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  1. Thank you guys ! Is this one correct for luftwaffe fighter pilot of BOB ? - http://www.ima-usa.com/original-wwii-1937-german-luftwaffe-lkp-s101-summer-pilot-flying-helmet-with-throat-microphone-and-earphones.html
  2. Hi Veteran ! Thank you ! I need pilots helmets please.
  3. Please can somebodey show me correct pictures of Lufwaffe and RAF helmets with oxygen masks of Battle of Britain . Out of all variants i need easiest to reproduce for video production purposes. Thank you !
  4. Try visiting dogfight servers for improving your fighters skills. It will grow drastically comparing to battling against the Ai's .
  5. This one is good because it is for pilots of middle skill level. Not for experts.
  6. A Commander is being developed on russian-speaking side. It is almost done - several hosts are testing it for bugs. The programmer is in touch with all of them daily. Wait for a little more. When the Commander is completed and tested hosts will be able to start their servers with statistics and war projects like VEF or ADW. Patience gentlemen . It will soon be so )))
  7. http://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/15337-2015-prince-hill-tournament-beginners-1x1-yak-1/
  8. There is a crazy he111 russian speaking squad. If they have anybody who speaks some English u can have fun with them. http://forum.il2sturmovik.ru/topic/120-kampfgeschwader-40/
  9. Greetings to all virtual pilots who likes 1 v 1 duel. Let us introduce King of the Hill week-end tournament. Its made for getting familiar with various planes, improving your skills, have fun and of course let one to be an ace . The competition is a several of duels between two player's. It is single elimination. No looser's play-offs. Preliminary draw will be held for 16 players (maximum players). The player winning all matches of the grid and the final is announced a King of the Hill. The tournament is held for two days : October 4 - 5. Start is at 18.00 Moscow time. Official team speak is pass - bos2014 In dedicated topic those wishing to participate write their Nickname in the game and link to their profile on the forum. Registration to be closed on October 3 (03/10/2014) Drawing will be held on Friday 03/10 by the program automatically. It will be great if you can be present in TS3 during drawing. http://forum.il2sturmovik.ru/topic/1943-duelnyj-turnir-car-gory-bf-109f4/ After drawing participants must negotiate time of the duel with the opponent and tell it to the jury member in TS or write it on forum. RULES: Every DUEL consists of several dogfights untill 5 wins of one player. The start of the dogfight after mutual countdown. " READY " is a report when you are ready - " ГОТОВ " (rus) " GO " is for immediate start - " ГО " (rus) The judge commands the "GO" and also end of the fight. Players go airborn upon " GO " command. Initial alttitude is 1000 meters. You are the winner if you can stay airborn and control your plane within 20 seconds after you enemy hits the ground. The pilot must be alive and the plane must not have fatal damages - detached wing, tail, engine ot fuel tank open fire. Bailed out pilot considered a shot down plane . The pilot who left the fight and landed is considered to be shot down . The pilot who left the fight to briefing before the judge command is considered a shot down plane the same as disconnected player. Crash - if the pilot is able to stay airborn in 20 seconds after planes crash he is announced a winner. Mutual win is announced if both players run out of ammo and/or fuel or both players run out of ammo only. Same mutual win as a result of both planes getting fatal damage. Technical loss: If the pilot is not present for a fight or more than 10 minute late. Joystick ot other gear malfunction for more than 15 minutes. Freeses, ping and connection problems can result disqualification. Forbidden ; Ping over 300 ms. External view .Attacking on the first head on .More than 45 degrees heading away from the enemy field direction after the start untill first head on. Avoiding the fight. Abusive behaviour. Players who ignore judges instructions or break competition rules may be disqualified. External view is strictly prohibited (cockpit view only.) Game version - current on the day of the duel. Plane - Bf109-F4. Fuel 30%. Skin - summer. Spectators are not allowed. Standart password will be changed and announced on the day of the fight in TS. Stream video will be organised. Recording the tracks is not necessary.
  10. Marshall, what time zone you are in ?
  11. Dont worry. We have some of those in Red Army Air Force ))) We gonna show you team-work .
  12. Nice to see those pics ))) Good time spending. Hope to see you in the virtual skies soon and provide you with some cover or butt-kicking depending on circumstances ))) Cheers mate !
  13. Oh well ))) Familiar nicks here ! Widu - you again ?! ) Where is Shneweiss ?
  14. According to the legend they used to lose Vodka competition with russians but definitely won beer contest there )))
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