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  1. How much longer will we have to wait for 1C Studios to find a solution for the people who have been complaining about the joystick configuration? So many people have complained about this. I will not be buying anymore of these flight simulators until these problems are addressed,.. I have the Saitec x52,.. its a shame that it works like it should on IL2 1946 from over 12 years ago,.. but not on these flight simulators. I am not the only one that is complaining,.. many joysticks are almost impossible to program the way the user wants it, people are having issues. Many people can not use their joysticks the way they want to use them, the software will not recognize some of the different buttons or sliders. I have a friend with disablilities. He has difficulties with these sims because the software will not recognize the buttons that he needs to operate because of his deformed hands. He likes to operate the tanks.. but can't get his joystick to work the way he needs it to work in the Battle Of Moscow. It seems like more time should be devoted to fixing or tweaking the control section of what you have now instead of cranking out more flight simulators 1C Studios... You would have the perfect WWII simulator then, one that would work with all joystick sliders and buttons. If it could be done with IL-2 1946 in 2006 then why not now.. ? When are you going to address these problems 1C ? Stop putting out these flight sims until you fix your issues on the ones that you have in the market now. As a customer.. I feel ripped off. We should have the option to use all the fetures of our favorite joysticks. If you want to increase sales, then please fix, and let us know when you have done so. I have to add that I think that these flight sims are 2nd to none as far as quality of graphics. I know a lot of work and time went into them and they are beautiful. What good are they if you can't make your joystick work as it was intended to work?.. I spend more time on IL-2 1946 from 2006 then I do on these flight simulators, not as much eye candy, but all controls work as intended with most joysticks... Please 1C Game Studios,.. get it together,.. give use joystick options that work,.. fix what you have. I appreciate what you have given us,. some great looking flight sims,.. but the controls section needs some updateing and fine tuning. Thank you for your efforts so far... .. an IL-2 pilot
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