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  1. Finished editing the latest project. Motoadve was kind enough to allow me to be apart of a flight in his CJ6. This is a record of that day, we did some stalls, wing overs, and got pretty close to the mountains. Check it out!
  2. Why the attitude @Gambit21 really unnecessary when the guy is trying to help make the game better and he's giving a real example as he is a pilot himself. You should show a little more respect for someone as a tester. Your a representative of the sim. You of all people should appreciate this matter as he is trying to help. Also, English isn't his first language so he is communicating as he knows how, direct and to the point. Don't assume he's trying to be an ass. Motoadve has all valid points, just wish some of you can listen to constructive criticism isn't of defensive actions. Clouds if at all possible should be reworked if its not already on the to do list. He was kind enough to use an example from his own flying footage to use as a perfect real of example to go from. Great work, hope to devs put this into work.
  3. I was fortunate enough to take part in helping complete my friends annual on his CJ-6 Nanchang. Which is basically a Chinese copy of a Russian Yak-52 trainer. It was quite the experience. Stay tuned! Next video is our first test flight! CJ-6 Nanchang Owner's Website: http://www.backcountry182.com His Youtube Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEy4on05jWQG3aNN5USqChQ
  4. Looks great. You should stick a $50 price tag on it and start selling! Learn from the best!
  5. A couple weeks ago my good friend and went flying in his Cessna 182 that is heavily modified for flying in the backcountry/bush. We had a blast doing gravel bar landings! Those are always fun! Thought others may enjoy this as well! Gravel Bar Landings! A Backcountry182 Adventure! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WMp92E4mV7s Here is his personal website: http://www.backcountry182.com Here is his youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEy4on05jWQG3aNN5USqChQ?view_as=public He's a really awesome guy and an even better pilot. Thank you for taking the time to check this out!
  6. Unfortunately this has been the general attitude of a lot of the "BoX Old Timers". I will admit most of the people who posted have been fairly pleasant which was a surprise to me to be honest but it was only a matter of time until people started posting childish stuff in response to a legit question and concern. For those who have posted helpful ideas I really appreciate you guys. I will try the tips and tricks suggested. For those who have a consistent childish attitude, your the reason this sim genre stays as small as it does. Its totally unnecessary.
  7. Why wouldn't the development team actually step up and address this? This is what I'm talking about with the team. This is a very simple, valid question that has been a problem with the game for a long time. Thats funny, I'm pretty sure you could go back and see the second post I wrote that clearly said "I understand its only been a day and thats why I haven't heard anything as of yet". People like you are the type that give a bad rap to the game. Stop being so defensive and ready to jump on someone. My god, all I did was ask a few questions about something that has been a problem for a long long time and spoke about it directly to the developers. You really don't need to respond to me that way. Every single time, and I mean every time someone posts some concerns about this game someone like you jumps up to defend like a guy defending his girlfriends honor at all costs. Its unnecessary. Discussions are okay.
  8. Guys, Thanks for the civil discussion that has taken place (so far). Thank you for your suggestions and will try said techniques. I still have not seen anything from the developers (The post is only a day old so that is understandable). All I see is mainly tester and founders posting about this issue (some of which is purely conjecture). While I appreciate your attempts, I want to hear from the developers own words. I've been flying simulators since 1993. I'm not new to the scene. Not a single simulator has ever been even remotely close to as bad as this when it comes to spotting. Enraging is an understatement. You spend 90% of your time being so focused on your wingmen that spotting for contacts is almost pointless. With all due respect I shouldn't have to go out and buy a $600 144hz monitor in order to spot contacts, on top of the very high prices for this game. Devs? In your own words. What is the problem? Will you change anything? Are there plans? This would go a long for me in restoring my faith in the franchise if the developers can address this in a civilized manor. Please feel free to get as technical as you like with your explanation. This needs to be talked about and to be frank I'm surprised this hasn't been clearly discussed and addressed sooner. Thank you. In the mean time I will be trying out some of the techniques previously mentioned and report back.
  9. Devs, The spotting issue is just really, and I mean really bad. Someone can be half a click in front of you and completely disappear. Can we please get a civil explanation or discussion on this from the developers. Please, someone from the dev team, can this be addressed in some way. What is the problem? Why is it so bad? Is there any chance or hope of it being fixed? Is it even on the priority list? If someone has some sort of solution to this that somehow improves the situation drastically please inform me. I'd love to hear it. I've tried so many things, everything from disabling AA because I understand it basically blurs objects, especially at a distance, disabled FXAA, no bloom, no hdr, I'm on track ir so my resolution isn't a problem.
  10. Finally, can't wait for a development team who knows what they are doing to make the F4.
  11. A layer of tactical complexity? Seriously? For a basic timer script? With all due respect your giving way too much credit here. I can show you Combat Flight Simulator or Janes WW2 fighters that had much better engine management. When I say this sim is a glorified 1946 I'm not playing. Even 1946 had better aspects. But this game has come a long way. I'll admit that. But most of us have spent in excess of 100+ on this game, I myself closer to 200. And this is the best we get? [Edited] Please keep all insinuations of "Russian bias" off this forum.
  12. Devs, With the amount of DLC and money you have made off of the sim we should be getting something more than a glorified 1946. CEM is the exact same on 1946, in fact I'll argue that 1946 is better in some aspects. CLoD is a small fraction of this game and its got better engine management. I made a post a week ago about 109 engine temps being goofy. If you overheat your engine and eventually blow it due to overheating your temps should reflect that. I actually had some fan boys try to argue that point with me. Truly incredible. Things that need to be fixed 1.) Temp gauges in 109 need to read true 2.) HUD on should not cost 20fps for some players (BTW I'm using a 1060 6gb) 3.) View distance needs to be increased - Luftwaffe players are generally B&Z players which is accurate to history. But we have to extend and be gentle with the stick in order to achieve that, but with a small view distance its almost impossible to maintain correct SA. Stop worrying about graphical gimmicks. Stop catering to the crowd thats holding hands out saying "gimmie gimmie more planes, more maps, more gimmicks". That crowd won't stay around. I already know quite a few War Thunder type guys who jumped on the BoS bandwagon like crazy and have already quit and left the game. Cater to the simmers who have been around for 15+ years and we are saying we want REALISM. NOT GRAPHICAL GIMMICKS. My fuel pressure should read true at all times and fluctuate, my oil pressure should do the same and have there own individual effects. Engine Management should be MUCH more complex. Those are the kinds of improvements this sim needs. Side note. They are charging $10 for a campaign!? Are you serious? I am a VERY experienced mission/campaign maker and I can say that the mission editor in 1946 and in BoS is essentially the EXACT same. It is incredible easy to make missions, accurate true missions with all the ooo's and ahhh's. They want $10!? If any of you want a mission or campaign just message me, I'll make one for you FREE! This model of getting in our pockets as often as they are is the reason I have not purchased the G6 even though it was my favorite aircraft in 1946. I've already spent ~$200 on DLC and the game is still dealing with issue's from day one. (Rubberbanding, DM's that clearly favor one side) For those reasons I will not be supporting the devs until some serious changes in directions start happening. I still remember way back when the old dev team released a bad update that was behind schedule and not what they said it was. The community came on here to voice that opinion and one of the old team members came on and posted a VERY angry post calling his customers complainers and ungrateful. I was never able to get that bad taste out of my mouth even though management has changed since then. P.S. Due to the amount of fan boys on this forum I won't be coming back to check the post to reply. This is what I feel and this is what I needed to say. My only hope in posting this was that the devs might read my post and hopefully will start to realize the things that have been lacking. P.S.S. Also very aware that my use of the word "there" is completely incorrect on multiple occasions and honestly don't care. FYI These are the type of people your supporting. You give an opinion on the forums that goes against what they believe and you get censored. Yep. 2nd Post.
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