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  1. Well, I own everything that has been released from both the IL2 series and the RoF series, been around supporting the team since the early Neoqb days... As I do not visit this forum every day (or week) I have not seen the topic before. Therefore I feel perfectly entitled to have some fun discussing the OP:s topic here. If you feel that the topic is exhausted, I am sure there are many other interesting threads for you to participate in?
  2. Well, cutting 10% from the bottom of that map and add it top the top would be great But then they will have to model London that will take a year or so... What we need as a collectors plane is really a Spitfire Mk I or II... The Ju-88 A4 is BoB correct (by a few days), The 109 E7 without a drop tank is really an E4, the 110 E2 is a bit late but not that different from a C4/B if the 601P is nerfed? The He 111 H6 is really not that far from a H4. The Hurricane Mk IIA flew in the Battle... But a Spitfire Mk V is rather far from a Mk II... And a Do-17 to spice things up and complete the german bomber line of the era would be a nice bonus My wallet is wide open...
  3. Awesome - and it reminded me that I had not pre-ordered them. Corrected
  4. But that one does not support Realteus? I have no problem paying for it if my Realteus seat really arrives...
  5. Well. I ordered my Realteus Forcefeel seat almost a year ago and got a "ForceFeel - WINGS Edition (SimShaker Wings)" license with the package. So far that is the only thing I have received (the key to Simshaker Wings). But - I recently got an email where Realteus claim that the seats should arrive in Europe on the 20:th of January and then ship to customers after that... So if support for Forcefeel for IL2 is included down the line that would be awesome. But no panic - I do not expect to get it in the near future anyway. Maybe this year at least? I really should have ordered from Andre instead. Sigh... Liked the look of the Forcefeel better. Never go for looks on stuff like this. So for clarity - SimShaker - Wings beta v.1.33 is not compatible with Forcefeel - but the "ForceFeel - WINGS Edition (SimShaker Wings)" (SSWings_release_setup.exe) that I got a licence for is?
  6. Wow - hard week at work so missed this announcement until now. Amazing that almost all the planes that have been in zillions of wish threads lately are included like the Mossie, Me 410, Typhoon, Spit XIV, Ar 234 - and still a lot of people seem disappointed. And we get a huge map that can be used for BoB, battle of France etc... Awesome. Yes, I would love to include the heavy bombers as well (time to bite the bullet and do the coding of the core engine to make that possible) - and PTO would be nice as well. But this planeset together with the stuff we got in BOBP really gives us a rather fully featured late ETO. We just need that "Battle of Berlin" module after the PTO to top off the ETO with some 4 engined US/UK bombers and some late war USSR planes like the LA-7 and Yak-3. Add a He 219 as collectors and we are done with the late war
  7. This mod works great - thanks a lot @rowdyb00t!
  8. Looks good - and it will not ban you from multiplayer etc as it changes the visual behaviour of the game?
  9. Anyone that have managed to get clouds running OK-ish in VR? Some mod? Settings? That is my main gripe with VR in BoX that is otherwise awesome...
  10. Well, I will naturally buy any plane they throw at us, but as the latest expansion is the Bodenplatte and the western front I kind of expected the next collector planes to be related to that with new players coming in with that expansion etc, and everyone exited with the new great Rhineland map. It really would be nice to fill that only single seat top of the line fighter that is lacking there, namely the Spifire Mk XIV (sorry Typhoon - but your big brother is in so you will have to wait). And for sure, a Mossie or a Me-410 would be nice as well. But - I kind of expected the new collectors to be the B-25 and the Spitfire Mk XIV. After that we have the big and hard to fill hole of the PTO, the med stuff and the late VVS fighters. Or maybe they shock us with France 1940 or Spain 1936
  11. Thanks You should have seen the first - that was a 1/72 Spitfire Mk 1 And that also says something about the way my perception as a 9 year old regarding WW2 in the air was, and what the local toy store presented on the front row of the plastic model section: First plane: Spitfire Mk 1 Second: Bf 109 E Third: Hurricane Mk 1 Fourth: Do 17 etc... And my final build when I realized that I was getting to old for plastic models was that Spit Mk V in 1:48 - as a "closing statement"... Or not to old, but rather the girls thought it was geeky and I was to insecure to stand my ground.
  12. Well, in the defense of LW pilot's that are now switching to allied there is another factor as well... Growing up in western Europe in the 70:ies, all movies, books, magazines about fighter pilots during WW2 was about UK/US vs Germany (or Japan). I can't recall one movie or book that was about the Eastern front... I was building 1/72 model planes and recalling the models I built as a 9-13 year old kid, this is the list: Spitfire mk 1 and V Hurricane Mk 1 and IIB Gladiator P51 C and D P47 (razorback) P40 P38 F4 F4U Tempest mk V Typhoon Blenheim Sunderland Catalina Walrus A-20 B-17 B-24 B-25 B-29 Lancaster Halifax Stirling Mosquito Swordfish Lysander BF 109 E Me 109 G6 Me 110 Me 163 Me 262 FW 190 A3 and A8 FW 190 D9 Dornier 17 Heinkel 111 Ju 88 Fw 189 AR 234 Fiat G50 A6M Zero D3A Val GM4 Betty Amazing that I remember them all... Shot all to pieces with an air rifle as a 15-16 year old, accept the 1:48 Spitfire mk V that I was most content with, that I still have in my "gaming den / home office". See a pattern? 45 aircraft and not one VVS? Western front Europe with a pinch of PTO? In IL2 all my old German plastic models where included that I built as a 12 year old. Now the Allies (in my 13 year old universe) are coming so Biggles finally gets his ride. And I guess I am not alone in western Europe to know more about the UK/US and German planes that Biggles and the other heroes flew or fought against... I guess it's the other way around in Russia. And yes, as a grown up I know that 80% of the German divisions fought in Russia and not on the western front, so that's really where most of the war in Europe was fought... That etched "plane list" is still there obviously, even though I have learned a lot about VVS planes later. The only survivor of the "original plane list" in my head, built as a 13,5 year old
  13. OK - I updated my "unofficial guide" now to version 0.6 - aligned with version 190913 of the Virpil software. https://sites.google.com/site/mazexx/files/Virpil_Configuration_mazex_edition_v0.61.pdf?attredirects=0&d=1 I added a part about the encoder settings - as the buffered mode work well for me:
  14. Nope, a bit annoying. I started writing this "community manual" some months ago but got tired of it after some return policy issues with my CM2 grip. Don't contain decoder info and some screen shots need to be updated after the post summer software updates: https://sites.google.com/site/...on_v0.4.pdf?attredirects=0&d=1
  15. Like @dburne said. My understanding is that it will replace the V3 (from another forum with a jet sim). Otherwise I completely agree - if it was just about widening the product line I am all fine with that. And like @JonRedcorn says, there are people that like space sims and RGB fits for that setting, if they keep the V3 I am all fine with their decision. And if we get a V3.1 with a detent they have a winner for me.
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