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  1. ill be re-uploading them then i guess. I have very little time and want to play/do soo much in VR. I cant promise when i will be able to get to repost. EDIT: Could you maybe Wuerger...?😂
  2. If they manage to get that eyetracking and FOVeated rendering to work properly it might work with a 2080ti.
  3. oh, it did? Yay. Glad you got it working. 14.1 is the old one? Sorry. I am not that deep into the forums right now and dont know all the numbers.🤣 So basically no "to do" for me anymore?
  4. Your right they basically cannibalize their own product with that. I think the latency isnt an issue since you tether the headset via USB 3.x i believe. I am not sure about the price. Would need to google it. EDIT: Just checked. The quest is just 40 Bucks more expensive here in Germany. On all the other things (FOV etc. you would need to check your self). I just wanted to make this suggestion because i think its a pretty interesting option to pay once and have a standalone and a tethered PC headset at once. I read that they would love to make this feature wireless some day. Here is an article: https://www.theverge.com/2019/9/27/20885082/oculus-quest-home-headset-lineup-oc6
  5. without being a Rift user (Index) I would propose rather going with the Quest. It will be usable with your gaming pc in the future and you also have a higher resolution i believe.
  6. OK, I didnt edit any files by hand. All just via the shortcuts. Ill pack the two files today and repost them. Hope it helps someone then.
  7. @SCG_Fenris_Wolf: Sorry, my reply was not meant for the guy that asked for CV1 values. I should have specified. It was merely an update on my promise to post my Valve Index setting. Wich file exactly do i have to save? Because for me my setting work great using the valve index.
  8. So, i am not entirely sure wich is the right file. So i zipped my user settings folder. Just take what you need. Please be aware that i didnt optimize the goggles since i dont use them. My IPD is 70,5 soif yours is close this setting should kinda work with the valve index. EDIT: Deleted the archive since they for some reason dont work. I dont want to waste anyones time trying out these files. So as soon as i know which files to actually provide i will do so. Sorry to anyone that lost time tring this. And sorry Clyde. Thsi was not meant as a reply to your request. I cant help you with your settings because i dont own a CV1.
  9. Wuerger62: sorry, i didnt make it with the settings. Had to try out Asgards wrath🤣 Guys. 2D-Daming is soooo dead for me....😎 Now i am on Vacation for the weekend. I will post my settings on Monday evening.
  10. Great news. Devs. Could you please give me something i could throw my money at? When will the next expansion be preorderable?
  11. you mean for the newest update? I dont know. I redid them after the patch. But i can link the new files here. Will do as soon as i find time. Maybe this evening.
  12. can you use any controller button? Or does it have to be one of the index controllers?
  13. Exactly. Most of the time i get shot down not even knowing there is an enemy. I hope the devs come up with some solution soon. Flying in VR is so much more fun then playing on this tiny flat display (even thou i have a 35 inch widescreen it feels tiny compared to VR.)
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