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  1. Bumped P39 down one planeset and extended La-5 s8 to planeset 12. Also moved the spawn on Plodovitoye to be next to the runway, removed a couple of free areas in the island next to Karpovka, and lowered the fire that was in the air on the Kolodezi airfield.
  2. New planesets are done. Fighters are worth 400, ground attack planes and bombers 300. Slower planes like Po-2 and Ju-87 are worth a bit less. Values are subject to be tuned. http://stats.virtualpilots.fi:8000/static/img/RPSObsoletingAllies.png http://stats.virtualpilots.fi:8000/static/img/RPSObsoletingAxis.png Effective on the main server after mission rotation, Loose Deuce has them effective rightaway (happened to catch the server when it was rotating mission).
  3. People would not understand why they can’t ”open” the other spawn.
  4. Lowered the durability values of all static objects by 5000 for those that had durability value 10000 or over. Effective next mission rotation.
  5. I haven't tested. Not without manual work. How far away has it been, not close enough to be in service radius (1000 m from the RRR truck)?
  6. Smokes are placed along the frontline to give you an idea where the battle is at. Note that the location where the front troops icon is is not the only place where there are targets. Look for targets along the blue/red lines running through the front troops icon. The automatic system will give harsher penalties for repeated offences. Custom skins are enabled. Yes. No. What is "team steeling"? Team killing? No that's not allowed. Can't be checking for this so can't really ban it. If you go down because of
  7. This should work: Transfer the files, including the .Mission file, to the dserver pc. Place them under the Multiplayer/whateverfoldernameyouuse folder on the dserver PC. Oen mission editor or resaver and resave the mission in the folder from the previous step. Remove/rename the .Mission file (I usually just add an underscore to the .Mission file name beginning). Add the msnbin file to the sds. Run server.
  8. Aaand, I changed all the RRR times to one minute, and the respawn time of the RRR truck to 30 minutes. Also, Mig-3 will be available up to planeset 5. Need to update the planeset picture some time in near future.
  9. New version of campaign app running on both servers. There will now be only one sector that has player tanks. When generating a mission, the campaign app checks if a sector has a town in a suitable location for a CP, and if such a sector is found, the tank spawns (three) are placed in that sector. So in short: the campaign app wants to give tank players towns to fight for.
  10. Yes. IIRC, there are four "tank position" objects in the tank spawn group. One for each type of "R" perhaps (Repair, Rearm, Refuel, and Reheal)? The service radius also needs to be shorter than on the temporary fields, maybe something like 500 m.
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