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  1. When the locking is on, you need to specify in the Available mods and Available payloads of the tank which ones are available. Do you mean that this doesn't work?
  2. We don’t have AI callouts or commands in SRS like Combat Box does. It’s an additional cool feature Alonzo has done on top of their SRS.
  3. You can get the numbers of the mods by just counting how many each tank has when selecting them in the game's (not the editor's) UI. Same thing for payloads. I can't remember now if tanks had that "empty" payload, but at least with planes, the empty payload is the highest number of the payloads. Note that mods start from number 1, whereas payloads start from 0. You then put those into the Available mods and Available payloads fields, if the server uses locking for them.
  4. Thank you for the report. I've also noticed that it's not possible to fire through the openings in the caponiers. It's on my TODO list to fix these.
  5. If you get the warnings via chat saying "teamkill detected", then it's for real. Otherwise not. Also: Had a bug in the way capturing was handled in game logs, which resulted logs from the mission that was running a moment ago to be garbage. Sorry about that. Should be fixed now.
  6. It's possible, but not going to do it. If there's a tank near a spawn, the spawn will give warning about the tank. In such case, don't spawn.
  7. Yes. Would make no sense to change a more limited planeset as frequently as the "all planes" planeset.
  8. I think at least the German side already has quite a bit of fighter flights at the expense of having enough depot bombing / ground pounding, so I'm hesitant to increase the reward for "pure fighters".
  9. I'm currently preparing the Moscow map. Can't say yet about the Rheinland map. The campaign system doesn't (at least yet) have support for changing it from Germany/USSR to something else based on the map that's running. The idea of a more historical campaign (in terms of planesets) has crossed my mind too, so maybe.
  10. Did you check the stats from both servers? http://stats.virtualpilots.fi:8000/en/sorties/17288/Charlo-VR/?tour=40 http://loose-deuce.org:8000/en/sorties/455/Charlo-VR/?tour=1
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