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  1. Look at this post. https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/42321-cannot-get-server-to-work/?tab=comments#comment-719369 never hear of the -t oprion on resaver. Can you elaborate?
  2. WWSitttingDuck

    Village Lights

    I'll get everything I used together for you to test. Only problem I see is in a Multi player mission, the user is downloading from the server, and additional files that are needed can put in their proper directories. In a single player mission, the user is just downloading the mission files, and they go into the missions folder. I think something like this can work if all the effects files are inside the mission folder, but would be something that needed to be tested. I think your best bet would be to try and get the dev's to take the ROF effects files that already exist, and include them in a BoX update. Have them include the village lights too!
  3. If all you are getting when you join a server is the mission and a list file, then that is the fault of the person putting up the server. They must be deleting the language entries from the list file. Hopefully they are leaving at least one. List file should look like this. filename="missions/lapino test map.eng","6e8e9fcc" filename="missions/lapino test map.fra","c107c163" filename="missions/lapino test map.ger","d7aee874" filename="missions/lapino test map.pol","912de283" filename="missions/lapino test map.rus","a458afb2" filename="missions/lapino test map.spa","6300185c" If you want to use sub directories, you can, but they must be under the data folder, and for the sake of others joining, should be under multiplayer/dogfight or multiplayer/coop. so you would end up with this for a list file: filename="multiplayer/dogfight/alonzo/lapino test map.eng","6e8e9fcc" filename="multiplayer/dogfight/alonzo/lapino test map.fra","3253eaed" filename="multiplayer/dogfight/alonzo/lapino test map.ger","24fac3fa" filename="multiplayer/dogfight/alonzo/lapino test map.pol","6279c90d" filename="multiplayer/dogfight/alonzo/lapino test map.rus","570c843c" filename="multiplayer/dogfight/alonzo/lapino test map.spa","905433d2" BUT... the folder dogfight/alonzo does not exist on users joining computers, so it needs to be created when they join. In order for this to happen, you have to replace all the /alonzo with \alonzo, otherwise they will end up with file transfer errors. Have always thought it would be great if everybody's missions where in their own folder, but there are complications involved.
  4. Can I specify a reward based on if a pilot is in a fighter vs a bomber? In other words, if I am giving a figher an award for getting 5 ground kills, I do not want to give a bomber the same award. I went thru the models.py, and could not find anything that stuck out. But am curious, what are these? (figher air kills would be a guess) fak_total = models.IntegerField(default=0) fgk_total = models.IntegerField(default=0)
  5. Not sure if you wanted axis or allied, so grabbed both from PWCG. His missions do a great job of populating airfields. extract to your data/missions folder, and you should have 2 groups available in Mission Editor...German static and Russian Static. When you put them on your mission map, they should be groups, so you will have to select the group and "set group to working" in order to edit the objects. http://bhah.homeip.net:192/Group Files/Static Groups.rar
  6. WWSitttingDuck

    Cannot get server to work.

    hmm,,,that's interesting. I did not have use ip in my mp settings until I edited that line in startup.cfg, all that was there was available ip, and it could not be changed. Even thou I changed my startup.cfg back, I still have a use ip box in mp settings. It is blank, but I can edit the box.
  7. WWSitttingDuck

    Cannot get server to work.

    Jim, if someone were to go into their startup.cfg, and under network settings edit to something like this: [KEY = network] available_ip = "[object Object]" client_download_traflimit = 10240 client_ip = "" client_upload_traflimit = 10240 downloader_port = 28100 server_download_traflimit = 0 server_upload_traflimit = 0 tcp_port = 28000 udp_port = 28000 then they will end up with use ip and available ip. I did not mess with the "object Object" part, but am curious as to what it does.... the line should read client_ip = ""
  8. WWSitttingDuck

    Cannot get server to work.

    if you would put up the mission and leave it up, I could try and join and see what happens. just a few guesses: are you limiting players with high pings, are you only allowing 2 players to join....things like that...
  9. WWSitttingDuck

    Village Lights

    I get this unusual "Flash" of light around the ground where the effect was placed. This is all before the explosion is triggered. Do you get the same thing? and if so, how did you get around it.?
  10. what is in the list file on the server... should look something like this.. filename="multiplayer/dogfight/dogfight practice mission.eng","061417f2" filename="multiplayer/dogfight/dogfight practice mission.fra","e345044f" filename="multiplayer/dogfight/dogfight practice mission.ger","1bffb965" filename="multiplayer/dogfight/dogfight practice mission.pol","9ca9fd52" filename="multiplayer/dogfight/dogfight practice mission.rus","341aba79" filename="multiplayer/dogfight/dogfight practice mission.spa","9b5c699f" If it is empty, that is why the eng file is not getting transferred. From my experience, mostly likely reason for an empty list file is running the game and ME at the same time. If so, you have to close both, and open ME one more time and resave the mission to generate a list file.
  11. vaal...saw the base.html, but have no clue how to edit that, so will leave it alone. well mike...you know more then me..... I am doing this the only way I knew how...with a dos command... :begin delete banner 1 copy jpg1 banner 1 pause 360 delete banner 1 copy jpg2 banner 1 etc ect ect
  12. Vaal, is there any way I can edit the html of my stats page to include this: I have a rotating banner, but as it is now, Edge seems to be the only browser that updates the page. I can not get Chrome to not use the cache, and have to hit F5 to refresh the page. <meta http-equiv="cache-control" content="max-age=0" /> <meta http-equiv="cache-control" content="no-store" /> <meta http-equiv="expires" content="-1" /> <meta http-equiv="expires" content="Tue, 01 Jan 1980 1:00:00 GMT" /> <meta http-equiv="pragma" content="no-cache" /> HE-CONTROL” content=”NO-CACHE”>
  13. The outlay of the airfields are not all the same. So a template (or better defined as a group) for Durgino would not work at Ventsy, without having to edit the objects. I am assuming you mean static planes around the field. Or do you mean planes for either a coop or dogfight mission?
  14. WWSitttingDuck

    Ships in Kuban

    Ok, kudo's to [TWB]Sketch... I have never paid attention to the distance between an object in it's waypoint. Never thought I had to, and do not believe I have to if it is a Plane Object, but appears if it is a ship, you do. Did not spend the time to pin down an exact distance, but think its safe to say anything over 25k meters from waypoint to ship object is going to cause you issues. If it it the initial waypoint, the ship(s) will just go backwards and forwards. If it is a subsequent waypoint, the ship(s) will stop, then start going backwards, then forward. Didn't make any difference if it was a destroyer, or 2 link destroyers, and got the same thing with torpedo boats. As Thad said: