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  1. Excellent! Some attention to arguably the prettiest plane in the game. For certain it is up there at the top in the cool list!
  2. Thanks for sharing! excellent work! Question, if i may...weren't "Special Delivery" and "The Madam" part of the 387th Fighter Squadron? They carry the B4 code lettering prefix same as "Turnip Termite"? I'm no expert but as far as i know, they were.
  3. SARFlytitus, my deepest condolences for your loss as sadly, i had a quite similar experience in the not so distant past.😢
  4. Thanks for sharing! That first photo has got it's printed info mixed, i think. She belonged to the 56th Fighter Group and the 63rd Fighter Squadron and not vice versa as printed there...
  5. Create a folder B25Draf in your skins folder and put them there.
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