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  1. Good afternoon, I have such a question. Tell me please, is this option for red pilots, how to return home in most cases after an emergency landing on the territory of the enemy has already been canceled? Or is it just so unlucky for me? I had three emergency landing and in all three cases was captured? There is the impression that under each bush a German soldier is waiting, in order to capture the Soviet pilot in captivity.
  2. Thank you for message. Will wait))).
  3. It would be great, it would serve, a good reason not to get drunk to hell))).
  4. = LG = Kathon good afternoon, I had a very interesting and productive flight last night (09/01/2017 23:21:37 Moscow_North # 8 Landed). I destroyed the train and returned home from the task, my shooter Vasily still managed to shoot down two Messers. As intelligence reported later, these were the best pilots of the squadron, pilots paulshow2 and his leading = LG = Kathon. They certainly inflicted damage on my plane, firing randomly on it)), but I managed to bring the car to the aerodrome and successfully planted it. But some scoundrel, reported to the higher command the wrong information and my combat flight with the destruction of the enemy echelon was not written to me in the flight book, and also the shooting down of two German aces. And after this relegation, I was also lowered in rank. From the lieutenant, to the junior lieutenant. Meeting him, I would kill a scoundrel)).
  5. Well done !!! Good date, I'll take the kids to school and start))).
  6. Of course we will wait, because there are no alternatives, and thank you very much for the work you have done.
  7. Good day, but a more precise date for the beginning of the campaign has already been determined?
  8. Morning, it's great. What time exactly in the morning.
  9. = LG = Kathon, good afternoon, for whatever reason, are not fixed my flights yesterday and today, where I shot down two aircraft and inflicted damage to the warehouse http://taw.stg2.de/pilot.php?name=Klever , and before that, I have three aircraft were shot down, but recorded only one, as it should be?
  10. Good, we will wait, and then you decide, so let it be and good luck in the endeavor.
  11. Hello DavidRed. When you are able to establish the statistics of = FB = Vaal and = FB = Isay, it will be interesting.
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