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  1. I appreciate the efforts for this server. Now that "net neutrality" has been done away with in the US I am not sure I will ever get onto a European server again. (I can get to the Aussies OK, but there is a 13 hr time difference. . .) Even if no one else is on, it is an opportunity to practice ground attack. ("Quick Mission" is not much good for that.) I would like to see more people up on it, but this is the land of the XBox and first-person-shooter so I am not optimistic. Won't be flying these birds with the W-A-S-D keys anytime soon.
  2. Adding the perspective of a ground attacker of fairly modest ability. (In the upper half of the team, often the top quarter, on Wings of Liberty, but I think most folks on this forum will understand that is not a very high bar. Half the team on any given day seem devoted to making their own team's planes go away.) I have been trying to work up an Axis ground attacker to fly on that side occasionally, and it is a challenge. Fw 190 A5/U-17 - Bomb load is a bit light, but as far as I am concerned it is the best ground attacker in the game. Bomb load is a bit light, but good guns. You get a tail wheel lock, so easier to get down the runway than the rest of them. But for many scenarios you don't get this version. You are also removing an excellent fighter from the fighter inventory. (Temporarily, if all goes well.) Ju 88 - Good potential but with snake-bit visibility from the pilot's position and non-locking tail wheel this is one of the most challenging in the game to learn to fly off the runway. Once in the air, excellent bomb load and decent speed. Plus you get dive brakes. I believe having the choice between dive bombing and level bombing is important. Bf 110 - It was a disappointment to notice that, loaded up, I was not going any faster than a Sturmovik 1943 (in the E-3 anyway). But faster with the bombs off, and you can see out the back. And more maneuverable. (Better than a Sturmovik even with the armored head rest.) I will probably end up flying this one a lot. Hs 129 - The Duck is presently a tragedy. Such great guns with the 30 mm cannon, but with the broken engine management too much of your time is spent juggling throttle and RPM. Worse than a P-40 at lower altitudes. And we should get a bit more speed, also. I would expect to fly this one out from time to time just because I like the plane. The abiding question, in my mind: When, if ever, did the German bomber/attacker designers realize they were not defending against fighters made of wood and canvas? One of the Peshka's abiding advantages is the 12.7 mm heavy machine gun with a good field of fire in the dorsal position. It can actually stop an attacking enemy fighter. The light MGs in the German planes may tag a radiator or oil cooler, giving you the dubious joy of a posthumous aerial victory from time to time, but the concept just does not work. The Brits also struggled with this concept, whereas even the early A-20 we get has a .50 cal in the dorsal position.
  3. Thanks for all the work, folks. Being from the land of consoles, first-person shooters and no more "net neutrality" I can't reach the European servers very reliably and it is nice to have choices. A "game" this hard to play is never going to attract the crowds that the more arcade-like games attract.
  4. So it is Memorial Day in the United States. . . My uncle (and namesake) was a B-26 Marauder pilot killed during a night mission over France by a radar-guided 88 mm Flak at about 10,000 feet (3K or so meters). Hit the pilot compartment; pilot, copilot and navigator/bombardier all killed instantly but the gunners all bailed out with light shrapnel wounds. The point of this bearing in mind that "balance" is ultimately an arcade game thing: Would it be historically accurate to beef up AAA/Flak around German targets to make things a bit more challenging for the Sturmoviks and particularly the Peshkas? I honestly don't know whether it would be "accurate" and have no strong opinion as to how important that is. Other ideas: Make only a few incremental changes. From experience working in information technology (and watching the arcade games "balance"), the more changes you make and the more drastic the changes the more unpredictable the result. Weight "air kills" by type of plane. Don't know whether the on-line manual is still accurate (lot to do for volunteer map developers), but it says +50 for an air kill. Make it +100 (or something) for an attack plane (single-engine plus Duck, maybe), +150 for a bomber. "Assists" could be beefed up similarly. (Bravo to the developers for scoring "assists".) This might encourage fighter pilots to protect targets. Much more difficult for developers - score events that do not result in kills. Example if an enemy fighter forces me off the target, or to ditch my bombs, he has won the engagement even if he does not shoot me down. If I have the scoring correctly, the enemy fighter pilot has benefited his/her team prevented target damage) but has not scored personal points. (Seems like this would be, at best, extremely difficult to implement for a map/campaign developer.) There are historical precedents - the Allied Fighter-Bombers over France did not kill that many German tanks. But they made the tankers keep their heads down and move at night, etc. Again, this is very difficult to actually score, both in real life and in a simulator-like game such as this one.
  5. Per another post, I think Der Sheriff has about the most comprehensive advice on the Mig-3. I have extracted as much as I could to the attached PDF file, with references to Sheriff's YouTube video, also Bismarck's and Requiem's. Requiem (The Air Combat Tutorial Library) is also excellent, although focused on start-up, takeoff and landing. (Don't remember whether he covers taxi in this one. Always a walk on the wild side with tail-dragger/no toe brakes, but the Mig has a few special features. The creative tail-wheel lockup is always good for a few laughs.) Mig-3 per Sheriff and Bismarck.pdf
  6. I would say that using aiming help is like using the aircraft icons to help keep track of opponents and tell opponents from friends. Use it to practice and wean yourself off of it. Eventually you should have a feel for how it works and be able to do without it. (Which you will eventually have to do for multiplayer servers.) Dissimilar guns (i.e. MGs & cannons) firing at the same time will have different impact points depending on range, and I don't think the sights are tuned for convergence, drop, etc. for rockets.
  7. Don't know how much this adds to the good stuff already put out in this thread. Like 216th_LuseKofte I am probably too old for the dogfight, so fly ground attack. Seems to be about developing a style that suits you. Linked videos (in German, so may not be much help if you don't understand the language) show contrasts between two Bf-109 aces. The Erich Hartmann video contains interviews in English, which the editor translates over into German, a bit frustrating. Erich Hartmann - all time top scorer with 352, all on the Eastern Front, mostly Russian planes but did OK against P-51s and Spitfires late in the war in Romania. Did not do dogfights, boom-and-zoom, out of the sun, ambush. (He noted that the Russian pilots were mostly not well trained and many did not have sights. They painted sights on their windscreens. Fortunately we do not have to do that.) Erich Hartmann "Bubi" Messerschmitt Bf 109 Ace 352 Luftsiege https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9QmcvD6h42I HANS-JOACHIM MARSEILLE - top scorer against Western planes only with 158. OK, almost all P-40s and Hurricanes, which were at least a bit outclassed by his Messerschmitt. He was one of the few top scorers that preferred to dog fight. He was an outstanding deflection shooter, and made his Bf-109 into a turn fighter by using slower speeds and flaps. (See that a lot in YouTube WarThunder videos, but first time I have heard about it used in real life.) His specialty was breaking defensive Lufbery circles - dropping down in the middle and out-turning the P-40s/Hurricanes using flaps. HANS-JOACHIM MARSEILLE IN AKTION MESSERSCHMITT BF 109 ACE 158 VICTORYS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aSJCgD8aO5M&list=PLfYFI5rgNezSTR4R2OPuWuULBCz_AEYqt&index=43
  8. Thanks, Volker. Attaching a PDF version of the 1/11/2017 update (both sides on one page) if anyone is interested. KG200_Volker IL2 Engine Limits update 1-11-2017.pdf
  9. Thanks to all who contributed. I thought I had the Guiness record for ground loops on takeoff, but there may be competition. . . Anybody that can handle this bird without rudder peddles deserves a medal. The settings I got to finally work (based mostly on this thread input): Yaw trim: -30 Pitch trim: +4 In Settings - Yaw Axis "sensitivity" to max (100%) Full left rudder (right peddle), easing as necessary to stay more-or-less on the runway. Hold the brakes for full throttle. Now if I can just land without bending the prop. The commissar is about ready to send me to the gulag where they make them. . .
  10. I actually started with the 1941 version in the Battle of Moscow campaign. Don't think I am going to keep going with the IL-2 (1942 versuib) in Battle of Stalingrad, it is such a slug. If your fighter cover lets any Messerschmitts through your are functionally dead. Although in the campaign they make you take at least 80% fuel. Which only makes the fire bigger when the Messers get you. If you can reduce the fuel load (i.e. on the on-line servers) you might be able to arm it decently and still get off the ground without a tow truck.
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