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  1. Also, if you would happen to cut the roadline behind that "tongue", the area that gets encircled switches side.
  2. 'Kudos' is Finnish, but it means something that is woven, like a rug. 'Kiitos' is "thank you".
  3. Any object you destroy affects the distance that the frontline moves. Each object has a health value. You can find examples of the values at stats.virtualpilots.fi:8000/en/info/ So rear targets tend to have more valuable targets. There is also a multiplier applied to the frontline target values, so that it’s not so lopsided towards rear targets. The frontline moves in the direction that the front troops are placed in. You can draw a line between the front troops to see it. The advance is then a triangle along this direction, with the height being the distance that the <s chat command tells you. The battle areas are picked randomly from the frontline. The reason we don’t have battles south of the ”tongue” is that there are no ”free areas”, i.e. areas without trees etc. there.
  4. You are not banned. It looks like you have tried to takeoff from an airfield that doesn’t have plane supply. You can use the <p chat command to see the plane supply for the airfields.
  5. It's been our driving principle to put into use what the devs have provided us.
  6. @Buzzsaw I somehow remember it being mentioned earlier that there would be documentation for the scripting/API coming, is that the case or does it already exist somewhere?
  7. The static object durabilities have been more or less broken since Kuban release, after which you no longer had those threshold values you could use to have some objects vulnerable to MG fire, some to cannons etc.
  8. No, not really. No sane developer would support a platform for which the official support has been dropped. Time to switch to Windows 10. Edit: and to the people saying "it's 10+ years old engine": On May 7, 2009, Rise of Flight was officially released in Russia with Russian publisher ND Games. Il-2 GB is a development of the engine used in RoF. Han had a nice analogy where he compared developing the game engine to development of the Toyota Corolla; small improvements along the years to build a better car. Some six months ago, I bought a brand new Corolla, and it's a damn fine car. Hoping to see CloD (and GB too) reach the quality of the Corolla in the future
  9. Q3 lasts for three months, it's good to have committed Allied squadrons
  10. Brief description: Invisible planes, multiplayer server (Finnish VirtualPilots) Detailed description: There should be at least one or two 262s and 110s on this track next to me. InvisiblePlanesAtAirfieldTrack.zip
  11. Will there be linking with Steam&Blitz if I buy from the devs site? I have Blitz from Steam, but I’d like to get this one from dev site so Steam won’t take a cut.
  12. Yes. I'd be happy to have the Panther in the missions only on the Axis side if/when the available tank set becomes more balanced (e.g. T-34-85). Our philosophy has been to include everything that is available.
  13. The plane side is already more balanced than the ground war. It's not a strictly historical server anyway, so let's have more precise arguments than just "are you crazy" and "common sense will prevail".
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