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  1. When i look at the screenshots section of the forum I'm always struck by how screens posted by skinners usually look so much better. Presumably they have set colour balance and settings to more reasonable and accurate values. Some of the 'tweaks' people use to spot more easily - e,g turning off HD and setting Gamma to 0.8 or lower, and some of the Reshade settings that were used can turn it all bad pretty quickly.
  2. 🙂 Ok. Maybe some confusion here. I'm (and I think the OP) talking about being able to set up a ground attack mission with a whole flight of friendly aircraft (say il-2s) without having to also set enemy aircraft. You always need to set at least one enemy afaik. If there is a way around that please tell me how. I know you can do it for the single aircraft option.
  3. I don't believe QMB does allow you to choose zero enemy aircraft, at least last time I checked it didn't. This was an annoyance for me too several years ago (!) and I reported it to devs in Suggestions. (Hopefully the upcoming Advanced QMB will bring improvements here) My workaround has been to choose a single Ju52 (or C47 ) as the enemy flight and put them to the maximum distance setting so they don't interfere.
  4. Happy Birthday Jason! Thanks for the Q + A. Finally have made the jump to Tank Crew.
  5. It's going to be one of the last aircraft released for Normandy. Scroll to bottom of Jason's post below:
  6. FW190-A8 is actually available in the Bodenplatte skin replacements. The ones missing currently are FW190-A6 and 109-E7. The Ju88A4 is coming in the next update, so will soon need to be done as well. After that is only HS129b JU52
  7. I suppose if they do release it, it will only be available on Steam
  8. I see all that pent-up energy from the DVD thread needed somewhere new to go.......
  9. No. Sorry. Up there with moving pilot eyes as superfluous and unnecessary.
  10. Personally speaking, very definitely yes! People have been expressing dissatisfaction with the current 2-d decal damage markings since the very start. If it doesn't matter much to you, then fine. I never cease to be surprised by the variety of opinions on the forum. I just accept now that what might be important to me can be of no consequence to someone else. Suggest you do the same. But after 4 pages we have had an overwhelmingly positive reaction....and two people who don't much care for the idea.
  11. Thankful for small mercies....at least I don't have to view those godawful album cover pics any more.
  12. I sometimes wonder if the D9 cockpit was done as an experiment to test out effects of improved quality on fps, etc, etc. Or whether it was just that the graphical artist responsible is more gifted and skilled than the rest? I suspect the same guy did the Hurricane as it is a cut above as well.
  13. Well, without throwing a hand-grenade in amongst proceedings here (at least not intentionally), the answer is in the first post: So in some ways it's a self-selecting list of respondents (with single player respondents reduced to those stumbling across this thread by accident in the Polls sub-forum), so not surprising if it's skewed a little. Now, where's my steel helmet ....think I might need it.
  14. There have been similar issues with the effects in Veteranen's JG51 Over Velikie Luki campaign Same error message: "Can not open effect. graphic\effects\arm\hit_shell-he-200-1000g_ground.epl" Which is called from 3 of the files that the campaign adds to Luascripts: veteran_ari1.txt 037.txt 041.txt Made a temp fix to allow the missions to be played by commenting out the call to the effects. But if you can update these files to call new effects they would then work in the other campaigns too, so would be very
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