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  1. Please take a look at Sheriff's Engine Management video, posted on page 1. It helped me hugely to get my head around how the P-47 works (and I took some notes of his suggested settings on a 'cheat sheet' for use later, which helped). At first it can seem confusing and a little overwhelming, but as others have said, a lot of the controls can just be set and then not worried about too much after.
  2. Check Realism settings and make sure that any SImplified Engine Management settings are off.
  3. No, no, no....these things just do not exist. You probably saw the planet Venus, or a lenticular cloud formation...or the Orford Ness light house from a peculiar angle. 🙂
  4. I had same issue. I rebooted system after the download. Played 3 QMB missions with no problem. On the 4th (Stalingrad Summer Map, Lagg 3) crash to desktop in final stages of loading. Logged in again, and played another QMB mission on same map without any problems. Seems like an intermittent problem
  5. 'Operational solutions' I believe means tactics here - I assume at flight or squadron level. I recall it being mentioned in a previous DD that once the individual pilot level AI was addressed satisfactorily, they would turn attention to the tactical level and how the AI pilots follow commands. (actually it's DD 241, maybe elsewhere too)
  6. I suspect one lucky/unlucky bullet is all it takes to damage or break a control rod.
  7. I specifically had to Google "Schadenfreude" to check how to spell it, on reading this. 😃
  8. I suspect they would agree now that they were over-ambitious and made the map too big. It worked for the previous maps they made, but Bodenplatte was the first really industrial area with lots of cities. Suspect they got 3/4 of the way through, then realised that their usual optimisations were not going to be enough to bring playable frame rates, and had no option but to cut back severely on number of objects and cities. Jason has said already that Channel map will be smaller, and it has fewer big cities as well as an expanse of sea, so seems they learnt a lesson here.
  9. @-DED-Rapidus Settings below. I also set Bloom = 0 in Startup file + Triple Buffering = OFF + Vertical Sync = Use 3D Application Setting
  10. I noticed flickering / shimmering in the (stock game) il-2 cockpits recently - around the joystick/guntriggers. Posted about it in the bug report section a few days ago. The model '42 seemed to be worst affected, though visible on all the il-2s. Also noticed some 'shimmering' between the panel lines on the instrument panel.
  11. I faced the same situation last time with the DDR3 to DDR4 transition. DDR4 modules had started coming out, but were substantially more expensive, and not well supported. I think it will be a similar process with DDR5. Don't think they are likely to be available for desktop systems before 2021, and it may actually be into 2022. The performance improvement looks big and worthwhile, but not sure i can wait that long. Hopefully may be able to get an MB later this year with DDR5 support at least, but afaik Ryzen 4000 won't be doing it.
  12. I've been considering a system upgrade for the last 6 months. Currently still using a 2011-vintage i5-2500k with 8GB of DDR3 1600 RAM. I've upgraded the video card several times over the years, but realise it's past time now for a full revamp (though I have to say i really lucked out with the 2500k - Sandybridge had just launched back then and it was a really big step forward at the time). DCS has been difficult for my system for some time, but increasingly il2-BOS is also demanding more horsepower. I had been planning to get the Intel i5-10600KF when it was launched, but delving deeper into the specs, it just seems to be the last, tired gasp for that particular architecture .As others have said, the power draw is increased, no PCIe 4, poor DDR4 memory speed support. And intel's habit of abandoning / replacing sockets with regularity. So, i've put a new system on hold until I hear more about the Ryzen 4000 series. I've also heard positive noises about the next Intel CPU generation which could possibly launch before the end of the year. Unconfirmed reports about it being a major leap forwards. At the moment i'm tending towards Ryzen 4000, but either way it seems waiting is best option right now. Also hoping to hear more about DDR5 memory, though probably not expecting to get support for it within next few months.
  13. Brief description: Shimmering effect in il-2 cockpits in the area shown in the pic. Detailed description, conditions: There is a shimmering, 'out of focus' effect in the il-2 cockpits in the area shown around the joystick / trigger switches. It seems to be worst in the il-2 m42, but is visible on all three il-2 models. (There is also some slight shimmering noticeable on the panel lines of the instrument panel.) Additional assets (videos, screenshots, logs): Screenshot below shows the area where this occurs. But effects are only really visible in game Your PC config data (OS, drivers, specific software): Win 10, nVidia 1660 Super 6GB, 445.87 drivers, 8GB RAM, no additional software (ie no Reshade,etc)
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