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  1. Behave bud itl get fixed always does they will be working on it
  2. Alonzo could we get Futher back airfields where possible so bombers can be able to climb without turning in circles please.
  3. The Airfields are two close together!!!!!!!
  4. Check the engine power limits budv
  5. I find the p51-38 fast enough on continuous that I rarely use combat or emergency,only in cases when trying to catch an 190 or 109 in climb
  6. Would love to jump hedge rows over the french country side in a razor back 47 looking for tanks to blow up!
  7. Any chance of airfields with slightly more distance between them for the late war plane set feel like you get everywhere twice as quick with them 😂 part from that great server had huge amounts of fun on it last night flying an 262 on kuban until I went to land and both engines died and the flaps jammed at 12 percent hahaha
  8. Thanks Jason turned on full screen last night and what a difference! Played it for about 4 hours straight ( wife was away at a friends hah) quick question about 4K textures will that still help as in the old guide for smoothness or not? thanks LP
  9. Do you think Setting low latency to ultra helps bud
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