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  1. S! Stunning detail. Shame, that not many original Zeros are left Such a beauty.
  2. S! The 50% discount is only for Flying Circus Volume 1. 75% applies to RELEASED content, not Early Access or Pre-Order items.
  3. S! Button layout is quite easy, I do not need to watch throttle much even I do not use VR. I use the big trim wheel for example with thumb as it is conveniently next to the throttle lever,no need to remove hand. I try to use as similar layout as possible across sims so no need to always relearn all.
  4. S! I have been using the Kanttori´s Throttle for a while now. It works as intended and any problem I had with it was solved VERY quickly by Kanttori. For IL-2 it is a very good throttle. Set it up by instructions on the site and you are good to go. Mapping was easy and learnng Joystick Gremlin ain´t too hard. In DCS it works without using Joystick Gremlin, but for modern jets I would need a bit different throttle. Not that this one would not work, but there are some things one could use like POV hats etc. But I fly mainly WW2 planes, so no real issue. Quality is solid and if you want to replace any of the switches they are easy to find from any electronics hobby store. I think one of squad mates uses the Virpil throttle. He has no issues with it either. So in the end it boils down to personal preference. I hope this helped.
  5. S! I find Ju88 easy to take-off. Just slam throttle forward, keep direction with taps of toe brakes until rudder effective and off you go. Same with landing, rudder/toe brake combo and it rolls straight very nicely.
  6. S! That was interesting, planes hanging from the ceiling so to say. Efficient use of space. Were those planes hung up that required maintenance or just reserve planes?
  7. S! Next week one lucky will get Flying Circus Vol. 1. Stay tuned.
  8. S! Both gone. Enjoy! Achtung, Spitfire! (Given to Ala13_UnopaUno_VR) Fortress on the Volga (Given to niki_belucci)
  9. S! Great lineup. How about "Shinano" ? Was sunk by an US submarine yes, but for a what if scenario?
  10. S! Cats have an immaculate sense when to graciously grant you their full attention..while flying and of course in a tight spot :D Mine just have their "let´s run for no apparent reason" fix going on..
  11. S! Life without cats would be boring..
  12. S! A really nice sale indeed Might grab the Viper.
  13. S! Good humour on that video 😄 And nice to see the DM is finally getting a revision.
  14. S! @Jason_Williams It would be great if we could give the codes to those who do not have all planes, campaigns etc. They got 2 codes, but if they want to buy more? I could give my code and they could buy their desired module. A win win. Now my codes just go to waste as I already have everything.
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