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  1. I would like to echo the sentiment of this thread. Excellent work from you skinners. Thank you Gents.
  2. Sparky? BlitzPig Sparky? Nah...can't be. Well maybe.... Howarya old hat? As EL said, we are still intact (minus some hair and stuff) and a few of us still fly online with EL hosting...We also do racing sims and play bingo! (o.k. no bingo...) We'll set you up with a link and stuff as soon as we notify our forum gods (mainly BlitzPig_Waz...) We could help you a bit with getting the rust dust off! 😊
  3. I'm sorry to hear this and have been using and admiring your skins since the early days of the original IL-2, Zargos... However, i am happy to hear you are moving on with awareness. If it is no fun for you - there is no sense keeping on and i am sure you will have something else to be creative with. Thanks for the years of excellent skins! All the best !😊
  4. Hopefully the first of many...thanks!
  5. Oh i have aged and matured and have become much stupider and much sillier with the passing of time, Count...During the years passed the remaining BlitzPigs and our friends to crime have refined and evolved stupid to almost zen master levels. We are so good at it now that it requires no effort or thought at all! Who knew?
  6. And yes, i am still here after all those years... And both Skychimp and Count rising from the ashes of forgetfulness and the dust of ages...Get your furry behinds to our forum gents or we will come and get you and it's not going to be pretty, i tells ya!
  7. Excellent skins szelljr! Thanks for sharing them with us!
  8. I do use "hardcore" settings...where is the option for external views, please? i can't seem to find it... And thank you again!
  9. Thanks, those suggestions worked and i am re-mapping everything... Except that external cameras views F2 F3 etc, do not work...they do when i'm watching a recorded track but not when i am in quick missions and want to look at my plane from externals... Any idea why that is? Again, thanks in advance!
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