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  1. in all my testing, if I had a loadout of c47a_6 AND c47a_cargo, there was a very good chance the plane at some point would just nose dive into the ground the c47a_14 dropped fine every time. the c47a_6 pods dropped 75% of the time.
  2. are you getting the same error in event viewer? A lot of posts i've seen indicate it's a nvidia issue and not game related.
  3. to say editor has become a pain in the ass would be an understatement. did notice I had this in event viewer every time it crashes. This stuff has always been greek to me, but anyone have any idea if it gives an indication of exactly why ME crashes constantly for no apparent reason? And if maybe there is a fix for it all?
  4. Sad news indeed. Squad had a lot of fun flying NFF.
  5. If you want the scenario where an Aerostat will shoot a flare when an enemy plane approaches, try this. Link a command behavior set to damage>minor at mission begin to the aerostat, then add your logic for having the balloon shoot a flare. For whatever reason, this seems to work better than linking the command damage from the complex trigger that you will use to spot an enemy plane coming in. If you have the balloon shooting one flare in this manner, you get nothing, If you have the balloon shooting a flare, and then 2 seconds later shooting another flare, you will get the second flare, but not the first.
  6. Old mission from Wings of Liberty. If anyone might have the .mission file, squad used to have fun flying it.
  7. I have it from good authority that the values you can use are 1, 2 and 3. If you use anything above 3 it will default to 3. Not sure if others have gotten .5 to work, but when I tried the mission bombed.
  8. if you do not have the .mission file then you are out of luck. If you have the .mission and the .msnbin file for the mission, delete the .msnbin file.
  9. this might work for you with the bridge in question visible in ME objects filter > groups only then look for Group MCU's around the bridge, select them and set them to working. Am thinking your bridges might be in a group.
  10. I noticed the same thing on one of the newer maps. I could be wrong, but I assumed the bridges were part of the actual landscape, and not objects. Do remember they were short spans with very short up/down ramps. These ramps do not show as available objects in ME under Bridges. "
  11. Could be it was just the vehicle I used. Mission we flew last nite used the gmc-cckk-fuel, and it work perfectly. I know that does not make a lot of sense, but there were around 8 of us, and none of us could get repair to work. fwiw, (seems like this info is not commonly known) there are 3 options for repair/refuel time. 1 or 2 or 3, with one being the slowest. anything over 3 and it will default to 3... Also, trying to use .5 as a time for re-fuel caused my mission to crash. Going to assume if i tried 1.5 or 2.5 the same thing would have happened
  12. i was in a bf109_f4, others were flying the g-2 and the 190a3 and a5. Planes would rearm/refuel, they would not completely repair. at least not in the 5 or so minutes we were will to wait...
  13. Velikie_luki summer map. Have a repair/rearm/refuel airfield north of home base. Pilots landing with damaged planes would sit for 5 mins, and not all repairs would be completed. Eventually we all gave up on trying to get repairs done, and just re-spawned at home base. The ones I remember are bent props, and oil on canopy. Another thing I noticed, is after landing and stopping, I would hit "E". My engine would stop, but my gear and landing lights would still be on, indicating I still had power. There is no key that I know of to turn off power. Am wondering if repairs can be completed when a planes has it's engine off, but still has power. This is how it is set up, which I believe is the accepted way. Not that it should make a difference, but everything that shows up there is in a group.
  14. Am curious...does making that number .5 have an effect? I am still clueless on exactly what those numbers do, what happens if you increase/decrease them, or what the consensus is on what they should be....
  15. Type of improvement: Skins Management Explanation of proposal: In addition to the "Custom" and "Official" selections in picking a skin for a plane, we would also have an option (ie tab) for "Favorites" Pilots could put the skins they use the most for that plane in that catagory. Benefit: The number of skins for one plane can easily go over 100 skins. Pilots could accumulate skins for other pilots, but they would not have to scroll thru all those skins to find the skins they want to fly with. We can not rename skins so the show up in the top of the list, because now that skin will not show up to other pilots.
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