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  1. I miss it too. I know it divided opinion, but for me it added something.
  2. Does that Hurricane look incredibly out of proportion....or what?
  3. I so wish that was true... Nice update again. Looks like I will have to add the Yak-9 to my Hurricane very soon.
  4. There is an option for Realism settings just before launching into a scripted mission or QMB mission. Click on Realism (lower right), and there are 3 options: Normal, Expert, Custom. In Custom there are settings on the right hand side under Pilot Assistance - make sure that Engine Auto Control is unchecked, (Expert will use full realism - all boxes unchecked. I assume Normal has everything checked)
  5. You really do tend towards the "glass half empty" approach to life, don't you?
  6. kendo

    Work in Progress

    I've been following your progress on this work with a lot of interest, but have a question that has occurred to me recently. Will the proposed move to deferred shading mean that you will have to go back and redo things afresh again? I do think the sim would benefit from the kind of graphical revamp you have been working on. For me in recent years, gradually with various cloud fixes/adjustments (and also the graphics revamp around time of Kuban release) the visuals (clouds sky especially) have started to edge towards looking slightly 'cartoony' for certain time of day/weather combinations. I suspect they may intend to tweak things themselves, as they usually seem to have a process of spotting what needs to be improved, and then scheduling it in. But maybe they have been waiting for the shift to Deferred Shading to be done before tweaking and adjusting the view and 'feel'? All speculation I know. But where would this forum be without it?! ๐Ÿ™‚
  7. Not certain, but try this: In Settings go to Game tab. There are check boxes for 'Record special effects' and 'Ground forces'. Make sure they are checked.
  8. Halleluyah!! Looks great. I personally had got very fed up with the incessant de-winging. Looks to be a much more varied set of results now. Very believable looking. Was great seeing several planes go out of controlled flight and into spins when control surfaces were shot off. Also, contrary to what someone said earlier saw at least two fuel tank fires - intense white flame - looks great. Many thanks for this.
  9. Next step I presume: Waco, Horsa and ZFS 230 MUST be flyable
  10. It's funny to see the '"We want" inflation' striking again. Same thing happened with Ju-52. BOS was released without it - cue instant 'We must have the Ju-52 in BOS' threads. Then.... AI Ju-52 announced. We must have a flyable Ju-52. Flyable Ju-52 announced It must have paratroopers - we absolutely need paratroopers Flyable Ju-52 released as collector plane - with paratroopers As we have a flyable Ju-52 for Germans, it is only fair that allied side gets Li-2/C-47. We must have a Li-2/C-47 AI C-47 announced for Normandy We need a flyable C-47 (with paratroopers - obviously!) And...by the way...could we have the Waco CG-4 glider too? And if we are getting the Waco, we must have the Horsa If Allies get Waco and Horsa Germans must have the ZFS 230 Sometimes I feel sorry for the devs ๐Ÿ™‚
  11. Apparently, the planned move to deferred shading should fix this.
  12. You don't say what kind of joystick you are using, but if it happens to be a CH Combatstick or Fighterstick, check that the trim wheel to the right of the stick is centred. (This happened to me a few times) Other sticks may have similar physical trim?
  13. Sounds great. Very impatiently waiting to get my hands on this. ๐Ÿ‘ Difficult to say, but it could actually be that the code becomes a lot cleaner as a result of starting afresh on many things. There is also mention (3rd paragraph from bottom) of "significantly optimized performance algorithms of DM."
  14. Agree that the 1660 Super is MUCH better than the standard 1660 for not much more money (it uses GDDR 6 memory and has much higher memory bandwidth as a result)
  15. Yeah, I couldn't fly the P-51 at all back in il-2 :1946 - constantly spinning out. But this one is really nice. Still spins if you push too far, but can see and understand its strengths now.
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