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  1. Sorry for the late reply. Thanks for letting me know. I certainly hope they try and change this some time in the future. You're right, I shouldn't let something like that stop me from playing. I twas a combination of others factors that stopped me, which seem to have been fixed. That being said, I still find it to be an ugly mess when contrails begin to appear as they make very little sense from a visual perspective. Contrail lines appear, disappear whilst being connected to others contrails outside your visual rendering range that aren't visible. It makes next to no sense to be able to determine what the hell is going on at that kinda altitude or even to figure out which direction it is being formed. It really ought not to be overlooked by the developers. Sure, there's plenty more for the devs to worry about than just contrails but I have to admit, it pulls me straight out of the game when I see them.
  2. I haven't played BoS for quit awhile for various reasons and I'm considering in getting back into it again as, I seriously like what's been going on since I've been away. There were some major things that did use to put me of flying like the sounds not triggering properly when being hit resulting in the silent dismantle of your plane by your opponent without knowing. Nice to see this has been fixed from what I've read from the notes. There is something I can't find reference to and that is contrails. I never did like how contrails would quite literally pop into existence before your very eyes once you had reached the allocated render distance (which was very short). What I loved about IL2: 1946 was you could see contrails from miles and miles away in a clear blue sky, it looked fantastic. What I really didn't like in BoS was the short render distance, you would have lines appearing and reappearing in chunks constantly which also resulted in a ball of messy squiggly lines that I found disturbing. The question I'd like to throw out there is, has this improved at all?
  3. There's two turtles either side of the toad witnessing the nut punching ceremony, very fishy.
  4. - When you use Lag or Lead pursuit with the car in front to control distance.
  5. I'm really happy to see such a dedicated team of people devs and community alike, working together to polish this little gem of a sim. I wish I had somewhere I could call my own home right now and jump be into my cockpit. Instead I'll just keep supporting until then!
  6. Hi there, It's been quite awhile since I've put my feet on my rudder pedals. I'm beginning to miss IL2: BoS again but the one thing that bugged me to no end was the spotting range of aircraft. Primarily I fly multiplayer and I often remember witnessing aircraft literally pop into existence, it was a real immersion killer. Also seeing contrails but no aircraft at a resemble distance was a constant reminder of the issue I had with IL2: BoS. I guess the question I'd like to ask the community is, has anything improved in this department over recent months? Look forward to all your responses and hopefully not too many debates! P.S. Will direct x 11 have any positive impact on this when it's supported? Radko S!
  7. You know what would settle this for both camps? If it was just easy to get a visualisation on bogies. I think that would please the majority of both camps. Trying to spot targets is hard enough but I really think we would all benefit from a black dot (variable in size dependant on aircraft, fights/bombers etc) system at long distances.
  8. I don't know why I bothered contributing to be honest. I was thinking about posting something similar. Hes asked how to improve his flying 1 vs 1, that is all. The video I posted teaches you Jargon so to then teach you the real stuff. One step at a time, keeping it simple.
  9. Definitely a E management issue. A common mistake pilots make is going into pure pursuit (pulling as hard as possible until they have the enemy in their target reticle), which is a quick way to bleed energy and die fast. It's all about knowing when to "cash in" your energy at the right times in a constant evolving situation. I strongly recommend you watch this video. The guy in it has a mustache and although he is talking about modern BFM tactics (basic fighter maneuvers) the very same was used in WWII. This video is Golden and if you haven't seen it, you should. You'll come out a better pilot. Watch it from beginning to end, it will be brain overload, especially at the beginning but it's worth watching at least three times to get it to sink in....honestly. Corner air speed for most of BoS aircraft is 300-310kph without flaps. Keep that in mind when hes talks about Corner air speed.
  10. I think you'll find most of us will agree with you on that one! You've hit the nail on the head. I like how some of our comrades are going out and doing tests, nice job!
  11. Two questions I'd like to ask others is why do you think the devs feel the need to have the Yak's flaps perform in such a way from a game perspective? The second question that I'd also like to throw to the community is...., really, how well does a Yak-1 with undeployed flaps perform against a 109 F4 with deployed combat flaps in a consistent rate fight? I only ask because of a lack of research on my own behalf and being constantly out turned by 109 F4's in my own rate fights, that was until I figured out landing flaps on the Yak. Historically the Yak-1 was a better turner but it isn't that apparent until flaps are used IMHO. It almost feels like the Yak's performance is back to front and a little bit in the middle, it's not quite right either way. I think we can all agree that the Yak flight model is askew one way or another. However what I won't agree on is this whole deploy flaps for easy kill stuff, it's complete garbage and the very best BoS pilots will tell you that too.
  12. Even when the 109 f4 is using combat flaps in a turn fight and the Yak-1 can't? I'm sure I'm right.
  13. I can explain. In real life, Yak pilots just didn't use them as you quite rightly said I never argued the case however I do remember saying the flaps haven't been implemented correctly. What I'm trying to say is as much as virtual pilots are getting frustrated with the use of these flaps, regardless of how historically incorrect it is. I can't help think it's because they don't know how to fight against it when using the BF109 F4 and instantly jump to conclusions that they got shot down because of the so called "exploit". I wouldn't be surprised when more planes are released it will become apparent that the Yak-1 (deployed flaps) turn rate looks out of place and will have to be adjusted. It's current turn rate (flaps deployed) is monstrously quick but it bleeds speed just as fast, without flaps it struggles to out turn the 109 F4 when in a turn fight. The Yak-1 should perform marginally better in a turn without the use of flaps but it doesn't. How I think the Yak should be made to perform is a marginally better turn rate without flaps. The flaps should be made to only be used when at very slow speeds for stability or achieve a quick high vertical aspect snapshot OR to drastically kill speed for other situations. It's own natural ability to turn well without flaps is its current downfall which leaves no choice but to use the flaps, which will alternatively kill any energy that you might have but turn like a I-16 at 200kph.
  14. This whole flap thing has turned into a bit of a monster hasn't it. It's gotten to the point with every pilot that about to witness a Yak-1 tare him/her up will spot those extended flaps and will then instantly blame that "exploit" rather than their recent performance. I agree the flaps haven't been implemented properly but that's not to say they're a cheat or impossible to fight against. I love the 109 F4 because it handles the Yak-1 and it's flaps with ease. The best method I find when I find myself in a natural turn fight with a Yak-1 that's using flaps is to stick to 300kph whilst using that amazing consistent climb of the 109 F4 making a spiral climb, something the the Yak can't do especially with flaps deployed. However the Yak will be able to achieve a gun solution on it's first attempt very quickly but it will be going incredibly slow, even 100kph slower than you. Use your gained altitude to cash in a bit of speed to zoom past any potential gun solution. Before you know if you'll have the high ground and you will have reset the fight to your advantage. Please can we stop calling it an exploit otherwise I'll have to get the dictionary out. It's part of the game, we might not like how its been implemented but itis certainly not a cheat. You're only digging your own grave if you call it that.
  15. What we've always lacked as a community is well detailed spreadsheets or line graphs detailing every planes characteristics like we had in IL2: 1946, most importantly showing the turn rate and climb rate at different flap settings at multiple altitudes. Until we have everything set in fact it's very difficult to know who is right or wrong. Me personally doesn't have a problem with the flaps on the Yak. It's certainly a great tool to pull a consistent hard turn however the flaps course the yak to bleed speed incredibly fast, something that not everyone takes into consideration as many pilots fight in pure pursuit (constantly turning as hard a possible to get their opponent in their gun solution). If both pilots, German and Russian (109 vs Yak) are guilty of that then the Yak will win every time. Any good German pilot knows that if a Yak has it's flaps deployed and is rapidly gaining on them, they'll be "cashing in" a lot of energy to achieve it. There are many solutions to deal with such an opponent that is going slow to turn fast, that's where the saying "go slow to kill fast" derived from but a good pilot knows how to deal with such a tactic. That's my take on it, but I could be proven wrong if their is a almost glitch like advantage but I can't see that myself. Adding a timer to the Yaks flap wouldn't necessarily change the way a turn fight is fought as most pilots fight in pure pursuit anyway and wouldn't last 5 minutes however two identically high skilled pilots would go on for much longer and the Yak wouldn't stand a chance as it's ability to out turn the 109 would be lost due to damaged flaps. It's very difficult to find a reasonable flight mechanic that makes it fair without losing any historical accuracy assuming it is correct.
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