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  1. Hockey season starts, so it's sorted just out of curiosity, what exactly is wrong with his comment?
  2. Take a Fw190 with add 2x20mm. Should be no diff. Or?...
  3. Artur I take that. We are thinking of joining TAW from day one this time and just wondering how you gonna cope with new planes. Thats all
  4. In that case you have no idea what you are talking about my friend
  5. Vasilij is talking about how to fly and fight in this plane. Not how pretty and sexy it is. La's or Spit's dont give a damn how adorable you look in or with your plane. If 202 is far superior to I16, well, how often you can face I16 on KOTA or TAW? Beginning of campaign maybe, that's it. Everything else will send you to Valhalla. You can practise as much as you like against AI, that ain't human being. And as we know on dark side, Ivans wear antiG-suit and their planes are made of concrete birch tree. 😉 That is our folklore talk in JG26. Or you are just spoiled from flying red planes only.
  6. No offence mate, but you say full real server is great and yet complaining about vulching. I dont get it.
  7. I'm thinking about calculation in total. You see that difference? RamaWill's got 1 AK and 691 GKs more than Bzzzt and still is 336K points behind. He did not die everytime he went up to get his points nullified or reduced. That is confusing, how or what is countable.
  8. We will have D-9 and the rest after full release of BP as well? Just asking
  9. Is it really ok and necessary to have Spit IX and G14 in last week of plane rotation? It is pain in the South for guys who don't own premium planes from Bodenpl. And another one from ranking, cause we don't get it. Example: Nil_Ubist with 52 groung kills only has 1743K. Or 72AG_Bzzzt with 1 air kill and 70 ground kills has 4004K. Compare to RamaWill with 2 Air kills and 761 ground kills with 3668K only. How is that?
  10. What can I say? Talking for our squad, JG means we love to fly german planes and we really dont care if sides are equal. As you are saying, we play to entertain ourselfs, not you or him or them. I believe if you stay on this server, people are happy. If you go, you are a goner. I can see pretty much same people on this server, during peak time it can be 16vs16, maybe more. And we have fun. Actually cant remember last time someone was talking about sides in chat window. Bout gear...that was very first time I saw that, ever. I just dont believe its bug, glitch, whatever..
  11. Well, we pretty leveled depot west of Sychevka last sunday, but it was back to active in less than 45mins. I've read something about 2 days to repir depot, so that makes us confused. I remember you my friend. When red airfield is 55 secs flight time to tank base and our bombers are actually there, you really cannot expect us to let you have a go from that base. I know, it sucks, but this server aint friendly minecraft. What pissed me off was Yak flying around with gear down, but that didnt affect its FM at all. I thought it was you in first place cause you were moaning about us over your base. But as I found out later it was SA Semz. He was able to keep up in speed and in climb with G6. With gear down!!!
  12. How we do that.. 1. Whenever its possible, make your run with someone else. Power is in numbers. 2. You may notice that AA needs to reload. So keep your distance and let them shot till they need to reload and thats your time. 3. Ignore heavy AAA, they are useless in short distance. Light AAA must go first. 4. Enjoy
  13. Temuri, the colors are fine looks like we didnt go through rules and faqs properly. I had no idea about colors and what it means. Will check and follow it next time we are there. Black is back..
  14. It was mission #4271. We used southern blue airfield and attacked tank base SE from our field. Cant remember names or base number. I can update it later today just need my pc. But have to add, that tank base was connected with a line to red airfield
  15. Untamo thx for reply. Yes we did exactly what we had to do. Tank base was related to that airfield, it was closest one. Tanks went through, message about this received, then we closed particular airfield, we received the message Airfield closed and then I landed with paras. Nothing happened. So I went to my bed and slapped my beloved one...etc... Back to server. I saw red Pe2 did capture our airfield yesterday, I was 5 secs late to spray it, but he did it. So I thought its working.
  16. 2/JG26 was trying numerous times to capture enemy airfields, after red tank base was down and red airfield was closed, we landed He111 with paras onboard there but no luck. I checked it later on stats and it says I landed not on airfield. Do we miss something regarding capturing enemy airfield (dont think so) or just server goes its own way?
  17. Anybody here with Vive and gtx1060? What are your settings for BoS? Thx
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