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  1. S! Cross of Iron by Sam Peckingpah. Eastern front action. Yet to watch Tali - Ihantala.
  2. S! Bought MFG CrossWinds and have not regretted at all. Will install the damper mod at some point too. Also customer service by Milan is top notch.
  3. S! Flew original IL-2 since beta up to until around 2008 or so. Sporadically after that. Ventured to this iteration of IL-2, but on hold for now.
  4. S! So many of them, but liked Combat Mission series, Steel Panthers, X-Wing / TIE series, Falcon 4.0, SWOTL etc. Some have been modded, some not.
  5. S! Just give same level of mapping functionality as in DCS and we do not need Joy2Key or Gremlin. Sure they are handy programs to an extent, but if you want to draw in more people to fly, the configuration must be straightforward, not rocket science.
  6. S! Played a bit on PS4 Pro. Ran just fine for being a so last season console. Have not tried after latest patches though. Will let it mature a bit and start playing again. Liked it so far. These crusades people run against the game and developer looks like a prime example of special snowflakes in a mass psychosis 😄
  7. S! Still have the original game safely stored, manuals and all. Good times while flying it. The Dynamic campaign just blew you away.
  8. S! @HunDread Short supply = inflates prices. Not that retailers complain about it. But now for example in GPU market a 6800XT costs more than the official MSRP of coming 6900XT....Go figure. Scalpers do not make the situation any easier. So in a way happy that building a new rig is not my number 1 agenda at the moment :D
  9. S! I wonder what those guys are doing in their tests, having driver issues etc with AMD? I had very few issues over the years and in most cases it was my fault. Regarding VR + AMD setups..tested Varjo VR on my previous system and it was plug & play. No issues either, on a X570 mobo. Anyways have to be without a system until next year But it will be an AMD build as I have been happy with previous AMD setups as well. Used Intel and nVidia too, no complaints there either.
  10. S! @Bremspropeller What is wrong with cats?! 😄 Feels odd to have only 4 of those furry avengers now I like dogs too, but they require a bit more work than cats. Maybe when I retire I can have a dog again, more time for it.
  11. S! When combat sims have clouds like MS FS2020...
  12. S! Hollywood has produced some ultimate crap over the years and Red Tails sadly is true to this not so glorious legacy. The Hollywood WW2 films outright ridicule intellect of people. Cheebus! 😳
  13. S! One of the cats is gone, but never forgotten. The rest have undergone a change in "picking order", but all is falling in place now. Furry and funny creatures
  14. S! Stumbled across this group. Can only like their twisted humour.
  15. S! When you downscale, as there is no real need for a gas guzzler..😅
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