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  1. @OP: So I had numerous Headsets: 1. Pimax 5k+ (kinda liked the FOV but its so blurry at everything beyond like 110° that you can except for immersion purposes not use anything of that added FOV anyways) - SOLD 2. Valve index - probably the best for playing multiple games, best controllers, nice Imagequality but too low in resolution to play Flightsims properly. The heat is quite shitty in this headset. SOLD at profit because G2 announced. 3. G2 on preorder. I hope this will get me what i want from a VR headset for my simming needs. The 114° FOV seems plenty when taking into consideration that we have the check six mod with the press of a button.
  2. I ordered it too now. The store has good standing on trusted. And you cant do anything wrong with paypal.
  3. hey guys. Didnt they say preorders in europe would start in june?
  4. Thanks. Ill probably wait till the official german preorders start. Shipping is supposed to be at the same time worldwide anyways.
  5. I currently own the index. I think i will go with the G2. Simply because of the higher resolution. Slightly narrower FOV is no issue since we have the nice check six mod now. And the money I save i will buy some wheels for my bike😀 I hope i will be able to preorder soon here in germany.
  6. My warranty replaced index should hopefully soon be on its way so i can try out this new update, Simply cannot go back to 2d monitors after VR only once. Hope i can find the same performance gains. Thanks for your impression.
  7. Yes i vote for one shot kills too. Sorry but thats nonsense! No single hit should ever just because it hits anywhere be a kill. It could or could not do catastrophic damage. Demanding a flatrate kill with 90% if hit if just ridiculous. No matter the gun or plane the shot has been fired from. Maybe read what you write before you send. Thats just a riddiculous warthunder style demand.
  8. guys i have it runniung now. The problem was that i only opted steam for beta. Not explicitly the Razer driver. God.... Thanks for all the help!!!!
  9. Ok, still having the same problems. I doublechecked. I nstalled OVR Advanced setting via the installer from Github. But this doesnt make any diffrend. Tried installing it from Steam and the symptomatic is teh same. So first regarding Sixsense Fake driivers here are my error messages: As shown. If steamVR is off just the upper message appears. And if steamVR is on 2 messages shown in the picture below appear after one another. Regarding the hydra fakedrivers. They seem to run. Because i get the hydra icons in the small SteamVR-Window. When i enter the settings the OVR-settings are there. But they are named "OVR advanced settings" not just "Advances serttings". When i then enter them i actually see a strange "Hydra-controller" icon: When i click on the Controller I only get to choose between index, oculus and vice controllers. If i choose one of them and then try to reselect the hydra controller its not available. I have to restart SteamVR to see the picture above again. Then, if i klick the "create Binding" icon, all i see is a black window: From that point all i can do is restart Steam VR again:(
  10. Hey, thank you very much. Ill post a shot of the message. But will be next week. I think i used the installer from Github. But i will doublecheck and probably just reinstall the proper one. Thanks!!
  11. I tried both variants. I cant get it to work. Seemingly i am simply too dumb. Ill just wait for the devs to implement it properly. Hopefully one day. The sicsense_FAKE.dll and 64.dll have to be renamed to remove the _FAKE right? If i dont do that the fake controllers will not be recognized in Steam VR.. If i try to open razer hydra driver i get error messages, when i dont start it, snstead start steam VR and try to create a new binding the window just goes black. Nothing works like it should in your pdf. Also there is no "advanced settings" under more applications. Only "OVR advanced settings". Within that i adjusted everything as told in the howto.
  12. I dont. Cant get it to work. I was hoping someone else created a script to drive the index with freepie. Well, I am sure the devs will add something like this sooner or later. Cant be that big of a deal and VR is getting more end more important for Flightsimming.
  13. I cannot get the hydras to run. But i have the index controllers so am I assuming right that i dont really need the hydra fake drivers? I have everything running to the part where i can use the controllers grip to rotate the 45 degrees. Now I only need a freepie script that actually translates the keypresses to the index grip input and not hydra input. Anyone got that handy?
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