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  1. As others have commented, it may be that they are modelling the effect of the slightly improved seating position in the 109s. Some questions were asked before as to whether the G-effects model in il2-BoX would model this, and I don't recall any specific response from the devs on the issue, but if it is done then kudos to them. (If it isn't that then it must be a bug...) Found this thread from DCS forum a few years back covering the same territory. (Warning - it goes down the rabbit hole fairly quickly.) https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=147423
  2. A couple of two-seaters as collector planes would be great to flesh things out a bit more . But, that may be viewed as commercially a little risky from their point of view?
  3. For BoN there will be 10 flyables, 2 AI aircraft and the V1. It's not like we're being short-changed compared to other titles. Why V1 instead of another flyable? Much easier to make for starters - no cockpit, easy structure, easy FM I would expect. And to leave it out from this scenario could be viewed as quite a big omission, not quite as big as Stalingrad without the Ju52, but i'm sure eventually people would be asking for it.
  4. Alternatively, this could possibly be the solution to the distant spotting problem.... ๐Ÿ˜‰
  5. I also started getting crashes for first time after the patch before Christmas - but in single player - a qmb mission would get right to end of loading then crash to black screen. Error message was not particularly informative but suggested memory running low. Problem was also solved by changing Win 10 page file from my applied settings of 2048 - 4096 back to Auto (Windows managed). No problems since.
  6. Compared to the thick and well-sloped front armour, which was practically impenetrable (in 1943 at least). The Panther could be defeated from the side by contemporary opponents.
  7. Think it shows up the pointlessness of threads like this, except for giving people a chance to discuss their favourite planes. In terms of getting the order right or foretelling the future...forget it! I agree. I flew over the Bodenplatte depiction of Amsterdam last night for the first time and was mightily disappointed. A recognisable Centraal Station, though sitting a little lonely and unintegrated into its surroundings, but the depiction of the Red Light district was deeply disappointing and lacking in detail.....! Overall, i can see why they want to avoid depicting major cities .Think the decision to have Moscow looking wonderful in the background, but not viewable up close was sheer genius. i hope so. That would be great.
  8. In single player - qmb with one plane - I get small stutters over cities on Bodenplatte map. I guess that means the multiplayer stutter issue is essentially fixed?
  9. In hindsight I think it may have been a mistake to make the Bodenplatte map so big. With the number of settlements, towns, cities being higher than the eastern front maps it seems they went close to (or beyond) the limits for usability/frame rates for many systems (especially in career mode) I was wondering if it would be possible for the devs to add a two-map version of the Bodenplatte map, with the northern and southern parts split, to ease resource impact on our systems? There could be an 'overlap zone' of say 20-30km duplicated on both to help mitigate potential gameplay issues (campaign/career I'm thinking of here). But roughly speaking, you would have Holland and the campaign from Market Garden onwards in the northern map, while the Ardennes and Bulge scenarios would be in the southern map. Of course in some cases it would be still be necessary to use the full map, but for many scenarios it may work fine to limit the area and lighten the resource usage. Any thoughts or opinions?
  10. Can't quite believe my luck here! Many thanks to The-Doctor for his generosity. Much appreciated. Now I really look forward to start of BoN early access.... ...and that new Gold Bar does look nice ๐Ÿ˜‰
  11. Very timely. Thank you.
  12. What shortcomings are still left? (in your opinion) Have they got functioning anti-aliasing yet, or is it coming in 5? Last version i tried was 4.5 i think, and it still had too many unresolved issues for me. (still have bad memories of getting the original boxed edition back in 2011)
  13. The effect of an AI programming change here would be great - very immersive to see the rest of your flight raise landing gear and take strong evasive action. Hope the AI programmer is reading. ๐Ÿ˜‰
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