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  1. From what I know, only Tomahawks flew over Moscow; P-40Es were first used operationally in May of 1942 by the Russians, I believe. @P3zman - I've put in my application. Hope to hear from you guys soon
  2. BoK is in development, so I wouldn't worry about going for that. As of BoM or BoS... choice is yours, really. Base it on the aircraft you want to fly, as when starting out in sim it's best to try and learn one or two aircraft than to stick your finger in every pie, so to speak. Choose whichever has the aircraft that most interest you, and go from there. As of TrackIR, it's not essential, but it really, really helps. Check out Delanclip for an alternative, but again, don't sweat it immediately until you decide you do want to invest in the game. To begin with, learn to fly using the keyboard to handle camera controls. Bismarck had a good look at doing so for a video (focuses on WT's SB mode, but it works here all the same):https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QLW_1g4Kz5M Once you've got a crate learned well enough you can put her down on the airfield 90% of the time, and can pull her out of a stall or a spin, then you're in control of her enough to worry about combat, and there's where TrackIR shines. Until you get to that point (especially if you're looking at multiplayer), don't worry about it.
  3. Hey folks, I'm also interested, but a few burning questions first: What aircraft do you fly? The website mentions the MiG-3, and I know historically the 19th GvIAP flew Airacobras, but I'm particularly interested in the P-40E, which was recieved by the unit. How flexible are starting times? I'm in the UK; 2000 EST is 0100 here, which could get a little rough. Lastly, how often do you fly?
  4. Well, I do know that The Fighter Collection here in the UK has an airworthy P-40B and P-40F... could we ask them about performance perhaps? Long shot, but hey.
  5. So, keep the stick to steady the aircraft, and then trim it to neutral?
  6. Okay, hardcore question time. How do I go about quickly trimming an aircraft for level flight, or - in the case of the P-40 - a gentle decent, say a hands-off landing approach? I often fly the aircraft with all trimmers available - the P-40, LaGG, Pe-2 and He-111 - but I've never mastered the art of trim, it takes me a good few minutes to get her flying steady and even then, I'll take a glance at my kneeboard (tablet) to find I've drifted a good 20-30 degrees off course and am now in a dive. I understand it's much more difficult in sim, as you can't feel that minor list one way or another, but does anyone have a method or some hints/tips to share?
  7. The career mode sounds awesome - perhaps the main thing I miss from IL-2 1946. A question on, though, are we likely to see things like Patrol missions where you don't see much action - or even any at all - and by extension, will even 'inexperienced' players have a chance of meeting aces and unfair odds? Oh, and will we be able to tell AI wingmen not to go engage the first thing they see?
  8. While the teams are so uncoordinated as they are in WoL and similar servers, there's no need for a 3/2 split. Most of the time the VVS win on the basis of having better, more coordinated ground attackers who win the matches straight out. In coordinated games, then the fighter superiority for the Russians may then become a little more important - but couple that with relative pilot skill, and it won't be an issue. The main reason that the VVS was so outclassed historically was because Luftwaffe pilots were better trained than the VVS pilots.
  9. I'm all for hit-and-running airfields, the true-and-tested "One pass and haul ass" method, perhaps with a Jabo loaded with a or a small number of bombs. A coordinated bombing strike is fine, too. But hanging around and vulching an airfield is just asking to be shot down by either AAA or a fighter at higher altitude. I honestly used to play airfield attack a lot as a fighter on campaign, it was initially quite easy. But as I've now hit pilot level 8, base flak is lethal beyond the first pass - need to make it count! Perhaps this calls for an improvement to AAA logic? Someone was talking about that a while ago. 20mm and 37mm flak should be pretty lethal to fighters that are lingering at lower altitude.
  10. I don't, I simply join the Axis side and laugh as I Jabo the runway On a more serious note, and while having never flown the MiG, I'll throw my suggestions out: Try lifting the tailwheel of the aircraft early, or alternately keeping it down longer to help counter the swing?
  11. The LaGG has a surprisingly good roll speed, which can help you to avoid the 109 through reversals. Keep your speed up to deny the 109's maneuverability advantage from the slats, and fly with a wingman if you can. Two versus one is a much better matchup.
  12. I've had a muck about flying the LaGG-3 and the Yak-1 recently, though I can't get my head around how to dogfight in the russian fighters. Since the BF109 climbs so easily, it's easy to escape to safety above the enemy in most situations, unless your energy is too low. The Russian fighters don't have that advantage though; how can one fly defensively in the Russian planes long enough to line up on a target?
  13. I'm thinking two-way radios, similar to the German ones. Also, were they capable of receiving transmissions from ground control? A lot of references note that soviet air missions were inflexible, and I'm wondering if that is why.
  14. Anyone know if and when soviet aircraft began adopting radio communication?
  15. Don't worry, found the problem. For anyone with similar trouble, the .LIST file for the map was referring to the wrong location, so I edited it to the correct directory using Notepad.
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