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  1. Bought the hurricane after this post. So many Variants:)
  2. thats actually a VERY good suggestion... Wonder why i didnt get this idea. THANKS. Ill try that!
  3. I thought HDR was not possible with VR headsets? Can it be activated using Valve index? Id love to try it out since i also have a hard time spotting enemies.
  4. IF i consider an upgrade i would only go with the 8KX since this will REALLY be the best you can do in terms of clarity. No more SS needed i hope. Well. Will be quite a while till i have enough money for that.
  5. Hey, i dont know if that changed. But when i bought my first series T50 Joystick Base the explicitely said you should NOT use just the lower screws through the housing to mount the stick. You have to use the screws in the front of the stick because they go directly into the gimbal system.Using the lower screws will undoubtedly lead to a broken housing sooner or later.
  6. Yes, die more often. Like in Real life🤔 Just kidding!
  7. hmm. that first attack you were pretty lucky the A20 didnt just shoot you down. He had the perfect oportunity.
  8. Winger + Hurrycane MKII or YAK-9T Series 1 (that is if collectore planes are possible as well) I already have the modules.
  9. If anyone ever feels the need to gift the YAK 9T Series 1 and the Hurricane MKII - i would`nt mind🙄 The divorce left me without any reserves. But on the other hand - with more time flying🤣
  10. will do Worked. Have higher framerates now. Sadly i sitll experience slight stuttering. Even on berloga. Anyone else?
  11. does anyone have a clue why my FPS never show more than 60? Even when flying on berloga. My Rig should be able to do much more. I9 9900KF 16GK 4GHz RAM Game installed on PCIe SSD SteamVR set to 130%
  12. CONGRATS Dude👨‍✈️. Very well done. And in this time.... For this life its too late for me. Next life ill become a pilot too. Or maybe when they invent a TRUE reverse aging pill🤓?
  13. You can still be a good gamer/pilot. Just fly to planes to their limits as they are instead of trying to move the limits. In the end it doesnt matter since everyone has the same limits. Right? I myself enjoy the limits very much as they are. No more extreme hardcore stick in stomach turns. As the limits are IMHO they increase the amount of skill you need instead of just having to pull the stick quicker. S!
  14. This would basically require the cockpit to be redone klickable. Has been discussed before and is AFAIK not what the devs have on their plans.
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