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  1. Has the dev said anything if the snapviews will ever work in VR? Cant be that much of a rocketscience to make them also work in VR, can it? No offence here.
  2. I preordered luckily early enough to be one of the happy 13% next week. Cant wait thou.
  3. how much does this thing cost you? EDIT: Just saw it your OP. I am interested to hear your opinion. Looks really great!
  4. Preordered 06th of July. So first batch baby. YES!
  5. @ Replika Gear: I know the name is more or less program here. But do you also consider creating Space sim grips and throttles?
  6. I just asked at Bestware livesupport in germany. The guy said current info is that they expect their delivery around end November/beginning December.😕
  7. As a set or each thing separate. Grip only 90,- Base only 70,- as a set 160.- Item location is Germany. The base has been stiction fixed. Both are in very good used condition. Cheers Winger EDIT: Sold already.
  8. I got a 2080ti and will most likely be waiting for a 3080ti wich will most likely come and be much cheaper than the 3090. I hope i can run the G2 decently with the 2080ti.
  9. with the new changes in spotting and my G2 hopefully being shipped soon i am soooo much looking forward to getting into flying again after a LOOOONG time of absence.
  10. I consider the current model perfect. We all are gamers. Most of us are mediocre in stamina and physical condition at best. Conditions as are place everyone on an even playground - wich is good. So my vote is: Leave it as it is please! Thanks
  11. exactly my thinking and what i did with my index...
  12. my suggestion for huge playercounbt: License FS2020 Engine, cooperate with MS, add DM thats on par with everything else in FS2020, sell IL2 as a DLC to MS2020 and get richt while doing so. ALL FS2020 users and on top of that all WWII combat flight enthusiasts will come and buy right after pleorder launched. Sell it for solething around 60-80 bucks and add complete planepark as additional DLCs later on.
  13. Simply reset view after use. I find it totally usable. I am much more confident about my 6 actually really being free since i am able to use this. Brings uns VRers on par with the owlneck TIRers😂
  14. @OP: So I had numerous Headsets: 1. Pimax 5k+ (kinda liked the FOV but its so blurry at everything beyond like 110° that you can except for immersion purposes not use anything of that added FOV anyways) - SOLD 2. Valve index - probably the best for playing multiple games, best controllers, nice Imagequality but too low in resolution to play Flightsims properly. The heat is quite shitty in this headset. SOLD at profit because G2 announced. 3. G2 on preorder. I hope this will get me what i want from a VR headset for my simming needs. The 114° FOV seems plenty when taking into conside
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