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  1. I'm sure the Pacific will be after BoN so tell your wife that the community is hoping for her😁
  2. In my opinion, this version of the map will be the best solution. Solomons is the most promising area for PTO
  3. Super! Don't stop with PTO skins. Maybe after Ivo Jima make PTO skins for P-38 and P-47 for Burma?
  4. Until the last waited PTO. But apparently the team has a different opinion about it. I hope Jason says that PTO will be next and won't cheat this time. As for Normandy, I'd like to see it
  5. Thanks! Looks cool! I would like to see your skins for the P-51 for PTO
  6. I had in mind that leftist kill mark is on the seam cladding and on photo there is no. Sorry for my translation 😊
  7. Hi Bugsy! Thanks for kill marks. But in the original photo they seem to be located to the right and more.
  8. I think now is the best time to announce midway because Akagi and Kaga were found in October. Plus the release of a new film about midway. This can draw the attention of new players to the game. Already there are models of aircraft carriers😊
  9. Eeeesss! Thank you for your work👍
  10. Looks great! I would like to see in your performance this skin😊
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