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  1. A blue/brown Israeli cammo Mustang would be very very cool too....
  2. That P-51 looks a lot like a P-47, mate! In any case, very cool skins! Thanks for sharing!
  3. Some good suggestions here...however, the simplest and cheapest solution will work best here. Just having the newer birds have a pinned thread like the older ones. Worked fine before and if it ain't broke... However, this is said as a user, downloading and enjoying the fine work of the skinners here. I don't know if this pinning solution is in any way easier and simpler for them and at the end of the day what is good for them is what counts.
  4. Long time indeed, mate! Still have tons of your skins in my ol' 46 install. Welcome back!
  5. Very cool, thanks! Not many skins made for this old girl....
  6. szelljr just posted two more fine Dolphin skins in his WW1 deposit thread.
  7. It's all good and i didn't think for a moment you were hostile, szelljr. It's just that in general there is less variety of WW1 birds. I think i have most of the skins made for them by you and other fine skinners and thank you for that!
  8. Except for szelljr i mean, who does a sterling job at it....
  9. Thanks! The WWI birds need some attention indeed....
  10. Very cool! but this latest version of PP Maru is missing it's colored stripes on the spinners at least in the picture...Just sayin'...
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