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  1. Lapino is the basic 'starter' map that was released with the Lagg 3 at the very commencement of il-2 BOS early access back in 2014 (I think). At that point the main BOS map was not completed, the Lagg 3 did not have its weapons working yet, and there was no opposition to fly against (109-f4 came a few months later). So Lapino was just a basic quick map to allow people to fly the very early access planes before the main BOS map was completed.
  2. I agree. The number of times wings are lost is really excessive - seems almost every time I shoot a plane down (no matter what I'm flying) it loses a wing. I think the P47 issues are the 'canary in the coal mine' here, indicative of deeper issues with the DM. I would love to see them take another look at this - and preferably reinstate a (possibly slightly tweaked) variant of the .08 DM, as this is currently the single most annoying thing about the sim.
  3. From re-reading the dev diaries it seems to me that Ugra Media were responsible for the Arras map, while the Bodenplatte map was done in-house by the dev team. Can't be 100% definitve on that, but it's certainly the impression gained if you read through what is published in the DDs. Just to say, before the various speculations here harden into established fact... edit: Also, maybe we should hold fire just a bit until we see what difference the promised updates make
  4. Multisample works ok for me - no issues. Only supersampling was causing problems.
  5. No problem - thought i'd missed some new announcement...
  6. Can you tell me where was this advice was published? I haven't seen it. Thanks. edit: if it's here he actually says use in-game vsync? https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/34764-jasons-quick-guide-to-3001-graphics-smoothness/?tab=comments#comment-587054
  7. Fantastic update to look forward to! So many new things to check out. Expect I will go to the P51 first....maybe after a quick flyby from the Tempest to hear the engine... One question that is worrying me a little - how many variations are there for the in-cockpit photo? Because if every pilot in the squadron has a photo of the same woman in the cockpit, I can see it causing problems....possibly envision some unexplained 'blue on blue' incidents.....
  8. Many thanks Spudkopf. Really appreciated (and the G14 too...)
  9. From what you say the actual file extension of your current MAP file is still .MAP, so everything should be alright as far as the game sees the file. (Windows does seem to have associated Adobe Reader as the programme to open .MAP files to read them. So anytime it sees a .MAP file it now expects Adobe to be the programme to open it for reading, which is why the fresh file from Thad shows under Adobe as well. But I don't think that is the cause of your issue, and it can be changed. The important thing from the game point of view is that .MAP is still the file extension. ) I am using CH Combatstick and Throttle and had a strange issue about a year ago, after a Win 10 update, where nothing was being recognised at all. It turned out to be an obscure Win 10 security setting. I'm doubtful that this is your issue, but it's worth a try just to rule it out. 1. Open Win 10 Settings panel (click on Windows symbol bottom left corner of your screen, then on the little gear symbol that should be second one up) 2. Click on 'Update and Security' 3. Click 'Windows Security' in the left hand menu 4. Then click 'Device Security' from the right hand area. 5. Click on 'Core Isolation Details' 6. For 'Memory Integrity' check that the selector is Off. It it is on, switch it to off. See if that makes a difference. It's a long-shot and I don't want to get your hopes up, but this was the problem on my PC. If it makes no difference for you, then set it back to what it was previously.
  10. A related question - what is the recommended / best way to approach managing the Spitfire IX engine - I mean the relation between use of RPM/pitch selector and throttle? Should RPM/pitch selector be kept constant and throttle used to vary actual RPM/MP, or is it necessary to adjust both? Ashamed to say I just haven't got my head around the Spit - constantly blowing engines. Maybe got too fixed on the Russian engine management for too long. But the German engines seem logical and easy too. Just the Spit that embarrasses me. Thanks for any advice.
  11. I really hope that we don't end up getting this watered down to some simplified token gesture like that because the devs get pressure from the 'competitive' crowd, who when they said they wanted a more realistic spotting physics, actually just meant they wanted it to be 'easier'.
  12. Probably just like the real thing then... 😉
  13. Yeah. Seems to have been removed again...
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