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  1. =EXPEND=Capt_Yorkshire

    Understanding the multiplayer aspect of microstutter

    I had a lot of stutters and lag when in a busy area , i fixed it buy unticking fullscreen in the graphics options. give it a try.
  2. =EXPEND=Capt_Yorkshire

    Too many problems

    I can honestly say that its the little things, bugs like the spectate bug and grey start button have put off a couple of my friends from even playing the game , silly i know but its true. and WOL is a bit of a shambles at the moment.
  3. =EXPEND=Capt_Yorkshire

    Guncam Cinematic

  4. =EXPEND=Capt_Yorkshire

    Is it possibe to land at enemy base in emergency?

    After a couple of beers i'd smash them all.
  5. =EXPEND=Capt_Yorkshire

    color film

    most good.
  6. =EXPEND=Capt_Yorkshire

    Fat Bottomed Girls

  7. =EXPEND=Capt_Yorkshire

    BF 109 pilots flying without canopy for best vision

    If i have no ammo and i have a close 6 about to kill me i pop the canopy in the hope it hits them. its worked just once or twice out of 200 attempts. in our squad its called the Yorkshire salute. Its my special move.
  8. Good work lads , this was a nice surprise.
  9. =EXPEND=Capt_Yorkshire

    Why is there no teamwork from English speakers?

    Which teamspeak channel? i'm always on official ts , plenty of characters to fly with.
  10. hi dudes i have multiplayer bugs , grey start button and lots of slowdowns and lag for me since the patch , on WOL and KOTA. Berloga has been running great though even with 50 -60 people.
  11. =EXPEND=Capt_Yorkshire

    Steam Awards - Best VR Game of the Year

  12. =EXPEND=Capt_Yorkshire

    Il2 BOX - Kill Cam - In Stalin We Trust !