very much equally well done. System modelling in DCS beats BoX hands down. No artificial timers after your engine blows etc. And with more planes coming to DCS WW2 module one can easily compare them to same planes in BoX and see if there is a difference to the way or another. I personally think a mix of DCS and BoX would make the best sim there is. But again both have their merits and that is why they are on my hard drive. What has declined the community IMHO is that the average age of "pilots" has gone up. With age comes family, work and other RL responsibilities and activities. Just simply lack the time to play as much as before. Same happened to me, time is scarse now. And getting younger generation interested in a genre that has a relatively steep learning curve added with somewhat hefty hardware requirements can be a deterrent. Most games require only a mouse and keyboard. No need for throttles, sticks, pedals, tracking devices, VR etc. Money can be an issue like the learning curve. Another thing is the lack of instant gratification in flight sims. You do not get to be a virtual ace from the start. Frustration levels will go thru the roof before you get the hang of it. Turns away people with less patience. And not to forget the community around flight sims. One of the hardest to please and very demanding + vocal. Personalities ranging from friendly to elitist pricks. Not as toxic as FPS games or DOTA communities, but a fair share of less than friendly attitudes at times. Another turnoff for many. Flight sim community should pull the rope in same direction, not apart. Every sim there is has a player base supporting a genre that is very small these days. All of them serve as a platform for varying needs each player has, which is a good thing. If there would be less snide remarks how sim X is better than Y and Z is total poop then things could improve. But no, there are always some individuals who have a holy mission to put "their" sim on a pedestal and worship devs to a fanatical level..and everything else made is bad. Way to go, another turnoff for a potent flight sim pilot.. TL;DR We need a more approachable community to get younger generation into flight sims, in any of them.
  4. S! About the altimeter setting. I often hear that pilots set the AF setting(pressure) for take-off and landing, but after airborne switch to the standard pressure.
  5. S! Just bit the bullet and slapped in a RTX 2080Ti. Chews IL-2 like a squirrel nuts. FPS boosted to nearly 200. Anyone got a good profile for nVidia Control Panel as GF Experience does not see IL-2.
  6. S! If game fails to start make sure to disable Steam overlay. It causes problems in other games too for some players. For me it did wonders and I never use overlays of any type anyway.
  7. S! Filed a Feature Request #1121. Sokol1, what do you mean? That TF could do that or a player can do it? Would that be approved by TF? I would be happy with a fix from TF
  8. S! So the same as old IL-2 had. Thanks for the information! I hope TF can at some point add support for more, when they have time and resources and if it is feasible.
  9. S! Asking here and seeing if anyone else has this problem. I have Kanttori´s throttle that has a lot of functions, windows sees some 100 buttons +several axes. I use Joystick Gremlin to get them all used and seen in BoX. But now I also want to fly Cliffs of Dover and it naturally needs to be mapped properly. My question is that how many buttons does CloD see or recognize? It seems that if I try to map them "off the bat" it is around 30 or so, rest are not seen at all. Axis mapping goes fine as does stick mapping, no problem there. It is just the amount of buttons CloD "understands" that is a bit undocumented. Hopefully the number can be increased as there are quite a few things you could map making flying easier. Anyone found a solution or any tips from TF?
  10. S! Had one site with my email address.
  11. S! Wasn't the kill requirement changed a bit ago? That the downed plane has to lose a wing or an another vital part to be scored as a kill?
  12. S! Was flying offline while testing GPU settings etc. FW190A-8 is a beauty.
  13. S! Using Delan Clip with the modified PS3 Eye camera + OpenTrack software. No problems at all and a LOT cheaper than NaturalPoint´s TrackIR. But whatever suits your preference and wallet
  14. S! And be sure to get the Blitz Edition on top of it.
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