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  1. Mungee, only the first skin >> 'fw190a8.dds' should go into graphics/Planes/Fw190A8/Textures The rest should be placed in >> graphics/Skins/Fw190A8
  2. I agree, and yet that Spitfire pilot experienced something different (and I know different planes/engines ) - who knows the history of his aircraft, what level of abuse the engine had received previously, and a hundred other contributing factors...too many factors to be simulated in code probably....hence the gross over-simplification of timers. My only point here really is that here is a report of very fast engine failure after exceeding limits, that is not unlike what is in game, and it seems to make a lot of people who have been saying that this NEVER ever happened very uncomfortable. (sorry for hijacking P-51 thread. Nothing more to say here)
  3. Partly I'm just playing 'devil's advocate' here. Not saying i'm happy with the way things are modelled right now, but..... And mechanical and thermal stress has no relation to the amount of time an engine exceeds its maximum emergency power setting? {Basically the same point that Maus makes above - that timers are an imperfect and crude (but simple) way of trying to model mechanical and thermal stress ] If the re-arm/refuel option we get tries to simulate the effect of engine maintenance better than a laughable 2-5 min delay (WT/ClOD), will people here accept it as an alternative to the hated timers? That is, if after abusing the hell out of your engine, you are forced to completely miss the next mission so that your aircraft's engine can be broken apart, serviced and rebuilt, will people just complain about that too? In the meantime, maybe you should tell that Spitfire pilot that his Merlin was modelled just a little bit too 'arcade' for your liking. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Maybe there was a 'bug' in the code. ๐Ÿ˜‰
  4. Spitfire V's likely, which are in game. And surely the mark doesn't particularly matter - we have pilot report of engine failure after exceeding time limits, something that i've heard -repeatedly on this forum - just didn't happen. Not ever.
  5. I may be reaching for a conclusion that is not yet quite nailed down by the evidence (ok - I'm guessing...!), but the dev's intention to introduce refuel/repair/re-arm into the sim may be more than coincidentally related to their admission to be looking at alternatives to the engine timer mechanics. To remove, or loosen, the current timer-based limits without bringing in some other way to portray effects of increased engine wear/damage could be viewed as arguably less realistic than what we have now - possibly would leave everyone flying around at 100% power all the time. What I'm hoping is going to happen is that the timers get removed, but instead there is code that monitors engine use and abuse during a mission. Then when the aircraft lands, if its engine 'limits' have been badly exceeded the repair/refuel/rearm module may decide that a full engine strip-down and repair is required. This could mean that the pilot is unable to fly in the next mission, or for some set period of time. This could affect both campaign missions and multiplayer/online, though with different implementations. (Quick missions probably not, but don't think anyone would care here) So, i'm hoping the refuel/repair/rearm option will also be the solution to much complained about engine timers.
  6. Took the opportunity of the sale to get my final two WW2 aircraft - the U-2 VS and the Macchi MC.202. The U2 is fantastic. Tried a few ground attack quick missions set at dusk. Coming from the Me 262 just a few weeks ago - what an amazing and contrasting experience. Huge fun. (Also love the way the vehicles switch their headlights off once they are under attack). Love the Macchi too. Always thought she was sweet to look at. Like the flying experience too. Flying Circus next, once the map is released...
  7. I just noticed that forum member spudkopf has created authentic (swastika) skins for 4 of the 5 Bodenplatte aircraft. (Hopefully the 109 g14 will follow soon). The skins have to be downloaded individually, and so will need some time to put into the correct game folders. (I'm using JSGME and have organised them in the correct file structure to make it easy to switch them in/out, suggest that is best way) https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/44956-fw190d9-official-4k-skins-historically-corrected-default-skin-updated-06042019/ https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/45308-bf109k4-official-4k-skins-historically-corrected-updated-pm-080419/ https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/51768-fw190a8f8-official-4k-skins-historically-corrected/ https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/51669-me262a-official-4k-skins-historically-corrected/ Spudkopf has also created authentic skins for the 4k 109f2 and f4, available here: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/27620-4k-bf-109-f-2-template-download-and-4k-skins/ https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/51826-bf109f4-official-4k-skins-historically-corrected/
  8. Just discovered these skins. Without doubt the best il-2 skins I've seen. Thank you. Inspired to go and start an il-2 career now.
  9. 12. Spotter won't endlessly shout about the enemy; Is that what I think it is - the radio comms repeating over and over...? ๐Ÿ˜
  10. yep...208MB update coming in. 208.99MB to be precise ๐Ÿ˜‰
  11. Now that all Luftwaffe Bodenplatte aircraft are released, are there any plans to update this mod to give them authentic markings? Something I would love to see.
  12. Just had my first attempt at starting, taxing and taking off in the 262. A few issues early on with the engines. Got it together on the 3rd attempt. Taxiing was a little tricky using the brakes for steering. Nicely lined up on the runway...power....trying to keep her straight...barely reaching 190km/h... when I hit the end of the runway...panic....got the nose-wheel lifting and then hit gear up too soon before main wheels were in the air.......beautiful crash as I pancaked back on to the dirt, wheels off, left engine off, wing detached.... The 262 is a beaut. Really well done. Great cockpit too. Now to relocate to an airfield with a longer runway and try again.
  13. kendo

    ME 262

    Direct from Jason in the 262 video with Requiem.
  14. Who is this 'Pearl Harbot' you speak of, and where was she when she was bombed?
  15. Love the Se5a and Albatros. Two favourites from Rise of Flight. But the most amazing aspect for me in this DD is the damaged buildings in Cologne. Looks amazing. And I do believe that is patterned wallpaper you can see on the interior wall of the wrecked building to the bottom right in the top screenshot....! (I'm serious..)
  16. Awesome video DD_Arthur - possibly the best il-2 BOS video I've ever seen.
  17. Recently I have had them abandon the chase and turn back - even though they were in a faster aircraft than mine. Seemed to happen just after crossing the front line too. Though before I got the pursuit all the way back to base too.
  18. kendo

    Work in Progress

    Very excited by this. Looks fantastic!
  19. I've had situations where they seem to 'lose me' and where I've sneaked up on them. One time recently in campaign when a 109 was totally fixated on the plane he was pursuing in front and i was able to close really tightly on his 6. Yesterday in another campaign mission, where a Hs129 after initially manoeuvring to avoid me seemed to lose visual with me sitting (by sheer good fortune) in his 6 and I was able to close without him avoiding, get hits, then he immediately reacted. It was actually quite lifelike.
  20. Dug this out from DD195: "The action in Tank Crew: Clash at Prokhorovka will take place in 100x100 km area around Belgorod, including the place where the greatest tank battle of all time was waged, near Prokhorovka village. You can see that the map size is smaller than in our other projects, but we made it smaller on purpose to use our recently developed landscape detail scaling technology. This tech will make the landscape wireframe 16 times more detailed than our usual maps that are designed for aircraft engagements. While being smaller than our other maps, this map size is still unequal among tank sims. We don't do this just to boast about it either - the size of our map makes joint multiplayer with tanks and aircraft possible on the same multiplayer server. In addition to 16 times more detailed landscape, we also implemented the knock-over-trees tech which in some aspects is more advanced than in competing titles. The terrain texturing has also been improved to make creating believable settlements and villages possible. The settlements also required new tech advances because this project is focused on tanks, so we have implemented more detailed building damage modeling. Of course, we canโ€™t get carried away, because populating all settlements and big towns with detailed damage model buildings won't be feasible from both development resources and sim performance standpoints. The bulk of the map will be populated like on the regular maps while the historically important areas where the major tank engagements happened will have the new detailed buildings. This will make ramming the buildings possible by the way. As you can imagine, the area of the Prokhorovka battle will be one of these highly detailed areas. The size of just this area is comparable to the full size of the map in some tank games."
  21. My understanding of this is that the entire Kursk map has the more detailed mesh, but that the destructible buildings are limited to the 19x23km section. Great image by the way...
  22. Don't see how they can do that - surely the reason this map is smaller is to accommodate the 16x more detailed mesh and the destructible buildings. If they make a full-size map they will need to lose those, which will make it less attractive for the tankers.
  23. Tried this in a career mission for first time. and it definitely made an improvement in the intense action over the front-line. Thanks. (possible reason for the improvement in the nVidia Tweak Guide: http://www.tweakguides.com/NVFORCE_7.html "In some cases, lowering this setting may actually reduce stuttering or improve performance, likely on systems where the CPU is much slower than the GPU. So some experimentation is required to determine the optimal setting for each game on your system." )
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