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  1. Just wondering could someone point me in the right direction. Is there a tutorial that could show me how to start the FW 190 or any other of the planes. I have looked on youtub but could not find any. Any help would be great
  2. Hello Jose, honestly i'm not a stalker Yes fantastic communication between Developers and the IL2 community, Impressive stuff, Really enjoying the experience
  3. I found Zaks Developer's Diary, Great stuff all the information in one spot. Thank you Voncrapenhauser
  4. The new stuff? Will all of the upcoming new planes/maps info be in the "new release" section of the forums? Or is there one place that everybody goes to get the latest release info? I didn't really venture outside this thread yet with the fear of getting lost:)
  5. Hello fellow Pilots, Happy Thursday Evening to all. I have just signed up to your fantastic forum's, fantastic place loads of great info and tips. Bought and installed BOS through Steam, Just finding my way around the keyboard and Sim. I have purchased the Premium Planes and look forward to plenty of good old battles
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