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  1. No, not yet. Trouble is, we do get to fly mission where this never happens. And when it does happen, it is not to all planes, maybe to just a couple out of 80 some odd ai planes. So if I make edits, and every thing runs fine, there would be no reason to jump to the conclusion the edits actually worked... Curious, do other pilots see the same thing when they fly,,,either SP or MP?
  2. This is a better example of what I mean. In this video, plane is near the ground, there are plenty of instances where plane is a lot higher, just flying straight after getting shoot, then POOF..it's gone...
  3. Have always left this checked for AI planes, but lately have been seeing a lot of AI planes vanishing in the air after getting killed. Exactly what would the result be of un-checking this box. Do they stay in the mission indefinitely?
  4. could very well be things have change, but afaik camera point stopped working long time ago, when they did an update for ROF. It was great for making an "intro" to a scripted mission. Take pilots on a virtual tour of the elements inside the mission. But have to remember something about these triggers...if a pilot is in the middle of an engagement, and a camera of this sort is triggered in the mission, then all of a sudden they are in a camera view, and have to take the time to hit the right keys to get them back to cockpit view....by the time they do all this,,,they could be dead.
  5. ok, guess my understanding of check zones was a bit off....
  6. good info there. I have 4 devices, and when they all get mixed up in responses it is a pain in the ass to get things back right. Next time it happens, will try editing the devices.txt vs editing current_actions and see if it works.
  7. Pat, almost hesitant to ask, cause I know you have ways of making things work that when looking at them, they just shouldn't The check zones for Ground Attack flights that trigger the command attack areas: the coalitions in the advance properties are all set to false. Now I know I have watched Il2's shoot rockets at ground objects, but for the life of me can not figure out why they are doing this....
  8. I know what sometimes works for some will not work for others, but I have never been able to open up the Prokhorovka map in ME. It would sit forever, then just kick me to the desktop. I change my resolution down from 2560 x 1600 to 1920 x 1200, and was able to open the Prokhorovka map for the first time. Opened up a Rheinland map in ME that usually I have to edit with very soft hands, and moved around and zoomed in and out like crazy and I could not make it crash. It was also a ton more responsive....at the higher resolution I would move the mouse, and the map would not respond for a sec or two (then usually crash) So might be worth someones time to try ME at lower resolutions.
  9. I got one of those 4gb (that turned out to be really 3.5gb) GTX 970's amazingly, this actually worked, and it does not change my desktop resolution, just ME. Am going to have to go back to some of my Rheinland maps, and see if i can zoom in and move stuff around more without having ME crash.
  10. hmm.,.,.bummer... ok, it is a resolution thing.. fact I am on a 4k tv vs monitor might have something to do with it, but all other maps have loaded fine so far. if i try to load Prokhorovka at 2560 x 1600 it crashes, if I drop my ME resolution down to 1920 x 1200 it loads.....
  11. Do I have to own TC in order to use this map in ME? Every time I try, it loads half way, then just closes, and I am back on my desktop.
  12. I finally guessed right. def test(sortie): return sortie.profile_id == 1 and sortie.tour_id == 3
  13. https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/42977-airfield-textures-not-loading/ feb 21 post. Like I said, I know pilots have reservations about fiddling with files, but believe renaming those surface and surfacttex files will resolve your problem. The game will generate new ones.
  14. Would like to think I pay attention when I am in ME, but just noticed these new buttons. They do not appear on a screenshot of ME I took on nov 18th. Doubt they have an use to normal users, but you can never tell.
  15. Vaal, is there a syntax for a reward based on: the pilots id AND the tour id, or the tour start date and tour end date.
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