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  1. S! If game fails to start make sure to disable Steam overlay. It causes problems in other games too for some players. For me it did wonders and I never use overlays of any type anyway.
  2. LLv34_Flanker

    Key binding woes

    S! Filed a Feature Request #1121. Sokol1, what do you mean? That TF could do that or a player can do it? Would that be approved by TF? I would be happy with a fix from TF
  3. LLv34_Flanker

    Key binding woes

    S! So the same as old IL-2 had. Thanks for the information! I hope TF can at some point add support for more, when they have time and resources and if it is feasible.
  4. LLv34_Flanker

    Key binding woes

    S! Asking here and seeing if anyone else has this problem. I have Kanttori´s throttle that has a lot of functions, windows sees some 100 buttons +several axes. I use Joystick Gremlin to get them all used and seen in BoX. But now I also want to fly Cliffs of Dover and it naturally needs to be mapped properly. My question is that how many buttons does CloD see or recognize? It seems that if I try to map them "off the bat" it is around 30 or so, rest are not seen at all. Axis mapping goes fine as does stick mapping, no problem there. It is just the amount of buttons CloD "understands" that is a bit undocumented. Hopefully the number can be increased as there are quite a few things you could map making flying easier. Anyone found a solution or any tips from TF?
  5. LLv34_Flanker

    Largest Data Breach in History

    S! Had one site with my email address.
  6. LLv34_Flanker

    Forcing enemy to crash doesn't count as victory?

    S! Wasn't the kill requirement changed a bit ago? That the downed plane has to lose a wing or an another vital part to be scored as a kill?
  7. LLv34_Flanker

    Post Your Screenshots / Vids Here

    S! Was flying offline while testing GPU settings etc. FW190A-8 is a beauty.
  8. LLv34_Flanker

    What IL2 games do you own?

    S! All of them.
  9. LLv34_Flanker

    Investigating head tracking options

    S! Using Delan Clip with the modified PS3 Eye camera + OpenTrack software. No problems at all and a LOT cheaper than NaturalPoint´s TrackIR. But whatever suits your preference and wallet
  10. LLv34_Flanker

    Can I run CLOD without steam?

    S! And be sure to get the Blitz Edition on top of it.
  11. S! @Pea_Shooter You could get a bit more powerful card. My guess for best choice is in range of nVidia 1060 or AMD RX480/580, depending on preference and budget. Personally have no issues running AMD, have been using both brands over the years. The game is 64-bit already, nothing to be done there. I would add 8Gb more RAM to your system to get 16Gb. Even 8Gb is not bad, 16Gb is better. In game disable SSAO and HDR, they eat FPS for no real benefit. Set Shadows to low or medium, any higher eats FPS. I run the game in Full screen, even it is hinted you do not need to if desktop resolution is same as in game. But you lose a few % in performance in windowed mode. Grass to Normal also in game settings. Eats FPS and you do not see it anyway when screaming 500km/h+ at altitude. Nice for screenshots though. Fiddle with visibility range setting, has an impact as well. Same goes with object detail, Normal should suffice or 2x. Turn off FPS limiter, using Vsync is better + use Fast Vsync in nVidia control panel. I hope those give a start. I am sure more tips and tricks will come :)
  12. LLv34_Flanker

    Show us your cockpit!

    S! One amazing cockpit Puff!!
  13. LLv34_Flanker

    DCS news

    S! Just flying the Spitfire..
  14. LLv34_Flanker

    FPS issue after driver update

    S! I have the Vega 64 too, PowerColor RedDevil, and did some undervolting + slight overclocking. Had a major impact on FPS in IL-2. Combined with the FreeSync screen a totally stutter free gaming experience. Temperatures also dropped and wattage consumption.
  15. LLv34_Flanker

    Spotting. Please improve

    S! In certain ways even WT does better work in spotting department, Sharpe. One can argue about their dot implementation, but when planes are closer they are IMO better done than in IL-2 and do not get blurred against clouds.