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  1. if there are neutral objects at the field, some will show up as enemy vehicles. Most common are windsocks/landing tee's/flags. I hate the blinking dagger.....wish I could drum up more support for getting the devs to make it an option.
  2. Was considering using Vanders EMB for FC, then remember seeing this activity a while back ago, and was wondering how others are dealing with it. If I am in the air with a friendly ai near me, enemy ai pay absolutely not attention to me. No matter what I do, the enemy ai will not turn to engage me, or attempt to fire on me. If I assist the enemy ai in killing all the friendly ai, once the last one is down, then the enemy ai will shoot at me, but not until all the other friendly ai are gone.
  3. just curious....flew a mission, and was not getting kill notifications on M1A1 90 mm Gun, but would get the kill notification on the searchlight next to it. Kill on M1A1 90 mm Gun shows up in Vaal's stats, but not the in game stats. all are linked entities, and have a nationality Anyone have an idea of why?
  4. you could very well be right on the ttree. I have never had to delete it. I know mtree clears up issues with MP mission, so maybe the "m" stands for missions (sp/mp dogfight/coop)
  5. Not necessary. This is not a mod. A mod is something that changes something that is already in the game. These files are not in the game (yet) which is great, because that means they work in mods on, or mods off....
  6. look at the "season" in mission properties. I have had couple arras maps end up in winter. Cities are all white, skid marks when landing are white...etc change it to summer.
  7. if your mission tree is not collapsed, it will take longer. But agree, it seems to be taking longer after you place an object before you get the map back again.
  8. this worked in ROF, not really sure if it works in BoX set you plane to land, but have a row of trucks, or something laid out so you can see the exact spot the plane will touch down. now put a complex trigger or checkzone down, making it a sphere, not cone of about 30m, and set it to "on entered" for the plane to a "force complete" right before the spot the plane will touch down. If it works, the plane will come in for the landing, but right before it touches down it will get the force complete, but will still complete the landing, and sit on the runway with the engine running. We did not have taxi points in ROF. But am wondering if you put taxi points on the airfield, and put that force complete somewhere in line with the taxi path if it will do the same thing.....,
  9. hopefully, this will get fixed in the next update, but as of now, balloons in FC do not shot visible flares. in data/luascripts/worldobjects, create a folder called balloons, and put the contents of the attached file inside. In mods on, you should get balloons shooting flares, with the proper logic of course...... http://bhah.homeip.net:192/inbox/Forum Posts/balloons.rar
  10. balloons will shoot flares if the corresponding luascripts\worldobjects\balloons .txt file is changed from this: [attach=2] position= -5.451, 3.241, 1.273 rotation= 60, 0, 0 object = "LuaScripts/WorldObjects/FlareGun.txt" to this: [attach=2] position= -5.451, 3.241, 1.273 rotation= -45, 0, 0 object = "LuaScripts/WorldObjects/FlareGun.txt" this is a screenshot (mods on) with the above edit
  11. mtree = multiplayer mission ctree = campaign mission ttree = training missions just as all three are temp file in the sense that if you delete them, the game rebuilds them when you restart, the surface and surfaceTex file are the same. I understand why a pilot might be reluctant to delete files, but it's pretty simple, if you do not have airfield textures in ME, the first thing I would do is delete surface and surfaceTex for that map. Am pretty sure your airfields will come back. At any rate, it will not harm anything.
  12. not sure. biggest one in stock previews is for Trigger CheckZone. It is 41.4KB and 150X150 pixels. Am pretty sure (but could be wrong) the preview has to be 150X150 or less.
  13. Credit to GSHWK_Houndstone_Hawk for doing the original pdf's. I took his pics and resized for ME. Extract to data/gui/previews, and if you want to keep stock pictures, just say no to overwrite existing, but his color pics are a lot better than most the stock ones. Will still not give you all the previews, but does fill in quite a few gaps. http://bhah.homeip.net:192/BoS/Previews/Batched.rar
  14. lol,,.,,yeah,,,was just using that as an a example...
  15. while I am building a mission, I put down a bunch of groups with objects I know I am going to want to t/l to later, So they are easy to identify and find in the list box, I name them z1, z2 etc Then I just sort the list box twice by name, and my objects are there at the top of the list. Last couple of mission, the list box is only showing a fraction of the possible objects that can be t/l'd to. Almost like now there is a limit to the number of entries that can be displayed in a list box. in the pic, the mission tree goes up to 9538, and there are a ton of things I could be linking that complex trigger to in the last group "ai fighters". But when I bring up the list box, and sort by ID number, it stops at 2459.....nothing more after that. This new, or is there something I can do to stop it from happening.
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