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  1. S! Buys a hefty gaming rig for over 2k of moolah and a VR doodah without blinking an eye, but investing some 60 moolah into a sim is wasting money. The peasant 2D users should bow before the VR overlords. Not even MS2020 is getting VR support out of the box. And we are talking about a company that has a budget in a totally another level plus resources in abundance. Compare that to what TFS or BoX crews have. VR might be the thing in the future, but now it is a mere toy for a small group that can actually buy and enjoy it. Yes, VR is immersive when you have a rig that can REALLY run it in all of it's glory at 90fps or more, not with reduced and blurry graphics.. But that costs a lot and an average gamer can not shell out that much money. The average joe gets a game and pitifully plays it on 2D flat screen. I am saving for VR as it is finally getting there from pixel mush to actually being an enjoyable experience. Until then I can happily play any sim on a puny 2D screen
  2. S! Seems got solved. Set the game Launcher64.exe to Windows 7 compatability mode and lagging/connection issues went away. Now instant connection to server, menus not lagging etc.
  3. S! @hnbdgrAMD has no image altering filters available. Using 5700XT now. Regarding reShade and other injectors. Maybe devs of games should provide more room for adjusting image quality, colors etc. rather than force feed presets or almost no adjustment at all..would render those injectors useless. As long as any 3rd party program can be tweaked to give an advantage it will be done to hell and back.
  4. S! Seems the issue is with CloD, not my system. Every other game has no issues in connection etc. Connection times can be a slong as 8-9min, or the game screen simply does not load. Also gotten timeouts. So the networking is the culprit? Also noted that there is considerable delay in every action in menus, both off and online. For example if you want to rotate your plane, it is choppy and can take 5-10sec mimimum to react. Also plane model does not load immediately while in the menu. Any tips appreciated
  5. S! Been getting back to Cliffs of Dover again and can't wait to get Tobruk. It seems HP Reverb G2 is finally a good enough VR to consider, so the upcoming support for VR is an icing on the cake.
  6. S! Windows Defender or what it is called these days. There are no issues after I get in, all is smooth.
  7. S! Both on TWC campaign and ATAG. The loading into servers is slow. Squadmate has no issues. I have allowed Launcher64.exe thru firewall etc.
  8. S! Read some MS blogs about this new feature. Basically at the moment it is just the foundation now on which things can done in the future, offering very small to no gains.
  9. S! Been hvving this issue now after returning to Cliffs. I go to Multiplayer and select server list. All fine so far. But when I click on a server and select joining it things go south. I get the loading screen, but it can take up to several minutes before the game responds and progress bar starts to move. When it finally gets to server the selection/map/briefing screen loads slowly. Selecting side, plane, airbase and plane is slow too. When finally get to Create flight screen turns black and takes quite some time to enter cockpit. Today my plane had exploded before I was even loaded in the cockpit. After selecting Create again, it loaded almost immediately into cockpit. Felt like horrendous lag or running on a potato machine. What can be the problem? I run a system like in signature and have a 250/250mbs fibre connection.
  10. S! People whining about VR, missions/campaign or whatever [edited]. Negativity off the scale and putting down the product before it is even released is up to astounding levels. Why? CloD has it's place and I am grateful it is getting v5.0 soon. A refreshing change with a early / midwar plane set and a seldom visited theatre of operations.
  11. S! Awesome news!!! Congrats and thank You to all involved!!
  12. S! If you are not happy with how the tanks or planes are modelled, take that discussion to appropriate forum section. This part is about VP server and related things.
  13. S! Easy to pull up the excuses and other things when discussion turns to hacks/cheats/exploit. Yes, most are aware of mistakes in their flying and get shot down or whatever. Most do not even care, I don't. If losing, the other pilot was better than me. But the situation changes when you notice something fishy going on and even better, get it on track/video for reviewing. Does not take a scientist to do some search on things to see if the issue has been reported/filmed/whatever. Exploiters usually like to boast and post videos of their awesomeness..And there are a plenty videos around showing how you can exploit or game the game. Denying it is just blatant ignorance. Has nothing to do with being shot down or a self proclaimed virtual Ace Old saying that one rotten apple can spoil a full basket of good ones is true.
  14. S! Hacks, cheats and exploits were systematically used by certain, sorry to say, eastern squads in old IL-2. They were banned, but only changed names/squads and same went on. Have seen same names and squads over in Great Battles and heavily doubt they have changed their ways over the years. This eats a lot of fun from the game. While the number of actual misconducting individuals might be relatively low, they are enough to spoil the fun of many. But the misconducters do not care. TL;DR Sad to see people leaving, but better to cut off things that give more grief than pleasure.
  15. S! Kingdom of cats! Would not change it, following those furry avengers is so much fun.
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