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  1. S! And now news coming out that custom 3080 models from Zotac etc. suffer from black screens, CTD and other anomalies. FE versions unaffected. One guess is that when the OC hits over 2000MHz = card crashes. And of course out of stock everywhere with price climbing.
  2. S! Have a good one 😊 For various reason out of the gaming for a bit, so can not join
  3. S! @4SCT_V-Twin Seems there are no tracers or AA puffs from the battleship / cruiser. You suddenly just get killed without any sound etc. I supposed you mean the Operation Sandstorm on TFS #3 server.
  4. S! Quick mission Derna and Tomahawks at default loadout. Tested all of them after patch with the stick fully back and 30 MAP/2300rpm for some consistency. Up to Mk.II stalled and spun out of control easier. Mk.II Late was nearly as impervious to stall as before, the speed just does not want to drop and you can keep the plane buffeting, turning and level without a stall. The head room is a bit smaller now after patch. Also if you do not touch the rudder this buffet flight is easy. But the second you touch the rudder, as little as recording an input, the plane flicks into a spin. So basically if you want to be hamsfisted and throw the Tomahawk around the skies without fear of stall, just do not touch the rudder. Tomahawk is a great plane to fly otherwise. It dives like crazy, good control authority and packs a serious punch. Can never be taken lightly when encountered. And looks cool too 😊
  5. S! P-40 is better in Cliffs of Dover. Responsive and faster. One reason attribute is that P-40 in Tobruk won´t stall unless you use rudder input(even slightly)..without it you can keep a horizontal turn with FULL stick back all day long at around 125-140mph. The speed won´t go any lower, unless pulling nose above horizon. Stall occurs if you get speed below 100mph or use rudder input. Flips into a spin.
  6. S! Something new from a favorite band, Macabre. And another one..
  7. S! @RedKestrel Yes, the deferred shading with new antialiasing caused reflections to pixelate on edges. If using FXAA there are no issues at all. And I did report this issue to both devs and AMD via bug reports. But that bug is not a show stopper neither makes the game unplayable. I had IL-2 crashes with nVidia and AMD, most related to a setting in BIOS the game did not like. So after reverting to pretty much default settings = no problems.
  8. S! At least concerning Hurricane the Finnish pilots regarded rear view nonexistent almost. Only with canopy open you could see better to rerr hemisphere. So in that regard the Hurricane seems to be some what in line with pilot accounts. But the movement should be more uniform across the planes. In Ju-88 pilot can barely move around in that roomy cockpit. In Spitfire you can look down the fuselage behind the cockpit like having a Linda Blair neck.. 😅 A pilot in his flight gear and strapped into the cockpit can not move too much. At least that was the case when I sat in the backseat of a jet fighter, had to put in some effort to see even past the shoulder line. Pretty much why some flew like "snakes" so they could check the rear hemisphere by weaving and banking the plane. Mirror only helped that much.
  9. S! And from which facts do these AMD always has buggy drivers come from? I am using a 5700XT with no issues with drivers in IL-2 series or any other game I play. I have used nVidia too(up to 2080Ti) and their drivers were not any worse or better than current AMD drivers are. Most problems seem to come when you OC both CPU/GPU and tweak the system. And not necessarily in the best possible way. Then it is easy to blame vendor of giving bad drivers, when it actually is the user at fault.
  10. S! There is no "hate" on VR. It is just that some people can be very vocal of it taking VR as the holy grail, saving flight simming. It has to be incorporated to every sim or they won´t buy or play it. And seems to be a do or die question for them either to play a sim or not. VR adds a boatload of immersion without a doubt, tested it and liked it. But it has limitations as well, mainly hardware and visual. You can not enjoy VR to the fullest without a very good rig, it will cost you a kidney and something else If I can run a game on a screen at maximum visual fidelity settings without FPS being an issue and then have to drop settings to make game run VR runs at acceptable FPS..it is obvious which one I choose at the moment. The now to be released nVidia Ampere cards and a bit later coming AMD RDNA2 might change the scene a bit along with the new AMD/Intel CPUs down the pipe. But they all cost money and not cheap at all for an average gamer. It would be a dream come true if sims we play could really use all our 6 to 16 cores and threads, not just tax one or two cores and require 10GHz to run. I bet it would help VR too.
  11. S! Ju88 cockpit. Outside temperature gauge does not show anything, the tooltip tells correct temperature. When trying to select bomb quantity the lever does not move. Neither any lights indicating bombs on the arming device.
  12. S! Interesting interview. I was only "bothered" by this continuous chanting of "you know what I mean" 😄
  13. S! Nice patch, the 109 felt like different plane now. Now if a check on the Tomahawk could be done. At the moment during my testing that plane is almost immune to stalling and spinning. Be it high or low speed. Unless either speed drops to about 100mph or you use even slightest of rudder. How I noticed this was that initiated a horizontal maximum turn, the stick all the way back with about 70deg bank angle. Power settings tested were between 22-30in and 2400rpm. During the turn plane did not slow down below 125mph at all, even keeping stick fully back. Neither did it try to stall, just buffeted a bit. If I applies rudder to center the ball, plane stalled and entered a spin. Another way to stall was to get nose above horizon to bleed speed to about 100mph. I also tested high speed stalls. Could not get the plane to do it, no matter how fast or violently I yanked the stick. Only got creaking and pilot blackout. So in short unless you use rudder input the Tomahawk is stall proof and does not lose energy at all with stick fully back, but keeps roughly 125mph and turns normally. Any ideas?
  14. S! As I suspected, launch prices of 3090 here ~2000€. *puts on the trolololo song* The way you´re meant to be shafted!
  15. S! That video looks like taken from Sidi Barrani area with the fuel depot and other targets around, at least on Operation Sandstorm at TFS #3. I have bombed it several times and never experienced loss of effects like that, even with multiple planes attacking.
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