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  1. So now we need a mod that will paint the tunnel in because atm the tunnel is black.
  2. Thanks for your reply, all's good I removed the file then used the viewer to check what happened, the skin went slightly darker with patchy reflections at high angles and almost no reflection at shallow angles. Then I loaded a quickmission, at high angles the reflections can't be seen, at shallow to medium angles patchy reflections. The game doesn't seem to mind not having that bumpmap. Wow I turned mods enable to off then loaded quickmission now I got a very shiny plane LOL, it's like a sheet of rippled glass, super slick. This makes a new type of mod that doesn't need mods enabled. Noticed something else 4K custom skins aren't as glassy as 2K default skins The ram is good, I was just thinking through if 2 files have to be loaded to generate what the player see's ingame, how this has to add up quickly. Thanks HellHound.
  3. Thanks for answering my questions BlackHellHound1, so bf109's and fw190's were shiny, ok. So I can delete this DDS file that belongs to the planes that aren't reflective. (I saved it as a jpg so I could upload it, as it's 21.3MB). Thinking this through, having 2x21.3MB files per plane ie; (the texture + this file) needs to be loaded into ram as opposed to a single shiny texture, it's a toss for which uses more graphics card resource I suppose. Anyway thanks for your answers BlackHellHound1 I'm off to experiment with deletion.
  4. Yep this is Kuban map it has 2 tunnels that I have seen.
  5. I was wondering if I could fly through it, thats what I was going to do on my next mission, but above post's say nope. Oh well maybe in a future update the tunnel can be made hollow and function so we can have trains running through it, and time it so we could arrive just early enough to bomb train as it enters or departs.
  6. Hi BlackHellHound1 I have a couple of small questions, is it possible to stop the game from rendering reflective surfaces on all the aircraft, and does the reflection consume fps if you combine all the aircraft that are currently flying? Many thanks for your dedicated painting and history that goes with each skin.
  7. While flying a mission for my career I was checking my 6 when I spotted a strange small glowing object 1500mtrs below in the forest. I thought what is that, some strange anomally glowing from the forest, so I go down to inspect. The reason why the object was glowing was due to early morning sun stricking it and turning it a pink brownish tinge. As I got closer to the glow I realized this is a brick facade in the bush that's weird, has the mapping team inadvertantly left behind a misplaced building? Anyway I won't say what this object is, I'm not aware of any other postings mentioning this and I haven't done any searching in this forum for other postings about it. If this has been discussed already it won't hurt to mention again a few more times. Below is a few pictures to spoil the curiosity factor, and I'm pleasantly surprised and amazed at what the landscape mappers get up to and create for us.
  8. Yes during this mission I received a penalty warning for firing on the Yak-1. When I landed and parked back at base after winning the attack, thats when the war crimes and execution proceeded but I also received the german cross in gold that makes it even more weird.
  9. I agree that this is hilarious, but poor Oberfeldwebel Hahn was doing his duty, in this instance the target was a Yak-1 on a Russian targeted airfield 20km from the front line. The only logical explanation is German spy infiltrating Russian airfield steals Yak-1 but is subsequently shot up by Gerhart Hahn during frenzied ground pounding. Now Oberfeldwebel is executed and I have absolutely no idea how to resuscitate him. ;( On a more serious note, this is a career bug which possibly has been reported?
  10. Executed for war crimes. For firing on a friendly parked Yak-1 at Russian airfield we were attacking. This was the Kuban Career for Gerhart Hahn may he rest in peace, he also received the "German Cross in Gold". Is this a bug or have I inadvertantly killed my Career pilot?
  11. TAW just crashed 5:00 minutes ago edit: Thanks binary codeage I didn't receive a disco
  12. Very nice, thank you for your dedication 2 1/2 years ago.
  13. I would like to see a virtual protractor and ruler with a marking pen that you can move around the ingame map and plot your course on the map plus you could also put notes on the map. This would be very close to what navigators did irl. And if its too hard to implement then maybe do it as an addon pack we can purchase like with addon aircraft, I would pay for it if the devs made it available.
  14. Promo code allows purchasing at a reduced price. To use your discount code, copy and insert it into Promo code field in our store Promo Code Expiration date Status 40% OFF Battle of Moscow - Premium Edition XXXXXXV March 8, 2017, 9 a.m. already used 40% OFF Battle of Moscow - Standard Edition XXXXXXX X9N March 8, 2017, 9 a.m. expired You don't have active promo codes. PROMO Code has not been used it failed during the "Pay by Visa" function. Outlined in my post above. I give up. :ph34r: THANK GOD! Now piss off WTF
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