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  1. In the plane's set up screen in the mods tab you can choose the rear gunner option.
  2. These are the Hebrew "No Step" lettering, Rap. Hope it helps.
  3. According to my research that badge on the model is not historically correct and is actually copied from the badge sewn to the pilot's uniforms and flight jackets, but that is not at all an issue and from what i have seen very few of the squadron's ponies had the insignia painted on them...but again that is no biggie at all and would not detract one iota from my gratitude to you, Sir! In any case isn't there a proverb about not checking a gift horse's (or pony in this case) teeth?...
  4. Happily, i have just now! The Scorpion Sqn was/is the 105th Sqn and the image below is the way it looked in the Suez campaign in 1956. I hope it's large and clear enough for your needs-that's the best i could find. Thank you again, very much and i shall be a model of patience now...
  5. And at the risk of being a noodge i wonder if you had seen my reply to your post about the Israeli P-51, in case it got buried among the rest of the posts in this thread. If you had, i apologize for my relative lack of patience...It's 42 you know, the answer to life, the universe and everything...and my personal flying number in the past 20 years. Thanks in advance if you decide to do it and if for some reason you choose not to, then thank you for considering and cheers!
  6. The little info i could get is that this particular Mustang belonged to the "Scorpion" Sqn based at Ramat David in the early to mid 50s. Those yellow and black stripes were used by the allies and U.N. forces during the Suez crisis in 1956. Thus it would denote that this scheme is from October 1956. Hope it helps and thank you for considering doing it!
  7. Beautiful work, mate! As are all of them. Thanks!
  8. Greetings Rap! If your generous offer still stands then this would be my wish: Not much in the way of historical photos but gives a good general idea...
  9. Thanks for sharing, Bugsy, excellent stuff!
  10. A blue/brown Israeli cammo Mustang would be very very cool too....
  11. That P-51 looks a lot like a P-47, mate! In any case, very cool skins! Thanks for sharing!
  12. Some good suggestions here...however, the simplest and cheapest solution will work best here. Just having the newer birds have a pinned thread like the older ones. Worked fine before and if it ain't broke... However, this is said as a user, downloading and enjoying the fine work of the skinners here. I don't know if this pinning solution is in any way easier and simpler for them and at the end of the day what is good for them is what counts.
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