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  1. I don't know what you people over there use to check your internet speeds (we have speedtest.net here)...but if you can post your upload/download speeds, it would help answer your question. Your system sounds fine.... You do not need to run a dserver, you can host thru your gui, but if you think you might want to host thru a dserver, you need to do this: (from Dev team, not me) Create a DServer Account Before you can obtain and run a DServer, you must create a DServer account. The account allows you to download and use a free, limited version of IL-2 Sturmovik that includes the DServer software. This procedure shows you how to obtain the DServer account from 1C Game Studios customer service. Do the following: 1. Log in to your IL-2 Sturmovik account (the one that you purchased, not another DServer account) at http://il2sturmovik.com. 2. Click the "Support" link and then click "I have not found a solution in the FAQ". A "Contacting Customer Support" page appears. 3. Choose subject "Other (please specify)". 4. Under "Enter a subject", type "Dserver please" 5. Under "Describe the problem", type the following: "Please, provide me with a special account that I would like to use to host a dedicated server. I know that such account would not let me play the game and that it doesn’t have planes on it, and I acknowledge that such account is the property of 1C Game Studios." 6. Click "Send" to submit the request. Once you get your Dserver key, log back into Il2 with the new account you created. Click on the profile link click on license key link enter the license key you received.
  2. yeah, it's an un-needed carry over from ROF ME. In ROF, we did not have the same map view option we have in BoX (red circle). In this view we can easily see roads and RR lines. In ROF, we would have to use the method you indicated to find RR tracks and roads that would support an "on road" formation
  3. I just strongly feel it should be an option. If someone wants to run a full real, no icons, no spectate server, then they should be able to check their map without seeing there are 3 enemy planes in the vicinity of an airfield 100km away. Basically, it makes it impossible to run a full real server, unless of course there are no airfields on it......
  4. Trying to fly an online Campaign. We are 123 km out from enemy location, (rtb in grid 0730 kuban map) and all we have to do is look at the map to see enemy is attacking one of our airfields. (grid 1929) Why do you think this is limited to 5 minutes flight time??? We have had the ability to place "spotters" on the map with limited range for a while now. Second request...this really has to be made an option. No way can we fly full real with this setting.
  5. curious....did you happen to notice that if there was a friendly Ai in the area with you, the enemy bots would completely ignore you and only go after the bot planes...almost as if you were not even there?
  6. big problem with the FC planes with the "on killed" then "respawn" Apparently you can "kill" them several times before they are actually dead, resulting in multiple re-spawns. What I tried was removing the "on killed" and replacing it with "on critically damaged", and that would trigger a 2 minute timer that would trigger the respawn the plane (give the plane time to actually crash) I also put in a "on bingo fuel" linked to a "command damage>complete" for each plane just to make sure planes that landed re spawned another plane. https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/52709-spawn-issues-in-fc-and-box/
  7. just guessing here, but try starting your game from the il2.exe and not launcher.exe If i start my game from launcher now, I loose my TS3 overlay, and my Voice Attack in game commands fail to work...so who knows...it might help you too.
  8. well...yeah...but that is a full 2 mins and 10 seconds later...... I know it does not sound like much...but when you are trying to test out missions it really becomes annoying....
  9. Even if you could...you would have to transfer your map along with the mission.
  10. if it were a port issue..it would not connect the second time around (imho) Have tried so many things that did not seem to work am not sure if last thing I did fixed the issue (so far at least) have been comparing my startup.cfg on my server with my game install. This section (plus a few others) did not look right [KEY = network] available_ip = "[object Object]" client_download_traflimit = 10240 client_ip = "" client_upload_traflimit = 10240 downloader_port = 28100 server_download_traflimit = 0 server_upload_traflimit = 0 tcp_port = 28000 udp_port = 28000 Changed that line to this: available_ip = "" and am back to my mini-long delay in my game starting, but at least it does start, and am not getting the "connection to...." message. edit...well...that did not last long...game changes it back to object object.........
  11. Thank you......would never have figured this out....spent hours messing around with the airfield properties trying to get this going...
  12. We tried this (rearm/refuel) other day and could not get it to work. Don't think we were holding the key down for any of the controls...might have made a difference. What is the difference between "return planes" in the airfield advance properties and "renewable" in the advance properties of planes that are included in the airfield? (other then the time you can set in renewable) If a particular planes is limited to 3, and all we have checked is "return planes", and a pilot lands within the maintenance radius, when they finish flight, will there still be 3 planes to chose from? And, if this is to work, are these the boxes I want checked in the airfield advance properties? There was a post that said if you are going to use rearm/refuel, then "renewable" should not be checked (plane settings dialogue)
  13. whew..this one drove me nuts...some times it worked, sometimes it didn't...just did not make sense. sorry, bad info..naming planes does not make a difference. I was using the default 1000m maintenance radius. Jim's manual says this is the area where you have to "stop" (as opposed to land" So it appears I was taxing just a tad too far after a successful landing before I shut off my engine, and opened my canopy, and hence I would loose the plane. I expanded the radius to 1500m, and have not lost a plane yet. I did land, and purposely taxied off to the tree line, and lost the plane. But agree with Wood, and have to think this is all WIP stuff. We still have to finish mission, and that is going to give us a fresh plane with ammo/fuel...so nothing is really gained OTHER then the fact now we are not limited to just one maintenance radius...we can land at other fields and keep our planes.
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