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  1. No problem - thought i'd missed some new announcement...
  2. Can you tell me where was this advice was published? I haven't seen it. Thanks. edit: if it's here he actually says use in-game vsync? https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/34764-jasons-quick-guide-to-3001-graphics-smoothness/?tab=comments#comment-587054
  3. Fantastic update to look forward to! So many new things to check out. Expect I will go to the P51 first....maybe after a quick flyby from the Tempest to hear the engine... One question that is worrying me a little - how many variations are there for the in-cockpit photo? Because if every pilot in the squadron has a photo of the same woman in the cockpit, I can see it causing problems....possibly envision some unexplained 'blue on blue' incidents.....
  4. Many thanks Spudkopf. Really appreciated (and the G14 too...)
  5. From what you say the actual file extension of your current MAP file is still .MAP, so everything should be alright as far as the game sees the file. (Windows does seem to have associated Adobe Reader as the programme to open .MAP files to read them. So anytime it sees a .MAP file it now expects Adobe to be the programme to open it for reading, which is why the fresh file from Thad shows under Adobe as well. But I don't think that is the cause of your issue, and it can be changed. The important thing from the game point of view is that .MAP is still the file extension. ) I am using CH Combatstick and Throttle and had a strange issue about a year ago, after a Win 10 update, where nothing was being recognised at all. It turned out to be an obscure Win 10 security setting. I'm doubtful that this is your issue, but it's worth a try just to rule it out. 1. Open Win 10 Settings panel (click on Windows symbol bottom left corner of your screen, then on the little gear symbol that should be second one up) 2. Click on 'Update and Security' 3. Click 'Windows Security' in the left hand menu 4. Then click 'Device Security' from the right hand area. 5. Click on 'Core Isolation Details' 6. For 'Memory Integrity' check that the selector is Off. It it is on, switch it to off. See if that makes a difference. It's a long-shot and I don't want to get your hopes up, but this was the problem on my PC. If it makes no difference for you, then set it back to what it was previously.
  6. A related question - what is the recommended / best way to approach managing the Spitfire IX engine - I mean the relation between use of RPM/pitch selector and throttle? Should RPM/pitch selector be kept constant and throttle used to vary actual RPM/MP, or is it necessary to adjust both? Ashamed to say I just haven't got my head around the Spit - constantly blowing engines. Maybe got too fixed on the Russian engine management for too long. But the German engines seem logical and easy too. Just the Spit that embarrasses me. Thanks for any advice.
  7. I really hope that we don't end up getting this watered down to some simplified token gesture like that because the devs get pressure from the 'competitive' crowd, who when they said they wanted a more realistic spotting physics, actually just meant they wanted it to be 'easier'.
  8. Probably just like the real thing then... ๐Ÿ˜‰
  9. Yeah. Seems to have been removed again...
  10. Supposedly it was moved to Suggestions section. But link is dead, and i can't see it in Suggestions section?
  11. Read the f*****g DD ๐Ÿ˜‰
  12. Take it you haven't read the latest DD? Visibility of aircraft and ships...
  13. There may definitely be something in that. I was wondering about the fuel management system improvements they had mentioned they were working on. Seemed to go quiet on that recently. When you add all the upcoming features that have been announced there will really be quite monumental changes to the sim and to game-play. it is a real body of work they have committed to beyond the actual new aircraft and maps. We have: pilot physiology AI improvements air marshal repairing, refuelling, refitting visibility extended to 100km fuel system modelling cockpit fire effects for aircraft
  14. These problems are not a common occurrence. First time i've experienced it in several years of downloads. it was fixed quite quickly - and advice on how to deal with it was given quickly. Sometimes though...'shit happens'.
  15. I'm using Kaspersky Internet Security with no issues. I have il-2 set under Exclusions/Trusted Application. To do this: 1. Click Settings (the gear-wheel icon on lower left of Kaspersky main window) 2. Click 'Additional' on left hand menu 3. Select 'Threats and Exclusions' from list that appears on the right. 4. In the Exclusions section half way down, select 'Manage Exclusions' 5. Click on 'Add' (lower right) 6. Use the Browse button to navigate to your il-2 Sturmovik folder and select it. 7. Under 'Protection Components' you choose which Kaspersky features you want to exclude from acting on il-2 - so select 'System Watcher' 8. Ensure 'Status' at bottom is set to Active, and then press Add to complete. Hopefully that will work. You can also add il-2 to 'Specify Trusted Applications' at Step 4 above. Just select the game .exe and the launcher . exe from the game folder. Hope this helps.
  16. Mungee, only the first skin >> 'fw190a8.dds' should go into graphics/Planes/Fw190A8/Textures The rest should be placed in >> graphics/Skins/Fw190A8
  17. I agree, and yet that Spitfire pilot experienced something different (and I know different planes/engines ) - who knows the history of his aircraft, what level of abuse the engine had received previously, and a hundred other contributing factors...too many factors to be simulated in code probably....hence the gross over-simplification of timers. My only point here really is that here is a report of very fast engine failure after exceeding limits, that is not unlike what is in game, and it seems to make a lot of people who have been saying that this NEVER ever happened very uncomfortable. (sorry for hijacking P-51 thread. Nothing more to say here)
  18. Partly I'm just playing 'devil's advocate' here. Not saying i'm happy with the way things are modelled right now, but..... And mechanical and thermal stress has no relation to the amount of time an engine exceeds its maximum emergency power setting? {Basically the same point that Maus makes above - that timers are an imperfect and crude (but simple) way of trying to model mechanical and thermal stress ] If the re-arm/refuel option we get tries to simulate the effect of engine maintenance better than a laughable 2-5 min delay (WT/ClOD), will people here accept it as an alternative to the hated timers? That is, if after abusing the hell out of your engine, you are forced to completely miss the next mission so that your aircraft's engine can be broken apart, serviced and rebuilt, will people just complain about that too? In the meantime, maybe you should tell that Spitfire pilot that his Merlin was modelled just a little bit too 'arcade' for your liking. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Maybe there was a 'bug' in the code. ๐Ÿ˜‰
  19. Spitfire V's likely, which are in game. And surely the mark doesn't particularly matter - we have pilot report of engine failure after exceeding time limits, something that i've heard -repeatedly on this forum - just didn't happen. Not ever.
  20. I may be reaching for a conclusion that is not yet quite nailed down by the evidence (ok - I'm guessing...!), but the dev's intention to introduce refuel/repair/re-arm into the sim may be more than coincidentally related to their admission to be looking at alternatives to the engine timer mechanics. To remove, or loosen, the current timer-based limits without bringing in some other way to portray effects of increased engine wear/damage could be viewed as arguably less realistic than what we have now - possibly would leave everyone flying around at 100% power all the time. What I'm hoping is going to happen is that the timers get removed, but instead there is code that monitors engine use and abuse during a mission. Then when the aircraft lands, if its engine 'limits' have been badly exceeded the repair/refuel/rearm module may decide that a full engine strip-down and repair is required. This could mean that the pilot is unable to fly in the next mission, or for some set period of time. This could affect both campaign missions and multiplayer/online, though with different implementations. (Quick missions probably not, but don't think anyone would care here) So, i'm hoping the refuel/repair/rearm option will also be the solution to much complained about engine timers.
  21. Took the opportunity of the sale to get my final two WW2 aircraft - the U-2 VS and the Macchi MC.202. The U2 is fantastic. Tried a few ground attack quick missions set at dusk. Coming from the Me 262 just a few weeks ago - what an amazing and contrasting experience. Huge fun. (Also love the way the vehicles switch their headlights off once they are under attack). Love the Macchi too. Always thought she was sweet to look at. Like the flying experience too. Flying Circus next, once the map is released...
  22. I just noticed that forum member spudkopf has created authentic (swastika) skins for 4 of the 5 Bodenplatte aircraft. (Hopefully the 109 g14 will follow soon). The skins have to be downloaded individually, and so will need some time to put into the correct game folders. (I'm using JSGME and have organised them in the correct file structure to make it easy to switch them in/out, suggest that is best way) https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/44956-fw190d9-official-4k-skins-historically-corrected-default-skin-updated-06042019/ https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/45308-bf109k4-official-4k-skins-historically-corrected-updated-pm-080419/ https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/51768-fw190a8f8-official-4k-skins-historically-corrected/ https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/51669-me262a-official-4k-skins-historically-corrected/ Spudkopf has also created authentic skins for the 4k 109f2 and f4, available here: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/27620-4k-bf-109-f-2-template-download-and-4k-skins/ https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/51826-bf109f4-official-4k-skins-historically-corrected/
  23. Just discovered these skins. Without doubt the best il-2 skins I've seen. Thank you. Inspired to go and start an il-2 career now.
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