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  1. Hey guys! Since the last patches I had a problem with connecting into the game. "Master Server Authorization failed" came instead. Now after the hotfix patch is out it doesn't show up anymore but now there is another problem showing maybe it's connected with the problem I wrote before: Every time I want to connect to the game there is always the message popping up: "LINK ACCOUNTS AND LOGIN". I press on it, nothing happens. I press onto it again the last flown plane is in the background, but the "LINK ACC." - message is still there and after I klick onto it a 3rd time then it connec
  2. yes, the problem is solved for me
  3. Hello guys! Since about 2 weeks or so I have problems to see any servers in the server lobby. No DangerDogs, no TeamFusion3 server - nothing. I can only successfully join with direct IP. Any ideas to solve this problem? Cheers, Roberth
  4. It is not only the gun sound, but also the engine sound which disappear sometimes....
  5. Hello guys, everytime I fly on some servers, after a while the soundeffects partly or completely disappear... I don't know what it is and how to fix it. To close the game and restart it is not the best way to solve it. See you in the skies Roberth
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