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  1. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! May 2019 be the best year, yet!
  2. You can use the U2 in QMB and multiplayer modes. Career missions for the U2 on the Stalingrad map will come out next month.
  3. Go on the IL2 Store Page. Click on the, 'Collector Planes,' link. The U2 should be the first collector plane listed. 🛩️
  4. Thanks and the U2 is a great plane to practice formation flying. If you ever see me online in multiplayer, I will totally practice formation flying with you, till a Me109 inevitably shoots me down, anyway. 🤣 Cool! I had a great time formation flying with you. You are very thoughtful, a great flight lead. Some folks just firewall the throttle, then throttle down all the way, back and forth, it makes it impossible to get in formation. You really made it easy for all of us to form up on you and I really appreciate it. Unlike you, I didn't actually blow up any targets, but that fan
  5. U2 Formation Flying Video
  6. Some players may disconnect intentionally. Then again, players may simply lose their connection, something beyond their control. Myself, I have lost my connection in multiplayer on five or six occasions. I once had it happen while I was in the middle of shooting down a bomber. Had I not lost my connection, I would have been credited with an air kill. Because of the disconnect, something I had no control over, I wasn't given credit for shooting down the bomber. I was punished for something I had no control over. Now, I don't mind losing the air kill, but I would probably be a little
  7. How do players feel about the BF-109G6? Is he competitive with late war red team fighters? Can he reliably run from red fighters? If I get the Bf-109G6, I would primarily use him as a bomber interceptor. He seems to have very impressive fire power.
  8. I would totally recommend getting the P-40E1. What a great ride.
  9. Scharfi is a force of nature. I love her videos. She is amazing. And I appreciate your take on the HS 129. I have that ride under consideration as my next Collector plane. Thanks for your input! S!
  10. The Dev Team will surely do the best job they possibly can do, given the best information they have available. I can't expect more from the Dev Team and don't expect more from the Dev Team. I anticipate being greatly pleased with their future efforts, as I am greatly pleased with their past efforts and current efforts. 🛩️
  11. It is 3:42 AM in Moscow right now. The Dev Team must be asleep, unless the Dev Team is Amish... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_iUUqOB147w
  12. No multiplayer servers showing on my end, as well. Noticed, persons experiencing this problem are from all around the World, yet there are players apparently able to access multiplayer. I am very glad that this isn't impacting all multiplayer players. Maybe there is a fix on our end? If not, I am sure we will be up and running before we know it.
  13. So much fantastic awesomeness is heading our way. I am looking forward to all the new rides and other content! And the Dora looks beautiful. 😍
  14. I was kicked off of WOL tonight while I was in the middle of shooting down a He-111 attacking the train station I was defending. Talk about bad timing.
  15. My impression of aircraft weapons in game? I am currently learning the P-40. The P-40 is highly effective. The guns of the P-40 are extremely lethal. I am the problem. When I am using the P-40 in multiplayer, I am what is causing my guns to not cut a BF-109 in half. My P-40 is a fantastic ride. The guns on my P-40 are fine, better than fine, tremendously lethal. I need to adapt myself to the P-40, to the guns on the P-40. I need to improve my skills. I want to learn to shoot like Arianne Scharfi. She is a great role model. The guns on her P-40 will surely have no trouble cutting a
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