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  1. That has happened to me too, even when my gunner station has been locked so there was no other player at the gunner position.
  2. Actually the targets on the frontline have a multiplier to weigh more than face value.
  3. There will now be: 2/37 chance of overcast clouds (added two) 10/37 chance of heavy clouds (added two) 10/37 chance of medium clouds 9/37 chance of light clouds 6/37 chance of clear sky
  4. Thanks for pointing out. Will add it tomorrow. Edit: added now.
  5. The tank spawns have indestructible AAA as protection. Out of those, the heavy AAA is set to engage ground targets at a distance of 1000 m.
  6. Bf 109 G-6 Late added to planesets. Will be at rear fields in planeset 5, moved SpitIX to be in rear fields on that set too.
  7. This would need to be done so that the <s command returns "targets of opportunity" status too. Otherwise people will be puzzled as to why the frontline is moving when there's nothing in the status that says it should. That being said, we are pretty much at the maximum amount of objects in the mission, so if we'd put these targets of opportunity objects there, we'd need to take away targets from the front or artillery.
  8. Due to the possibility of exploit, Tacview recording is disabled on the server. We'll bring the recording possibility back, if the devs add some delay into the writing of the Tacview track. Edit: also:
  9. I was initially thinking about marking the tank spawns with a flag, but thought that might look too gamey. Also, no other target looks like the tank spawn, the empty tank covers and AAA placements should be quite distinguishable. Also had the thought about putting a respawn timer on the AAA, but wanted to see how it is before that. These would be quite simple changes, so maybe I’ll do it.
  10. That would be 32 to 40 AI(?) planes total in the mission. Bound to give you overload troubles if they all are flying at the same time.
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