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  1. Many factors cause this - read this that is a rather decent simplified explanation : https://www.flitetest.com/articles/what-are-tip-stalls-how-do-they-form But similar aircraft can behave very differently in this domain - and it is one of the major contributors that make some planes "nasty to fly"... I remember as a young laddie when I flew my first glasfiber gilder - an LS1-f. That plane had nasty behavior where it almost did a half roll when stalling in a turn, sometimes in the other direction than you where turning... And very little warning before it "snapped"....
  2. This is the original post where they showed the first teasers of the new Bodenlpatte map - with different seasons: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/168-developer-diary/?do=findComment&comment=611219
  3. Great! Was just a bit scared when I saw it that the overload of all new planes, airfields, towns etc might have overwhelmed the devs so that the farmland had been left to the current implementation ;)
  4. Wow - that link was a real gold mine. I love old maps and aerial photographs!
  5. Let's hope so as a bunch of the other shots are definately from Kuban. And the fields seen around the airfields on the other shots look just right! Somehow I don't think you read my whole original post
  6. I love this game so this is just a friendly note... When I first saw the aligned long rectangular fields in IL2 or "Lock On" way back when I thought "this really is a graphics artist that is lazy". I checked Google Maps and realized that there actually are fields like that in the former USSR. I guess the state owning all land and then optimizing it in Kolkhozes is what made them look like that. So for a russian map it makes sense and for a russian developer it naturally looks "right". But in Europe they look really strange as fields dont look like that here. So when I saw the latest shot of the beatiful Tempest it really sticks out with the aligned rectangular fields for a European (if that is the Bodenplatte map). It just don't look that way here: Example from Google Maps from outside Krasnodar - so its actually perfect for Battle of Kuban even though it looks awkward for us Europeans: And then one from outside Rotterdam in the Netherlands: So thats the fields we need under a Tempest unfortunately over Belgium or the Netherlands. Not at all aligned and no hedgerows prefectly aligned on every edge etc. Not one field of the exact rectangular shape as another on that image. So those on the Tempest shot really looks "like simplifed a game" if you understand what I mean... And the fields where naturally smaller in Europe in 1944 than they are now (with more hedge rows) as well with consolidation of farmlands and giant computerized tractors etc. Looking forward to the Bodenplatte map - and good luck!
  7. Don't forget that there is a jinx with IL2 and PTO. Wasn't it the overwheming PTO work with a lot of ships to model etc that "killed" the old Il2 series? And that funky business with the torpedo bomber flown by the old Bush that is not to be named of course... They seem pretty fast these days with producing 3D asstes though - but a good PTO needs a bunch of big hairy ships with lots of details + a lot of planes that they don't have now. All the famous PTO battles inklude dozens of ships that needs a lot of details to match the planes level of detail.
  8. A DB605 startup video i did a couple of years ago at an airshow outside of Copenhagen... It actually captures the "real sound" surprisingly well - you get the kind of oscillating / resonance sounds IRL as well. The DB605 really has an evil sound IRL. And the sound level is surprising close up ... Just before this me and my kids where as close to a Spitifire with a Merlin doing a startup... Sound like a well combed kitten in comparison. Asked the kids and their friends which one sounded "baddest". They all screamed unanimous - the Messershmitt!!! Naturally that included the compressor howl on the fly bys as well
  9. I am left handed and flew simulators with my left hand up until I started flying IRL. My flight instructor quickly made it clear that "there are no left handed pilots". Real planes are made for right handed pilots with the layout of throttle, flaps, gear levers etc. So it will take some time, but just go ahead and get used to flying with your right hand - the process is much faster than you would think! If you are ever going to start flying IRL you are not allowed to fly left handed. After just a couple of days it will feel real awkward to go back fly with your left hand... While I am naturally still left handed , I recently tried flying a simulator with my left hand. Scary business Felt as weird as it did when I was forced to fly right handed in real planes. I remember using Falcon 3.0 to "re program" my brain back then
  10. For the op question - I use it for opening the bomb bay doors when flipping it down, and then the trigger drops the bombs... Really like it that way.
  11. EDIT 2019-05-12: New versions for all templates based on feeback from the DCS forum. I just got my VPC T-50 Throttle version 2 - and I love it When starting all these complex mappings of buttons for different sims / planes I really like to have them on a layout map that I can save and update when I change them. And then print to have on the desktop. I could not find any templates for the T-50 throttle V2 or the T-50 CM2 Grip. The original ones where in PDF from the manual - and I want to be able to edit the document and then save it... I edited the original VPC PDF:s for v1 with LibreOffice Draw (free open source office solution). The throttle was more "editable" but I realized that I really did a complete refresh of the whole template as there where things with the layout that I did not like... So for anyone that likes to have a file to save and print with the layouts - here are my templates in .odg format (Open Office Draw). Just download Libre Office and edit away with the "Draw" application. I did four versions (Throttle V1 and V2, grip original and CM2) Links below: Layout map for T-50 Throttle version 2 (clickable hats): https://sites.google.com/site/mazexx/files/MongoosT-50_Throttle_V2_Button_Template_v1.4.odg?attredirects=1&d=1 Layout map for T-50 Throttle version 1 (non clickable hats): https://sites.google.com/site/mazexx/files/MongoosT-50_Throttle_V1_Button_Template_v1.4.odg?attredirects=1&d=1 Layout map for T-50 Grip CM2 (clickable hats): https://sites.google.com/site/mazexx/files/MongoosT-50_Grip_CM2_v1.1.odg?attredirects=1&d=1 Layout map for original T-50 Grip (non clickable hats): https://sites.google.com/site/mazexx/files/MongoosT-50_Grip_Original_v1.1.odg?attredirects=1&d=1 You might need the font Bahnschrift that I don't know if it comes with Windows / Libreoffice or similar: https://www.cufonfonts.com/font/bahnschrift NOTE: For the Throttle maps the numbers on the maps for the buttons that have names on the actual unit are the ones displayed next to the text field. For the other buttons it is the "Windows name" of the button that is displayed in the small white boxes with red text (not the Virpil physical ID of the button). For the sticks all the numbers are the "windows numbers". That is the number that will show up in the DCS config for example as "Button 25" when you click some joystick button - thought that would be good to be able to see if the map is correct... Screenshots (low res): Throttle v2: Throttle v1: Grip T-50 CM2: Original T-50 Grip:
  12. This Fred41 guy is on fire. Now he updated his patch with a new version that also improves the main joystick axis. Have run the patch and it looks good! So download a new "fresh" version 1.42 patch. Then the patch the patch with Fred41:s new patch according to my post #6 above. Note that is has the same name, but was updated a day ago as can be seen in the github page (Latest commit 7a713ef 23 hours ago) From https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=222488&page=4 ... there is an updated version for my G940 firmware fixes ...Apart from some code optimizations, there is a significant improvement for the main axis noice filtering function in this second iteration of my firmware-refresh patch.The main axis of the G940 are now very precise (actually close to zero hysteresis) and the active area of the stick is increased (more sensible movement).https://github.com/fred41/G940-firmware-fixesEnjoy
  13. Damn... This firmware that made my G940 that I've had for 10 years much better got me thinking about the problems with the force feedback deadzone in the middle, the rather shoddy pots (even though they are much better with the patch) and the lack of buttons / hats now when flying VR (especially for DCS - works OK for IL2). So - because of this nice patch I ended up ordering a Virpil WarBRD gimbal, T-50 CM2 joystick, T-50 Throttle, desk mounts and a VKB T-Rudder MK IV pedal set (use a rolling office chair)... Not what I expected after my initial happiness with the patch And 1000+ EUR poorer...
  14. I think you will be happy - I don't know if I am having a positive placebo effect but it's not only the deadzone gone, they feel a lot smoother to me... I guess they had bad hysteresis code as well. An important advice regarding the pedals that has annoyed me before - and after upgrading the firmware I simply had to fix There is a problem in some games for me - both IL2 and DCS that the wheel brakes sometimes do not "register" in assignment screens when you try to map them. The post that I have linked below is what helped me by downloading the dxtweak tool. So you try to assign the left wheelbrake axis to your G940 pedal wheel brake and it does not "register" in the assign window. When looking at it in the Windows calibration tool the rudder brakes will show up as "half axes". So the left brake starts in center and goes to min x. And the right brake goes from center to max y. To get DCS to register you have to change that they are full axis instead with dxtweak2. The post below from an old thread is what helped me. For my G940 I have set my brake axis to min: 0, cen: 128, max 255 and now they work in both IL2 and DCS. Important note - In DCS I have to go in and change from axis to slider to not end up with brakes "half on" all the time (as min now is 0). Did not see this problem in IL2 but have that in the back of your mind in other games if the brakes behave strange. from the thread:
  15. 5.10.127 sounds like the software version - we are talking about the hardware firmware version here. So - you need to download the last official 1.42 firmware patch below and install that first. Note that it may hang while updating - run it again then. And make sure to do it with right click and "run as administrator": https://download01.logitech.com/web/ftp/pub/techsupport/joystick/G940_Update_FW0142.zip Then you download the new "community patch" by Fred41 from the GitHub repository below (under the folder "binary"): https://github.com/fred41/G940-firmware-fixes Then run the downloaded g940_patch.exe in the same directory as the official 1.42 firmware. It will patch the patch Finally run the now patched official 1.42 patch again... And - messing with firmware updates can be risky and might even "brick" you device. Do not shoot the messenger if anything happens...
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