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  1. Flanker's post pretty much sums it up. One thing I noticed instantly when trying out the Varjo headset was that I had no issues following enemy plane with forest in the background. I don't know if that's common to the VR experience, but that was really nice.
  2. Server connection problem resolved. New AI planes implementation is running on server. Added also Sochi airfield. Happy hunting!
  3. Like Untamo said. Ignore what the game says to you on top of the screen. You were captured and killed.
  4. So when you activate it, it'll continue from where it left off? Can you use the Modifier: Set Value MCU when it's disabled to set some value to the timer? Also, triggering the timer when it's counting will reset the timer. I think there are enough building blocks to work around, or have I understood "cancel" somehow differently than you?
  5. We'll quite likely have the new AI planes implementation running by tomorrow evening. 🤞 The AI will then take off from airfields and patrol between depots.
  6. The game also tells you points value on the top of the screen, and that points value has nothing to do with the campaign stuff we have. Yeah, no need to bail out, because you can't
  7. Our campaign system checks distances to friendly and enemy areas, and calculates the possibility of getting home safely based on the distances. You will get a chat message about this after you bail/ditch. Looking at the logs it shows you were captured by the enemy: 2020_01_23-03_20_24 - Player: LLv24_Rono ID: *snip* ended flight in coordinates Z: 266685.125 X: 256249.9375 2020_01_23-03_20_24 - resolveCapturingByCoordinates - Range to friendlies: 22984.585286499565 Range to enemies: 4554.593536956654 2020_01_23-03_20_24 - Chance to escape: 0.33077192069919853 Escape number: 3307 2020_01_23-03_20_24 - Rolled: 6398 Captured: true 2020_01_23-03_20_24 - Player: LLv24_Rono ID: *snip* ditched and was captured. 2020_01_23-03_20_24 - Player: LLv24_Rono ID: *snip* sortie #4 ended. 2020_01_23-03_20_26 - Sending command: chatmsg 3 2 You landed behind enemy lines and were captured (career ended). So try to nurse your plane as far to your own side of the border as possible
  8. I didn't mean delete. The objects would be separate instances. You shoot and kill one instance, and the other instance will keep on living. Doesn't the deactivate MCU handle this already?
  9. If you get killed, your virtual genitals will diminish in size?
  10. How good is the AI in routing itself around blocks? Say, if I put some dugouts etc. on its path, will the AI just collide with them?
  11. Check the "Groups Sharing Corner" thread on this forum section. There are ready made groups you can import to your missions.
  12. The server's tank stats implementation was updated, so now you should be able to see the tank sortie events too. In addition, I added this disco mod done by CountZero:
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