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  1. I am at my toes for this one as well. If the Resolution is on par with teh reverb and they manage to increase FOV to Index standards i might get one. If the price is right. Oh hardware IPD adjustment and optional lighthouse compatibility would be a dream.
  2. https://video.golem.de/games/24222/nvidia-zeigt-dlss-in-wolfenstein-youngblood.html Looks pretty promising to me.
  3. Awesome news. Looking forward to try it out! Thanks devs!
  4. thats the best solution. There are sales pretty often thankfully.
  5. Then fine. I didnt read everything. Just wanted to add that so you dont buy something you regret later possibly.
  6. Even though i bought a 5K+ before i get the same 1399,- pricetag everyone else gets when logging in to their store? How would i get a discount?
  7. In someone orders now what should be expexted deliverywise for an 8kx? Any clues?
  8. ahh. Darn work. I am too slow to get my YAK. Congrats everyone and thanks for your generosity Diggun! EDIT: Darn. would have been the wrong Yak. Just FYI:)
  9. Bought the hurricane after this post. So many Variants:)
  10. thats actually a VERY good suggestion... Wonder why i didnt get this idea. THANKS. Ill try that!
  11. I thought HDR was not possible with VR headsets? Can it be activated using Valve index? Id love to try it out since i also have a hard time spotting enemies.
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