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  1. I got Frame Heap Overflow when I had too many objects on the map (doing the free area mapping for our server's campaign system) and did the zooming.
  2. Could you check if this was with smaller mission size? Edit: looks like missions are now ~1.2 MB after taking away two target groups per side.
  3. You were on the server when I restarted it. Was it after the restart?
  4. For comparison, ours is under the moscowwb folder. Server restarting.
  5. MP missions are saved under data/Multiplayer. You can check the msnbin files there. It shouldn’t have anything to do with the AltVis as most servers have it off too.
  6. One cause might be mission size. Our server generally makes msnbin mission file of size around 1.2 - 1.4 MB. Are the mission files for servers where you don’t get disconnects about the same size? When I did some testing some time ago, I managed to create a mission which the dserver was happy to run, but I couldn’t connect to it. It would just drop me to the MP menu.
  7. It looks like the game doesn't always provide correct log entry even if you finish your mission inside the maintenance radius of the spawn. So the stats can't parse it correctly. Do you have any more details about this? What kind of connection are you using etc.? I have experienced disconnect only a couple of times when I've been on.
  8. I'd trade it too, but not having scripting language seems to be the reason for the "visual scripting" we have using the logic building blocks in the ME.
  9. So that people could do complicated mission logic without a scripting language. Edit: and the groups sharing corner is the easy button: ready made logic that you can then tweak (change object types etc.).
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