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  1. Added the information to the stats info page. That 15 minutes delay would come into question only when the mission is about rotate due to the six hour duration running out, as we can't predict when the front&artillery of one side is destroyed enough to rotate the mission. In addition, once the mission rotation is triggered and the message about mission rotation is given, destroying the targets doesn't count anymore, as the system is generating the new mission. Yes I did think about them, and I know now what to do. We'll start doing airfield stuff in the near future, but first the station stuff needs to be done. Ok, so I'll be adding the free tanks and the Su-122. I also need to remember to do the P-38 bomb load thing.
  2. Apparently this has been fixed. Need to verify, and if it indeed is fixed, update the tank set. The system compares the "health" ratios of both sides in the sector to determine which side advances and how much on mission rotation. This health is calculated by getting the target object values in the sector (see http://stats.virtualpilots.fi:8000/en/info/ for the values). If the front and artillery of one side's both sectors are at 20% or lower (IIRC, @LLv34_Untamo correct if I'm wrong) a new mission is generated. There's no "bonus for destroying 100%" as such, other than the enemy sector's health being lower. In your team A and B example, team A will have destroyed more "health", so team A will advance. Well, we are bringing the stations to the Kuban map in the near future as LLv34_Flanker has finished making them. To have Stalingrad running, we need to do the stations for the Stalingrad map too.
  3. The airfield in question was too close to the conflict. The border that is drawn in the mission isn't 100% accurate.
  4. Does anyone have a list of ammunition limits for the different objects? If I have an AAA piece with Limit Ammo on, what's the total amount of rounds it can fire before running out of ammo?
  5. That's what I meant by "more durable". Blocks at least just become more durable, but can still be destroyed. I don't remember if bridges are be indestructible.
  6. Vaal is the dev who has implemented the stats system we use.
  7. I'm not thinking it as an attractive target, but it's more realistic that the AI has to take off from somewhere. Talk to Vaal Implementable, I've known about this, and actually was thinking about this recently. Requires at least that the pilot to be rescued won't takeoff until he's returned home safely. We can't control this kind of thing. Game issue.
  8. I think the blocks/bridges are more durable, when they don't have an entity. So you could try with a bridge that doesn't have an entity and bundle enough fake blocks together with a counter.
  9. Currently, the AI planes do not take off from anywhere. We could have the AI planes take off from the target airfields. Suppress the airfield -> no AI planes taking off.
  10. We can't help with issues such as this. Here's where you can report: More variety to targets, good idea. I'm not a fan of this idea. The way I see it, these airfields will be the first targets in the mission, which will lead to more vulching, and people tend not to like being vulched. In addition, after the field is closed people will not like being forced to take off from rear field.
  11. Adding more targets would bring the need to exchange some of the current targets with the added ones, because of dserver load. However, variety is good, and we might already need to do this with the stations (possibly exchanging a depot with a station).
  12. I made the planesets to rotate after two days. Train stations are in the pipeline. 11 station&industrial area targets are already made. I think coding side shouldn't be a big task, once the target groups are done. I'd like to have moving things too, but maybe later. For example, I'd like the dserver performance to improve before that.
  13. I did tweak a thing or two in the target sub-block list a couple of days ago. It may have had a positive effect on the destroyed% thing, but can't be sure.
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