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  1. Bravo Dev Team. Feel like i just got a new game. New maps look splendid
  2. Nice read Horomachi! Thanks Perspective from the other side
  3. +1 to this topic and please keep bringing it up, that's what the forums are for. I would love carrier and island ops in this game engine. I follow DCS as well and was more than frustrated to see that one of their 3rd party developers chose the F-8 Bearcat as opposed to the Hellcat. They have also chosen 2 trainer aircraft recently which infuriates me. I really can't wait until WWII carrier ops are done well in a modern sim. Corsairs off of sandy island bases and Hellcats and Avengers off of carrier decks assembling in the air!!!! Also I would just love to have a well modeled B-25 gunship with 14 forward firing .50s on ship & airfield strafing missions. I have reinsatalled IL-2 1946 twice just to get those missions back. I have to agree with the more rational people in this post though - it will be a long time coming and will depend on financial success of this new IL2 series. To make this realistic I think we need to see a large move of players from the WarThunder series to the real sims. One other point - I know this is totally unrelated but the new Star Wars battlefront series developers are using a new technology to scan models directly into 3d game objects. They say that is has saved considerable developement time. Hopefully for whichever sim this technology will become readily available. Cheers All. Have a good weekend!!!
  4. Question for the Devs or perhaps the business side guys All of our requests and sometimes pleas for new planes, content etc. really fallback to how well this game is doing from a business standpoint. Strong sales will foster more devs, more planes more maps, theaters etc. Was very happy to hear about the new maps and ME. I think the ME will be worth the dev time and will ultimately increase sales. I was happy to pay the $99 premium for this game. This game is almost the exact evolution of flight simulator that I was hoping for. I would be happy to pay per plane for new releases, content etc. We are a niche audience in a quickly evolving industry. I understood but was not happy with the unlock experience. Someone decide that ultimately it would lead to more sales somehow. That being said I am really hoping to hear that sales results have been meeting or hopefully exceeding forecasts. I would really like to know how things are going because that is what will ultimately decide what the future holds for this great flight simulation. So how well is this project doing 3 + months into the launch? A general idea would do, I wouldn't expect detailed financials. Thanks for all the great work guys!!!!!!!!!!
  5. I'm treating this as early access beta still. great potential. just waiting. hope this develops as ROF did, even though i didnt play it, it wound up with almost every WW1 plane. Will gladly pay for planes, DLC whatever. People need to realize modern flight sim of this caliber is not cheap. ( waiting for warthunder comparison ) To me this is a happy medium of full DCS sim and Warthunder arcade. Really hoping that they made enough money on this to move forward strong. I can handle the unlocks. No one ( that i have seen ) has mentioned the Tunisia skins that appeared. Hoping for an eventual MTO version. This was in nowhere near the COD fiasco but the closing weeks of early access were a bit weird.
  6. I have accepted that this is a for profit project and that you can't make everyone happy. But adding the aim helper is just ridiculous. Removal of time compression is also a big concern. Both of these edits are hard to believe. I payed $100 for this. It's so people can't speed through missions and get unlocks. I hate the whole unlock thing. I paid $100 for this game and at the last minute your downgrading it. I can't get into CEM but I like realistic gunnery Please don't let this get to the release version.
  7. I've read and understand the Devs concerns about FMB but I hope they can eventually meet to community half way on this. It all goes back to the retail success of this launch though. I really hope they have strong sales and then Next Version and FMB threads will all be more realistic
  8. Pacific theater please. Corsair is my favorite plane as well and I would absolutely love a well done B-25 strafer. After that MTO
  9. Great guide. I committed that I would learn high level bombing when I learned of BOS release.... Looks like I need to get started
  10. Welcome..... Bring your friends. Real kills are much more rewarding. Real being oh so relative. Great post BTW. Good to see your experience coming from the mega hit ftp games. You'll find that the people that play true Sims and loiter in these forums can be pretty serious but eager to help
  11. Nice update 2 weeks in a row. Way to go Devs. Thanks for the extra hours your obviously putting in
  12. Thanks to the mod team that made this beautiful map
  13. Well played 1CGS - looking at the time of this post in Russia, you guys definitely had a long Friday to pull this off. The new map sounds great. What sounds absolutely great is that you are open to the modding community and will incorporate their ideas and work going forwards. Thanks for your hard work!!!
  14. I clearly understand 777 stance on this and most important thing over all is commercial success. Just do want to state how much I enjoyed the FMB. Please first and foremost get out a great product, ( which looks to be going very well based on your Alpha build ) but just make sure FMB is up there on the priority list, as it does have a strong correlation to long term success.
  15. Great post. Commodore Six Four Baby...Gunship and F117 Bought my first PC in 1998 and experienced the 2nd golden age of flight sims with Janes WWII and MSCFS. Played IL-2 demo on my then aged PC. I remember thinking a game about an russian attack plane? Whatever. Free demo and by the end of the day I was ordering parts for a new PC I couldn't afford. I then played IL-2 through every version and then mods. Loved the SP experience and FMB. I have fiddled around with DCS titles, ROF and been disappointed by CLOD. And now I can't wait for this game. Its looking great so far.
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