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  1. LLv34_Temuri

    Bombers in MP

    At which point they should be back with worse energy state, so you can shoot them down or shoo them away again.
  2. The Finnish Virtual Pilots' Association shared a tent together with guys from DCS Finland demonstrating virtual flying at the Finnish Air Force 100th Anniversary Airshow. We had two setups running Il-2 Sturmovik Great Battles, where people could fly a gunnery practice mission in a Bf 109 G-2 and G-6, and the DCS guys had a VR setup with the Hornet. The attendance was great. We had the gunnery practice mission time limited to 5 minutes, and there was a constant queue of people young and old. I estimate there being a total of 400+ virtual flights during the airshow + whatever amount the Hornet guys had. All in all a very tiring and dusty, but a very rewarding weekend. I expect we'll see some new virtual pilots in the near future. Grendel took some pictures: https://www.facebook.com/groups/virtuaalilentajat/permalink/10156462395662930/
  3. LLv34_Temuri

    Suggestion For Team Fusion

    Don't hold your breath waiting for DCS WW2 stuff to be ready, ever
  4. LLv34_Temuri

    An attempt to revive old IL2 wars.

    For the special objectives, we would need to implement something to the background application, so that it would make sense as regards the overall situation in the ongoing war. Currently, you can think about the server as a sandbox for organized flying. Just plan some depot/factory strike or CAP flights ahead for both sides and go
  5. LLv34_Temuri

    New Computer and New Install

    Also take startup.cfg. It's in the data folder.
  6. LLv34_Temuri

    Suggestion For Team Fusion

    I beg to differ
  7. LLv34_Temuri

    FS Expo Post Mortem report

    It seems I will have to comb through HerrMurf's post history... 😁
  8. LLv34_Temuri

    Finnish VirtualPilots - Dynamic War

    Perhaps not the 110 E-2, but as Ju-88 is more effective than the He 111 H-6 (and 88 has the 1000 kg bombs), I'd keep it as award plane in the first planesets. I'd like to keep this simple, at least to begin with, so no award-tied payloads for now.
  9. LLv34_Temuri

    Different Mission Briefs?

    I guess the only way to have faction specific briefings is to add some text (icon: none) to the map itself, and have that text be visible only for one side.
  10. LLv34_Temuri

    Finnish VirtualPilots - Dynamic War

    The basic/award planes would go something like this:
  11. LLv34_Temuri

    Finnish VirtualPilots - Dynamic War

    F-4 is there basically for the reason that people who only have BoS can fly an axis fighter. Personally, I’d be happy to switch it with the G-2 or G-6 if you really think F-4 is better than them I was thinking about the award point system. Perhaps it would be appropriate to reset the award points to zero when the pilot dies or is captured (the background java app actually calculates the capture already, it’s just not used for anything) or at least deduct a point or two. The captured status would be in mismatch with Vaal’s stats system, though, but we could use the chat to let the player know if he was captured or not. Thoughts?
  12. LLv34_Temuri

    Finnish VirtualPilots - Dynamic War

    About rolling planesets and player hangars... We are planning to improve (because to change is to improve, right?) the current system so that there are two tiers of planes: "Basic" and "Award". "Basic" planes are available to a player on an airfield, as long as the player has planes on the airfield. A player needs to spend an award point to get an "Award" plane on an airfield. The player must have planes on the airfield in question, and using the "Award" plane will expend a plane from that field like currently. "Award" plane locations are tracked. Award points are divided into fighter and bomber/ground attacker points. Fighter award points are used to get "Award" fighters, bomber/GA award points are used to get "Award" bombers/GA aircraft. Award points are not tied to any airfield. A player gets these award points by obtaining airkills/groundkills and then landing on a friendly airfield on that sortie or by flying a supply plane and landing it on an airfield. Exact details on how many kills are needed to get an award point is yet to be decided, as is the maximum number of award points. Confused? Let's have an example: 1. A player has five planes on field A. He also has one fighter award point. Bf 109 F-4 has been defined as an "award" plane on the current planeset. He can spawn in on airfield A in any of the "basic" planes in the planeset or in an "award" plane. 2. The player spawns in on field A in a Bf 109 F-4 (which is an "award" plane). The player now has four planes on field A and he is sitting inside his Bf 109 F-4 hell bent on punishing the VVS. 3. The player flies his sortie and lands back on field A. The player now has four planes on field A plus his Bf 109 F-4. If he didn't get any airkills, he doesn't have any fighter award points, and if no groundkills -> no bomber/ground attacker points. "But I only have BoS, and in this planeset BoS planes are award planes, and I don't have fighter/bomber/GA award points! You're telling me I can't fly?" No worries! Fly a supply plane to an airfield, it will give you one fighter award point and one bomber/GA award point. Plan is to use the currently running planeset configuration as a basis for this. As a general guideline, I've been thinking that when a new plane is introduced, it will be an "award" plane for in the planeset it is introduced in and in the following planeset. Comments, questions, hopes in vain?
  13. LLv34_Temuri

    Finnish VirtualPilots - Dynamic War

    Adjusted already. Added the Yak.
  14. LLv34_Temuri

    Repainting aircraft in WW2

    "Just slap some paint over it" seems to have been the technique for repainting this lend lease Airacobra:
  15. LLv34_Temuri

    Finnish VirtualPilots - Dynamic War

    When you look at the Kuban map, you'll notice that the number of airfields is rather limited. So it's either somewhat cramped areas here and there or only a handful of airfields. Fair point. I'll adjust.