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  1. This truly is a great update. I would say that the spotting problems have been my only major gripe with BoX over the years.
  2. I think that this is going to be great, and really appreciate that the team has focused on this. Better that someone can say that they are a tiny bit easier to spot compared to real life on an image / screenshot side by side, as we are severely handicapped looking at pixels on a screen or a VR headset compared to the 48K 180+ degree MK1 Eyeballs with full VR, perfect stereoscopic sight and motion tracking. So to have "realistic" spotting they really need to be quite much easier to see on a side by side comparison (image vs screen shot)... And it sure makes multiplayer less fun when it's 70% about pixel spotting and not dog fighting.
  3. I find that adjusting the curve for a smaller response the first inch is good for the pedals. Especially for the small adjustments when firing. I had a Sidewinder FFB2 with twist way back when and remember that it got a lot easier to do takeoffs going to real pedals in a Logitech G940 setup - but I had to adjust the curves. Then I switched to VKB Mk IV rudder pedals and it got even better. With the VKB:s you press more in the down direction with no hard detente in the middle, so that removes the risk of pushing the office chair backwards or the pedals forward. And you get much better precision as you control the amount of rudder with your foot and not your whole leg... Especially my aiming got a lot better with the VKBs. A small nudge left rudder to lead a tiny bit more works great with them.
  4. Well - I have been flying simulators and real planes since the 80:ies and still suck as well online in BoX, as I never find those small pixels supposed to be aircraft even though I have 2.0 eyesight... Against the AI I would at the other hand consider myself rather mean One of the most important things I think is to get a hold of are the basic BFM manouvres - especially lead, pure and lag persuit. I had to learn the hard way in the old IL2 where I flew much more MP, but that is even more important in BoX with the AI that likes to go in circles forever (but it has improved rather dramatically the last year). I can not over stress the importance to get these right. Look at the great video below. The thing me as a noob did way to much (and I think that is a mistake by many newcomers) is to pull all you can in every turn ending up in lead persuit. You close to fast and have to squeeze off a few bullets with high deflection and then overshoot - or bleed off all your speed in a energy wasting turn. Learn to mix between them and use pure or lag much more and end up straight behind the bandit instead for a much easier shot and better control of the fight with more energy. Get a hold of the high yo-yo combined with lag persuit if you are way faster than the bandit etc. And do look at his other videos as well - one thing the is common with new pilots while turning as I said earlier is pulling to hard, hanging by the prop at 200 km/h instead letting off a bit of pressure and rather dramatically increasing their turn rate - watch below: And another thing that is evil - good and expensive hardware really helps. When I switched from my old Logitech G940 stick to a Virpil Warbrd Base and a T50 CM2 stick my aiming got twice as good. It is expensive but it really helps with a joystick that is exact and has a rather long throw... Good luck - and hang in there!
  5. Scary business, a glider with a 17 meter wing span pulling in the wrong direction is a big kite. I just have to add in defense of 16-year old me that I had a good slack in the tow line when he disconnected me at 80-90 meters, and just tried to get my position down without catching him up. The good thing is that I did not get a speed drop on the disconnect but could initiate the (stupid in retrospect) turn imediately from a flying on my own state. I once saw as DG-500 taking off from the same field in the same direction (I was the runner at the wing) and stood looking when they took off. Just when he got airborne I saw a shadow over the wing and realized the airbrake was getting sucked out when the speed increased after him not locking it properly before take off. It was only me and a non-pilot friend that was going to fly with me in the next flight at the end of the runway so I ran towards the radio to call out that he had forgotten to lock the brakes. Just as I got there I saw them not gaining altitude as they should and the tow pilot had to disconnect as he was about to stall. So when he disconnected the DG stalled over it's left wing and went down in a steep angle. Me and my friend ran the 2000 meters to the crash site with a ravine in between at what must be my 2000 meter record for life, when we got over the last ridge that blocked sight of the wreck until the last 200 meters we saw the plane smashed against a railroad slope. Tail bent over the plane and one wing completely smashed. Got around the plane almost certain to see them dead but instead found the cockpit opened and the seats empty. The shocked pilot and passenger had started walking away from the plane imediately but avoided the closest route through the ravine that we had forced us through. The frame around the cockpit on many gliders is fortunately rather rigid so that saved them. And after 10 minutes or so the police arrived with media trailing them. So me and my friend standing next to the plane smoking ended up on the front page of the local newspaper with the headline "Serious glider crash - pilot and passenger miracoulously unhurt". So then I had to explain for months that it wasn't me crashing that plane
  6. Well - off topic here as well with old memories after these two posts. I did go from soloing in a Bergfalke II/55 to my first flight in a single seater that was a Pilatus B4-PC11AF. And I think that the Bergfalke is the least pitch sensitive aircraft I have flown and the Pilatus the most pitch sensitive. If you just looked at the stick in the Pilatus it would go up or down with almost completely stiff wings. We used it as the first single seater as it was the cheapest and sturdiest single seater but our DG-101 would have been a much better choice as it was a lot easier to fly... But anyway - me in my first single seater solo and the tow pilot doing his first tow flight in Sweden after living in Australia for 20 years. And in Australia they tow UNDER the slip stream of the tow plane as opposed to in Sweden where we tow above it. So looking in your rear mirror as a tow pilot you have the glider in a completely different position. And when taking off I was warned to not end up in a pitch wobble by correcting too much with the sensitive stick in the Pilatus compared to the Bergfalke. So after take off I gently pulled the stick and got too high. And following the advice I gently tried to get "down" as I was to high from a Swedish position. But for the tow pilot I was completely out of place - WAY too high and he feared that I would pull his tail up so he would go nose down in the ground. So at less than 100 meters height he pulld his handle and released the line from his side... So there I was at 100 meters just passing the end of the field. The training naturally says that you should land straight ahead in the best possible available field but in a tenth of a second my 16 year old brain decided to turn hard back and land (really stupid). But I managed the hard 70 degree turn without stalling and got back to the field at 20-30 meters landing downwind... My instructor who had been a volonteer pilot in the Finnish Winter War told them to turn my plane around without me getting out. No problem - lets do it again he said. He got up to the tow plane and I heard him scream something and waving. Then we took off and I had a lovely flight in the Pilatus. In the evening I asked him why I did not even got a chance to catch my breath before going up again but he just smiled and said: "if you fall off the horse you got to get up in the saddle imediately - otherwise you might start thinking and get scared of riding". I'm pretty sure it worked for me but I do not think this is how you would do it today This was in 1986.... And I did fly the Ka-8 as well. Interesting aircraft. It felt like a Bergfalke on the ground but very harmonic controls and I think the easiest plane to fly I have ever flown... And like you said - it never wanted to land We had a tradition that your first 5-hour had to be done in that plane to honour all stiff backs that had done it before you (you sat like in a kitchen chair). So I did my first 5-hour in that. A good thing it needs almost no thermals to stay in the air. Unless you have to cover some distance to get to the next one. And no - we did not have that in 1986 when I did my first solo in the Pilatus, otherwise that would have been a nice transition from the Bergfalke. Sorry for going way off topic...
  7. The problem is that DDR5 means the generation after the next one - and quite a bit into 2021...
  8. Welcome - you are in for a sweet ride! You should be fine with that if you are not running VR. Maybe not full out Ultra but it should work fine. On my rig with a similar CPU (but a much beefier GPU) it runs at 100+ FPS all the time in Ultra. But I almost never run in 2D as VR is so awesome from an immersion perspective. But that is unfortunately an expensive road to walk down... Like @EAF_Ribbon says, another stick of 8GB rams seems like a nice last upgrade for that rig before some family member get it when you buy a new one If I where you I would wait for the AMD Zen 3 to get released in October (the Ryzen 4000 series). That is what I am doing. That seems like a pretty interesting platform. On the Intel side they hit a bumb in the road many generations back getting stuck on their 14nm process, so all the "Lake" series are really not that different from an IPC perspective... I would not buy any "Lake" CPU these days. The new 10-series getting released soon (Comet Lake) is the last desperate 14nm squeeze that looks overheated and still does not look like it is beating the current AMD Zen 2 architecture (Ryzen 3000 series). This is naturally an area with many opinions - but this is mine having built my own computers since the 80:ies ;) This is a nice time for hardware nerds as there finally is some competition after all the dark Lake-years with Intel CPU:s that really did not get much faster...
  9. Agreed. There is the "delayed" option that will send the commands at around 125ms. But that does not work in IL2. But with EncoderDial(buffer) and no delay I have time compression on one of the dials (E3) and it works flawless with that setting. No "double jumping" or missed turns.
  10. Yep - this 109 got pushed in the wrong direction after some 20mm where you don't want them... Lot's of comic book 1978 feeling in that shot. Should maybe cartoonize it Just had to do it EDIT - love that my screenshot made it into the official email update. But it hurts a bit as it was taken on lower VR settings, no AA etc and with the mouse pointer on screen Anyway - here is another one with Ultra settings, AA, a bit of horizon tilt for more "action feeling" and no UI... And yes - I had to spend quite some time to pause at exactly the same moment in the track
  11. Me in a P-51 vs 3 x 109-G6 in QMB: First one down with wingtip off after a rather quick well aimed burst. Second one more ammo wasted. Trailing liquids in all directions and then pilot kill Third one good burst in the engine area. A second burst in engine area again and a nice warming fire that the LW pilot did not want to warm his hands on. Ammo left after that. I do not see any problem at all with the effectiveness of the .50 cal and the new damage model with varied results is awesome. A big kudos to the devs for pulling this off affecting so much in the game... The results much more resemble what we see in gun camera rolls now - the only thing we can look at. And remember that very few gun cam rolls where someone pours .50 at a plane and not much happen will be found on Youtube... And a quick burst of Mk108 shows that the IL2 can't take everything - just as it should be. Crashed with both sides of the elevator and rudder gone after that explosion was done
  12. After I got a new 1440p monitor I had problems running the old IL2 on my computer and did not have the motivation to get it running any more with BoX beeing so good. So after reading your post I did get it running by disabling some DPI Scaling etc and upgraded to version 4.14.1. And what a trip down memory lane - it was fortunate that I was seated as my legs got a bit weak Anyway - after getting my Virpil Hotas setup working and flying around for a while in some QMB missions etc I realized that IL2FB really just is nostalgia today as BoX is so much better in almost all aspects. It's like starting my old Pentium with DOS to run Aces over Europe or Falcon 3. It's probably the game I have spent most time with to date so it will be on my computer forever. When Battle of Stalingrad came out I had pre-ordered like all other FS nerds that where flying and enjoying Rise of Flight. But that first version of BoS really did not get me hooked for some reason. The flight models where a bit "rough" - especially on the edge of the envelope, I did not like to just have a few planes to play around with, unlocks and no good SP campaign. And that intensive snow blind white Stalingrad map got "old" pretty quick... But just like with the first version of the original IL2 with a few planes, BoX today is something completely different from that first BoS experience. We have a really nice plane setup, lots of maps, a nice dynamic campaign mode and many great scripted campaigns. And the flight model now is soo much better than the first version of Stalingrad. As an IRL pilot (mostly gliders) I have to say that the IL2 BoX engine is the one that feels most right to me now. Yes - it is harder (more realistic) to fly than the original IL2, especially the engine management. But it really does not take that long to get a hold of it. And after that it is very satisfying to nurse home a damaged plane to base and manage to nail that landing, just as the engine quits out. And if you get the opportunity to get a nice VR setup it goes to another level. Those cockpits are just jaw dropping awesome in VR, and the immersion of actually beeing in a real plane is second to none. Impossible to describe for someone that has not tried it in VR. It probably is the best VR simulator but DCS does a good job as well. In my opinion there is no discussion - this IS the best WW2 simulator hands down. Just as IL2 FB/46 was back in the days. But this is a new level. And after understanding how to fiddle with manifold pressure, RPM, mixture and prop pitch it really is not that much harder to fly than IL2 FB. Start with the German planes where you mainly just need to keep an eye on the "ATA" meter (manifold pressure). As an example for the 109 F2 - think of ATA 1.2 as full throttle and 1.3 as WEP. And don't think about the actual throttle position. Why not start off with the "Ten days of autumn" campaign where you fly the F2 - you will have a blast!
  13. The trick that works for me on my T50 Throttle (gen 2) is to set them as "EncoderDial(buffer)" - an excerpt from a Virpil Software guide I wrote regarding some tips and tricks: The whole guide is avaliable here: https://sites.google.com/site/mazexx/files/Virpil_Configuration_mazex_edition_v0.6.2.pdf?attredirects=0&d=1
  14. Well, I own everything that has been released from both the IL2 series and the RoF series, been around supporting the team since the early Neoqb days... As I do not visit this forum every day (or week) I have not seen the topic before. Therefore I feel perfectly entitled to have some fun discussing the OP:s topic here. If you feel that the topic is exhausted, I am sure there are many other interesting threads for you to participate in?
  15. Well, cutting 10% from the bottom of that map and add it top the top would be great But then they will have to model London that will take a year or so... What we need as a collectors plane is really a Spitfire Mk I or II... The Ju-88 A4 is BoB correct (by a few days), The 109 E7 without a drop tank is really an E4, the 110 E2 is a bit late but not that different from a C4/B if the 601P is nerfed? The He 111 H6 is really not that far from a H4. The Hurricane Mk IIA flew in the Battle... But a Spitfire Mk V is rather far from a Mk II... And a Do-17 to spice things up and complete the german bomber line of the era would be a nice bonus My wallet is wide open...
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