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  1. Works great! Thanks a lot for the effort. Being able to see the shortcuts is really handy for an old prick like me that keeps forgetting and had to put off headset all the time:P
  2. Happy thanksgiving guys. Dont you eat too much so you still get the planes in the air😎
  3. Just ordered the Battle of normandy. Sadly no money left for the 3 planes. Well. There will be sales sooner or later
  4. Nope, but i have to admit i dint try much. Dont get to play too much and if i get time i rather play something in VR that deoesnt stutter. EDIT: I am sure they will fix it soon. They always eliminate bugs like that sooner or later.
  5. Valve Index here. And still stuttering even on berloga. However i didnt doublecheck if FPS target or VSYNC are off. Will do that in the evening.
  6. Dunkirk was BS imho. At least in the cathegory "airplane scenes". The spitfire that flies like an hour without engine and even makes kills..... Riddiculous😂
  7. Nice. As a VR player i have to say this: Funny to see this "owlneck-piloting"😃 Please. Take it with a twinking eye. No offence. But if you every few VR you know what i mean😂
  8. oh i really want such a motion seat. I am sooo jealous. Starting to save money. The DOF Reality products really do look very nice. I hooe you get your problem sorted becaus this amount of latency must be a PITA for immersion.
  9. When flying on Berloga i get this annoying stuttering. Its pretty consistent and annoying. I get 75+ FPS most of the time but still i have this stuttering. Like every split second. Motion smoothing is turned off. I have a I9 9900K @5ghz, 16 GB RAM and a 2080 Ti. Refreshrate is set to 80 Hz in Steam. SS in steam set to 130%, ingame AA off and renderresolution to max. I am OK with the picture quality however i think i should be able to go even higher with this rig, but not the stuttering. Any suggestions?
  10. ill be re-uploading them then i guess. I have very little time and want to play/do soo much in VR. I cant promise when i will be able to get to repost. EDIT: Could you maybe Wuerger...?😂
  11. If they manage to get that eyetracking and FOVeated rendering to work properly it might work with a 2080ti.
  12. oh, it did? Yay. Glad you got it working. 14.1 is the old one? Sorry. I am not that deep into the forums right now and dont know all the numbers.🤣 So basically no "to do" for me anymore?
  13. Your right they basically cannibalize their own product with that. I think the latency isnt an issue since you tether the headset via USB 3.x i believe. I am not sure about the price. Would need to google it. EDIT: Just checked. The quest is just 40 Bucks more expensive here in Germany. On all the other things (FOV etc. you would need to check your self). I just wanted to make this suggestion because i think its a pretty interesting option to pay once and have a standalone and a tethered PC headset at once. I read that they would love to make this feature wireless some day. Here is an article: https://www.theverge.com/2019/9/27/20885082/oculus-quest-home-headset-lineup-oc6
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