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  1. 4L0M

    [MOD] Sky & Clouds Mod

    @HappyHaddockI only started modding the game on Saturday lunchtime, so I'm sure there's a lot to learn! 😉
  2. 4L0M

    [MOD] Sky & Clouds Mod

    Hi HappyHaddock. Thanks for the reply. Don't worry, I'm well versed in multiple different game engines. To be honest, modding Woff was the worst thing I could have done, as once I figured out how it all worked, the illusion was shattered and I couldn't "unsee" how basic the game engine really was! I know the cirrus textures don't effect the sky as such, that's down to the gradients on the sky box textures, but I made the cirrus textures larger and tiled to mitigate the borderline pixellation seen on some of them.
  3. 4L0M

    [MOD] Sky & Clouds Mod

    It's interesting that the cloud tops etc aren't called. Do you know what generates the clouds? Do the cloud maps create them. Are they a particle effect maybe? I didn't really upscale them either, just the alpha channels. The underlying textures aren't upsampled, they were individual cloud textures made by me for a mod I made for Woff. As for tiling the sky dome, the original is a seamless texture which is tiled in the sky, so tiling it multiple times seems a quick elegant way of removing the pixellation. Like I say, 1st version, I can make my own in the future. Cheers!
  4. 4L0M

    [MOD] Sky & Clouds Mod

    No problem, I can add more. The more testing people do, the more I can edit them. Thanks for taking the time to comment (and the screenshot!)
  5. 4L0M

    [MOD] Sky & Clouds Mod

    Hi, sorry about that. I've never used sharemods before, I use ublock origin in Firefox/chrome, I have never seen a pop up box before like that when downloading ets2 mods from there. I will upload it to mediafire too in half hour. If anyone has any other suggestions on decent file hosting, please let me know. Thanks. EDIT: Added Mediafire Link in first post.
  6. 4L0M

    [MOD] Sky & Clouds Mod

    Hi, The skycolour is denoted by weather,time of day etc. My mod doesn't change any sky colours. I suppose I should have taken a few more screenshots under different conditions, but I was pressed for time. It's certainly possible to create new sky colours though for more variation. Like I say, this is only a first version for testing, there are many possibilities in the future though. Thanks.
  7. Hi everyone, New guy here. I have been working on a mod that changes the Skydomes and the clouds in Great Battles and I thought I would share it for anyone who may like to try it. This is a version 0.1 for testing & comments. What does the mod do? The skydomes in GB are 1024x1024px. I have made new Skydomes that are 4096x4096px. That's 16x larger than stock. I have also created these skyboxes in 16-bit as opposed to 8-bit of the stock ones. This greatly diminishes, if not completely erradicates any skyban
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