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  1. This crossed my mind too. Currently, there's a flat on/off control for AI gunners for tanks. I think it would be good to have a separate option for the AAA vehicles to allow AI take control of the gun, and the mission designers to be able to set the skill for the AI gunner. I admit that I'd rather not have had the Ferdinand and the SU-152 in the basic tank crew, and instead would've put these two AAA in. Anyway, bought them, and we'll put them into use on our server.
  2. @LeLv8_Archi said he needed to do a complete reinstall to get the new visibility working. Have you tried that?
  3. One thing I’ve been meaning to do for a while is to write a script that replaces object’s Model and Script values with selected ones, but as it’s just a find&replace operation that can be done with Notepad++ on certain type of files in certain folder (including subfolders), I haven’t done it. Our target groups are nowadays quite simple (java side is a lot more complex), but every now and then there might be a need for a tweak, in which case it needs to be propagated to all groups, and can be laborious.
  4. Good job with the visibility update! I don’t think there’s much to adjust anymore. Visibility is improved, but it’s still possible to lose sight too.
  5. Every destroyed plane affects the frontline move. It’s therefore advisable to check the spawn point to see if enemies are nearby before spawning.
  6. We don't use that NOICON thing. Edit: and isn't the NOICON thing supposed to control only if the icon is visible or not when the server sets icons on? Or does it also control whether the spawns show that there's an enemy tank?
  7. Wasn't able to attach the file, but sent the contents.
  8. Not really. We know that we are pushing the limits with the amount of stuff we have in the missions, so could it have something to do with that? SPS and Tick Delay are within acceptable limits.
  9. Any details? We could then troubleshoot it on our end. Edit: I remember Jason saying something about dropped UDP, so is it that? Edit 2: We run the association's TeamSpeak server on the same machine, and there doesn't seem to be any packet loss issues with it, so it most likely isn't the network connection of the server.
  10. There's no DC engine in any of the sets. So DB only. So if there's DC engine available, let me know. It also does affect the frontline move, so it's better to pick an airfield that doesn't show it's under attack and spawn there.
  11. Having these is stepping to the area where you start to alienate casual players. It's a 24/7 server anyway, so I think it's better to keep things leaning to the casual side. Proper online wars can then have the kind of mechanics you suggested. Some tweaks to planesets to get some balance for sets 1-4, and removed set 10. http://stats.virtualpilots.fi:8000/static/img/RPSObsoletingAllies.png http://stats.virtualpilots.fi:8000/static/img/RPSObsoletingAxis.png
  12. I think there's already enough possibilities for suppressing airfields.
  13. That being said, we are looking into making a kludge to reward supply missions.
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