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  1. We need a fix fir mutiplayer stutters
  2. All they need to do is go on combat box or knights of the air at peak times and they themselves will suffer the horrors of the new stutters I can’t play it online anymore! Back to cliffs it is!
  3. LP1888


    Perfect thank you
  4. LP1888


    Hi has anymone got a map that has north pointed out on it got very lost over the channel yesterday in a 110 😂
  5. Any tips for when perfect landscape enabled to get this to run smooth aka nvidia control settings and confi file ? Running vp mod pack and an more than capable pc
  6. Use 84 percent prop pitch and 72percent throttle fir max cruise
  7. I’ve had a few close ones in the p51 she’s a wild one when your throwing her about lol
  8. Behave bud itl get fixed always does they will be working on it
  9. Alonzo could we get Futher back airfields where possible so bombers can be able to climb without turning in circles please.
  10. The Airfields are two close together!!!!!!!
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