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  1. S! Looks very nice! And sounds too.
  2. S! Oh boy that Panther looks awesome.
  3. S! Spotting has always been the Achilles heel of BoX, since day one. RoF has it better in some ways. The most prominent issue seems to be the LOD transition causing problems. The shine on surfaces disappears abruptly after certain range turning the plane into a dark blob with less detail. This causes them to blend into the background thus practically invisible. Add to this the skin flicker aka chosen vs default skin alternating if looking away and then back. Yesterday I was engaging ships in MP. I could see them in the distance just fine, but when I zoomed in to maximum they vanished! A slight zoom out and they appeared again. Same applies to ground targets, you can not see them from a 1km distance unless you zoom in. Another thing affecting visibility is the strange smear/film/whatever on the cockpit glass. At certain lighting conditions it looks out right horrible, like a low resolution effect or banding. You see better if opening the cockpit than thru the glass. Also devs could remove the fingerprints, or whatever they are, on glass from all planes. Even back in WW2 the mechanics kept glass clean as seeing is crucial. And last, the scratches. Random lines drawn around the glazing, sigh. "The other game" makes this better and more like what I have seen during my career with planes, and counting. Current visibility/rendering just causes a lot of frustration and forces people to use 3rd party programs or other gimmicks to gain at least some visibility. I really hope devs sit down and take a hard look in the issue as it is very annoying, detracting from the otherwise rather enjoyable gaming experience.
  4. S! Very nice drawings, Taro! Thank you for sharing
  5. S! Ping is less than 30ms, usually 18-26ms. Will test other servers tonight to see if there is stuttering.
  6. S! I have no stutters online, at least on Finnish Virtualpilots. Overall very smooth. Could it be that if the tick rate on server is on higher side the stutters occurs? It i related to amount of AI and objects in the mission.
  7. S! I have no stutter at all in MP and that is what I exclusively play. Occasional stops here and there due players spawning or whatever it might be. But nothing continuous. My graphical settings are below in screenshot. Posting nVidia settings. Hardware in signature. Connection is 250mbs fibre.
  8. S! The SMAA looked best, could spot differences between it and FXAA. Keep the updates coming, good stuff!
  9. S! AI has never disappeared on me. If shot down, it most of times bails out and plane crashes normally. Has never vanished midair. Unless there is a timer for AI if pilot killed?
  10. S! A small reminder of sportmanship. Yesterday a player finished his flight midair while still in combat. Wingman I was covering and me scored hits on a La-5 making it leak. While lining up to finish the plane off the player decides to leave flight = plane disappears. I have seen some players disconnect to protect their stats and all that stuff. If padding and protecting your stats by any means possible, other than flying smart, is your way = change server or go play tetris. Or maybe all stats should be removed?
  11. S! Did not wnt to clutter the initial release thread, so postin here. Congratulations on the finished product! I wish good sales for it
  12. S! By looking at the dev updates it has physics and not just a basic one. Weather effect and clouds look amazing. Overall it looks very good. Sure it is a civvie sim, but hey, you can always go out being a bushpilot or other things. Sometimes sight seeing in a scenery can be relaxing and fun. Definitely following how it develops.
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