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  1. thanks...have the right version....guess it is a refresh problem...thanks for the quick reply .
  2. I have updated to 1.2.32 twice,,,and it is still showing up as 1.2.31.. I used to know what file to look at to tell the version..
  3. Can not answer your question about altitude, but the distance between the waypoint that is going to trigger the command attack (set at attack ground, not ground objects) is a big factor. It could be this distance is different for a PE2 vs an A20, but i use this as a rule of thumb: The magic number for the distance between the last waypoint and the command attack area that waypoint is going to trigger for the bomber is around 1900m. Anything less than that (give or take), and the bomber is going to veer off right as it gets to the attack area, and position itself for another run. If you make that distance more then 2300m, I believe you will find the bombers will just continue in a straight line and do their drop.
  4. I finally made a shorcut for the editor reset on my desktop. Incredibly annoying when it happens.
  5. but, that still just gives you one formation. If after the formation gets killed, or a linked convoy gets destroyed, you can not have it respawn.
  6. There is an option here. Might not be as good as what we had in ROF, but at least it is something. In scripts.gtp, there are 2 files that can be used. I tried the dummygroundexplosion in worldobjects/mapemitters, and the one in worldobjects, and got an error, could not load file (bummer...) Place an effect and the associated logic in your mission. If at all possible, do not use an effect that is already in the mission because you will have to find it by editing your mission file in notepad. Assuming you are using landfire.txt, open your mission in notepad, and do a find and replace for landfire.txt with ammoexplosion_big.txt or ammoexplosion.txt Delete the msnbin file, and reopen in ME and save again. Granted, it is not so much a bomb going off, as it is something exploding, but it is better than nothing. I have been testing visual's from a close distance. Might look more realistic if it is farther away. Sample single player mission: http://bhah.homeip.net:192/Old Fokkers/Misssions/lapino test map3.rar
  7. just a note, if you use a land canvas, give it a nationality (preferably the same as the airfield you are placing it on). If you leave it neutral, the base will always show up as being under attack.
  8. whew,,,what a pain... If the active is in any way in use, approaching planes will do a fly around till the active is open. So forget about trying to get planes to land in a formation. My spawn point for the MP airfield had the planes just a tad to close to the active. Sometimes the approaching AI would consider it open, sometimes it would not and go around and around......
  9. not really sure what you are using there...Train objects? apologies if you are already using the land canvas, but that is the best bet for marking airfields. Planes can taxi over them without damage.
  10. nope, missed that Jim...(but did look the manual) Have been trying all this with a formation, will try it again with single planes, and see if it works on a regular basis. Can always make it 3 planes with individual waypoints and land commands..
  11. This was just eye candy for a MP mission. Have a flight of 3 AI 2km out at begin of mission. They would pass over field, hit their waypoint, which would trigger a land, and then the field had some taxi points, so was hoping after they landed, they would taxi off the runway to the hangers. I MIGHT be able to get the lead to land, but most of the time, they turn their lights on. put the gear down, and then on approach, change their mind. When the lead does land, the wing always change their mind, and take off heading for god knows where. Is there any way to get AI that are Air start, to follow the land and taxi points on an airfield? I did try putting the park/taxi/takeoff vpp on another field, and did not seem to help any.
  12. Is there a parser out there that works? I got cocunut's , and do not have the faintest clue what to do with it. Think I have tried all the others. Seems like they us to work, but with the new log files and such, do not anymore. An not looking for much, basically just being able to tell which blocks in a mission got destroyed. If my target is made up of 10 blocks, they are each named. I can see in a log entry where I block I know I destroyed is shown as destroyed, but want something better than using find in notepad. Is there a guide to deciphering a log entry? And, is there a tool for merging all the log files into one log file, or would that be counter productive.
  13. broke down and did up a bridge example. https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/47135-metal-bridge-building/?tab=comments#comment-764754 now this isn't to say you can stick a bridge anywhere. helps to have a road on both sides of the river....
  14. While back ago, I tried to make a metal bridge. Could not for the life of me figure out how the pieces went together. Ended up just using wood bridge pieces. Put together this for my own use, and it might help someone out trying to build metal bridges. All these are using the Road bridge sections, but the Rail bridge sections work the same. Made sure I named all the blocks to reflect what you see in Mission Editor. Open to objective observations. I very well might have something wrong here. Hell, I've had to edit it a dozen times already. Will start at the center of the bridges. There are 4 bridge sections that have a high support columns. All 4 of these can be attached to each other if necessary. In some instances it looks fine, in some instances it may not look so well. There are only 4 sections that can attach to these "Center" spans. The "rgt" and "lft" is confusing. It really should have been north/south. When you place a bridge section, orientaion is 0. If you want to attach another bridge section to the one you just place to the north side, you have to use a "rgt" section. So just remeber rgt is north, lft is south. Gets confusing when you start changing the orientation of the center spans. If the bridge is at the point where it has to attach to a ramp, the section that should be used are the rd_start_up_rgt/lft. As far as I can tell, the ONLY place you can use the rd_start_up_rgt/lft is when you are attaching the bridge to a ramp, or a rd_ramphi section. Same goes for the rd_start_dn_rgt/lft Can't say I ever figured out exactly what the "up" and "dn" meant. If you try to put a north section to the south side, it will just not line up correctly This is what you end up when correct sections are attached. From here on, it is important to pay attention to both the height of the support column on the section to be placed, and if it does, or does not have support columns at both ends of the section. If it does not have support columns at both ends, it is a sections designed to be attached to the ramp or ramp section of the bridge. If you are not using any of the 4 center spans in pic one, the spans to use are the br_rd_dngrid. The sections that attach to br_rd_dngrid when they come to an end would be rd start dn lft/rgt. br_rd_dngrid are also sections you can optionally use once you have come off a center span with br_rd_updn_rgt/lft. Some sections of the low bridge put together. Now we have to get the bridge down to the ground. I can only see 2 usable objects to do this. They are rd_ramp_up and rd_ramp_dn. I can not figure out what rd_rampmed_up/dn are for. The sections that attach to the ramps, (if you need them, they do not have to be used) are the rd_ramphi_up and rd_ramphi_dn. I can see no reason not to attach the ramphi_dn section to the ramp_up section, but just in case, i have been keeping the up parts together when building bridges. These 2 pieces slide together, so this is one place where you can adjust the span of your bridge to fit wherever you are placing it. Now the bridge has to be attached to the ramp, or the ramp section if used. If the bridge ends with a HIGH column, you have to use br_rd_start_up_rgt/lft to attach to the ramp, or ramp section. If the bridge ends with a LOW column, you have to use br_rd_start_dn_rgt/lft to attach to the ramp, or ramp section. Some finished bridges.
  15. Quite often, the devs will have something under development, and it sneaks its way into a release. Am pretty sure that is what this suspension bridge is. I didn't even know it existed till you put up the pic. was surprised you could drive on it. Bridges are a pita. Would be great if someone would do up a summary of all the pieces we have, and what fits with what. If I am stuck on a bridge, I sometimes make sure I know where I am on the map, then do a quick mission on the same map, and see if there is already a bridge there, and then look at the .gen misison quick mission built to see how it was made. In your case, you are going to need a rampup bridge section, then figure out (trial and error for me), what section lines up next, and then figure out what spans to use. Like i said, pita.
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