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  1. =EXPEND=Capt_Yorkshire

    Il2 BOX - Kill Cam - In Stalin We Trust !

  2. =EXPEND=Capt_Yorkshire

    Developer Diary 210 - Discussion

    Looking good 2 weeks to be sure
  3. =EXPEND=Capt_Yorkshire

    Developer Diary 209 - Discussion

    Phwooorr!!! Nice jugs
  4. Untick full screen has made everything smoother for me. i'm happy again.
  5. =EXPEND=Capt_Yorkshire

    Developer Diary 208 - Discussion

    Nice work devs looks good . FYI i dont see any servers rights now.
  6. =EXPEND=Capt_Yorkshire

    IL2 BOX - Legends

    Nice shootin
  7. =EXPEND=Capt_Yorkshire

    Developer Diary 206 - Discussion

  8. after a few hours of testing i'm really liking the patch.
  9. =EXPEND=Capt_Yorkshire

    How is the Bf109 supposed to function without guns?

    I must have had this gun bug well over 50 times. I would very much like it fixed, imagine flying around for half an hour looking for a bad guy and then....... AAAAAAAaagh!!! NO AMMO!!! [edited] then i disconnect lose my kill streak and sulk .
  10. =EXPEND=Capt_Yorkshire

    Developer Diary 204 - Discussion

    nice work dudes.
  11. =EXPEND=Capt_Yorkshire

    For the Newbies - Get started in flight sims!

    How dare you call my saitek pedals crap.... Dendro i challenge you to a dual....
  12. =EXPEND=Capt_Yorkshire

    so what games should i try with an old pc?

    Mount and blade warband
  13. =EXPEND=Capt_Yorkshire

    P-40 E1 | 6 Kills in a flight | Outro