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  1. Thank you very much, Rap! P-40 is beautiful
  2. Curtiss P-40E Warhawk, 76 FS 23 FG, China (Iain Wyllie)
  3. Hi, Szelljr! Do you plan to make new skins for P-40?
  4. Зевс, огромное спасибо за проделанную работу. Карта лучшее, над чем летали в этом симуляторе. Вопрос насчёт бронепоезда. Он может стрелять, или только стоит в качестве антуража на путях и никак воздействовать на противника не может? Будут ли его "оживлять", чтобы стать полноценной боевой единицей в игре? Zeus, thank you so much for the work done. The map is the best we have flown over in this simulator. A question about an armored train. Can he shoot, or does he just stand as an entourage on the tracks and cannot influence the enemy in any way? Will he be "revived" to become a full-fledged combat unit in the game?
  5. You can make all airfields mixed with the option of choosing for the RAF and USAF. Perhaps this is not too historical but it solves the problem of closing one of the warring parties. In the deep rear, you can make one airfield per RAF and. As far as I know, they have never been closed on maps.
  6. Why is there no choice to fight for UK? It is unlikely that the USAF used Spitfires and Tempests in 1944-45. This is not realistic for such a server.
  7. Strange choice of server admins for the Mustang. On the map of Stalingrad there are FW-190 and Yak-1B, but in reality they were not there. There are no Mustangs on the map of the Rhineland, but they were there... I hope the admins will reconsider their choice and the Mustang will be
  8. Hi, Rap! Could you fix the skins P-47 D-22 "The Bug", "Wicked Wabbit" and "16245 VM-A bar"
  9. Сan I download the previous 15 skins? Are they fixed?
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