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  1. Another Commission work done , hope you like it !
  2. soon i have done few and i am waiting for the companies to publish them first !
  3. hey thanks glad you like it ,something new not ww2 but i hope one day to see Modern jets to this sim engine !
  4. Hi there all, I havent post something here for ever ,i am very busy , Here are some samples of what i have done so far ! Of course many of you know that i have done many of the cover art for the il2 series ! Hope you like them , More here https://www.artstation.com/roen911
  5. VPC WarBRD DELTA Flightstick brand new in the box ,the stick just came out of the box so i can have a look and i put it back ,i can take pictures comes with warranty paperwork and spare CosmoSim Cams and springs ! Asking 220 euro for it ! Let me know if you are interesting !
  6. Hi there, Yes he purchased the rights for some of them
  7. Hi all , How do you remove the windows and info on the left side? I have on the options everything off
  8. Thank you all for your comments, i Just to Wish you all Merry Christmas with an artwork i put together Today ,All the best ! more here https://www.artstation.com/roen911
  9. Yeap i have seen the B-17 i think it flew few weeks ago but the video is stupid and who ever recorded had a brain damage ! @ Sperber thats a proper me-109 ,nice made, who makes that kit? Btw i like to see you made it electric ,i love also to have it clean and everything in the cowl Mr Sound speakers? Ι just bought a set but havent used it yet ! Btw i saw you have u-boat , i build that and some others my self, do you like rc submarines? me and a friend build our own kits of the IX S-117 and S-120 Papanikolis also in progress a Russian Delta-class,all come with photo etched parts and scale props
  10. well that stupid isnt it? I will try to do what you point me if not i will send you pm
  11. Hi there all, I just start playing Il2 again since almost the first days and i would like to make a cinematic clip ,i was wondering because i cant find how to do it my self....Is there any way to play without having the plane/cockpit in front of me? Like a free flying mode like it was in Rise of flight? Cheers By the way sorry i post it to wrong section of the forum ....
  12. Thanks a lot guys ! Ofc most of the models above except the Stukas are gone ,i like the stukas are great flying platforms and very detailed ! The ones i am building at the moment is a Westland Wyvern S4 (2.4m) , de havilland chipmunk 1/4 scale (is big) and a Hawker Hurricane ,the Hurricane is commissioned ! Next year i hope to build my dream plane 1/4 scale P-47
  13. Thanks a lot Guys , @Gramps the me-262 got 10 blade 70mm electric turbines i run both motors with one battery pack 6 cell lipo for around 3.5 minutes ! It sounds like the real because of the multi blade fan !
  14. Gloster Gladiator PZL-Mielec M-18 Dromader And some not scale
  15. me-262 p-40 Fairey Swordfish
  16. Hi there all , A friend and member of this forum ask me if i can share some of my scale models i have build so far ...so lets get started I will share only a small amount of pictures of etc plane ! Note : Some of them are not 100% finished at the time i took the pictures ! 50cc engine 1/6 Ju-87 Stuka 30cc engine 1/7.5 scale Ju-87 Stuka ,Desert camo 1/5 scale 85cc engine Me-109 Desert
  17. Thanks a lot guys glad you like what i am doing ! Well i support my other hobbies from that so part hobby part job
  18. Thanks guys Yeap but you need to wait a bit before i can post them all here !
  19. Thanks Jason for Trusting me one more time ! Hope you like the new artworks and news/updates for the game guys , I am very excited ,especially for the ww1 subject
  20. Cheers Guys glad you like them
  21. Hi there All, Thanks for your kind words ! Sorry for been so inactive i am very busy with my work and commissioned artworks ! @ 6./ZG26_Emil hey thank you, this winter i decide to make couple Il-2 movies again ,i just waiting for all the new models and updates Here is some of the many new pictures i did this year so far, i am posting the ones are more Il-2 Battle of stalingrad related ! More here https://www.artstation.com/artist/roen911
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