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  1. Thanks for the skin, but I get extraction errors from 7-zip when I try to extract from the zip file?
  2. If you do have the key mapped in your Key Settings, then check Realism settings for the misleadingly named 'Allow Spectators' option. That should fix it.
  3. AnPetrovich said a lot about the DM revisions in DD243, a few weeks before 4.005 was released: Updated control system DM came through after that. And reading back over the 4.005 release notes there was already a lot of work done in it on fuels systems damage too, with notes of more detail and revisions when the fuel system update comes through. And don't remember where I read it (may have been a comment by Jason to a question? ), but there was talk of future hydraulics DM work being able to depict the dropping down of landing gear after damage.
  4. I believe they said that the big 4.005 DM revision was only to address the airframe/structural side. They said they will revamp the engines DM more fully later (though some 'stop-gap' improvements were made for this in 4.005 too - distinguishing more between inlines and radials I believe). When the new fuel management system is finished there will be a rework of DM for that aspect - self-sealing tanks, etc, etc. They also mentioned about hydraulic system DM improvements too. Work on these aspects may already have been started behind the scenes? Who knows. But they are in the plans.
  5. Congrats on that!! 👍 From what I've been hearing it is going to make a big difference. I'm having moments of weakness and impatience....and beginning to ask if I can get mine before Christmas... 🙂
  6. Yeah, there has been progress on the issues described in the OP - I've read some posts in recent weeks specifically commenting on damaged enemy AI heading home, and the 'pursue back to your base issue" seems to have been either resolved or reduced to a more reasonable level. And there has been a really big focus on improving the AI for the past year or more, so in that regard I don't feel single player has been short-changed. On the contrary the improvements are much appreciated by many of us. Not perfect yet (and probably never will be) but work is ongoing, and I look forward to seeing the tactical level AI improvements that they are currently working on.
  7. The answer to this question is always either 'when it's finished' or 'two weeks'. it may even be both 🙂
  8. I'm in exactly the same situation - will be 10 years in March since I built my i5-2500k system! With SSD and various video card upgrades it is still coping reasonably well. But looking forward to getting a 5600X, probably early in the new year.
  9. Yeah, I was joking 🙂 i suppose I was trying to say what you said - that it's difficult, if not impossible, to determine what proportion of any particular combat is down to the skill of the pilot versus the inherent characteristics of the plane.
  10. Damn!! We need the Buffalo in the game NOW!! What an uber machine it must be.... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Seriously though, is there any making sense of pilot accounts? They are so contradictory and conflicting. I mean the Buffalo has the reputation of being the merest also-ran, and a footnote in WW2 aerial history.
  11. Many thanks for the update.....and also thanks for providing the single download link just for the P-51. Much appreciated as I downloaded the full BOBP mod this morning.
  12. Shocked and saddened to hear that news. Condolences to his family.
  13. You're probably right - knew it was something like that. Think it 's both actually.
  14. They are available in game on the spec tab when you bring up the mission briefing (Esc key while flying if I remember correctly)
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