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  1. All good stuff thx devs , i'm hoping for another tweak with the spotting system soon.
  2. Merry Christmas all i'm on my 4th beer already
  3. i've seen a few disappearing contacts today at a close-ish range 1 or 2 k maybe and spotting seems harder .
  4. Oh dear another Welshman that hates the English for no reason. If you ever met me you'd think i was fantastic and lovable.
  5. its always been smooth for me till now. we just need to figure out the cause
  6. Same single player seems really smooth but multiplayer is very choppy and i can't fly like that . i have a 1060 and an intel i5 4690 @ 3.5
  7. I put a bet on for England and new zealand to meet in the final. fingers crossed.
  8. cool plane , i always used read Dennis the Menace first then the bash street kids and the Beano comic cost 10p . good times
  9. Play the berloga server for a few hours its the fastest and most fun way to get good at killing and defensive stuff just mess about.
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