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  1. This is how the icons are defined in the mission file that was just running: The icon should be shown all. Edit: Ah, there's the reason! "Enabled" is empty. Stupid me! The German depot icons not being shown should be fixed when the server restarts.
  2. These two are actually connected issues. It looks like not all objects register as destroyed. Yes. We got rid of the depots being hidden. They should now all visible on the map.
  3. For me they were, and yesterday evening we were online at the same time. Are you sure you didn't see them? Edit: perhaps you hadn't chosen a side. The icons are not shown to neutrals. I'll change that. The convoys are moving, so they won't have icons on the map. Too much hassle to place waypoints and have them toggle icons.
  4. The server is now running new version with following changes: - Paratrooper drops to the frontline to strengthen the frontline - AI border patrol flights - Non-hidden depots - Sector number markings on map Might need to tune the border patrol flights, as tick delay is a bit higher than we'd like.
  5. In multiplayer environment, you'd need to tell that to the server admin Didn't really find anything different starting my beloved 109 G-2
  6. I tested the craters again, and Untamo made the campaign system set them at ground level. I’d say the craters help you spot the groups. I climbed to 3k and didn’t need to fully zoom in for the craters to be visible. Untamo made the weather information be shown in the mission briefing. I made a fix for the fires at the airfields hanging in the air. I’ll put these fixes running tomorrow morning.
  7. Fires are one option, yes. There are four types of convoys, three with tanks, one with trucks. The type gets picked randomly. I don't want to mix vehicle types in a single convoy, because then the vehicles will easily start to bump into each other.
  8. I tried adding those craters, but they seem to be implemented in a way that you'd need to set them on the ground level manually. Therefore, we need to alter the campaign app logic, so that it takes sets the correct height coordinate. Let's see if that helps enough. Having the artillery firing would perhaps be one step more complex thing to do. Edit: just noticed Nibbio's comment about crater visibility. Maybe not go through the effort. Damn this game needs better LODs.
  9. It kind of is number of coordinates, it's just 60000+ circles of about 400 m diameter. Inside each we can place one target group. I'd like to put enough vulnerable AAA, but sadly the game is currently such that it can't handle a large number of objects.
  10. Because those 60000+ positions are hand picked. Of course some may contain a tree or two I missed, but majority of them are on free area. One convoy per front depot going to the general area of the conflict. So not multiple spawns. They don’t disappear.
  11. Yeah, like I said yesterday on the server chat, looks like a game bug, as the durability of the half-tracks were as recommended by devs. Need to test before using those blocks again.
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