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  1. you just beat me to it I really like and appreciate the work Mark Felton put into the videos he make.
  2. I never ever used this in old IL2. And I for one cant understand why any one would want it. That being said, It cant exactly be hard to code and implement, can it? So an option in singel player, If any one want's to use it, why not? If it can drag in a few extra players, why not. But the drawing point of IL2 series has always been the unparalleled realism, and I think very VERY few of the intended audience are interested.
  3. When playing on servers, I havent found info on where to find voice channels. Any recomandations? I have both teamspeak and Discord.
  4. The most intresting thing for me have been the me 262, but I cant deny that flying red sudently became MUCH more interesting ๐Ÿ˜„ The next thing for me, Is wayting for campagne being implemented for the new birds, I'm much more of a singel player. But I promise to be a target from time to time in multiplayer
  5. I7 6700 Win 10 16 gig DDR 4 ram Gtx 1070 Fps. Are all ower the place dempending on the patch. Before I had 24 on the ground and 40-60 in flight whith ingame settings tuned for vr after tips on this forum The fps was bad but it felt ok for some reason. But in the spring a patch totaly destroyd my fps and the game was unplayabel for some time. At end of summer patch made then performance better again. I ended up using oculus tool to lock the fps to 45. And at the moment that gives me a pretty solid experience. But far from optimale, and I think on paper I should have gotten better performance. Posibel that my cpu are the bottelneck, unsurten....
  6. I'm going to test this right after work ๐Ÿ˜„ . performence with steam VR have always been horrible compared to native rift games. I'm prepared for disapointment but hoping for a miracle and will be more then happy for a smal improvment
  7. Gloster Meteor and Ar-234. That's what I hope for the most. I also think both are more then a little likely. Why not the only operational allied jet fighter in combat use during ww2? And it would be a really good addition to multiplayer. The B-25 not likely. They have stated that's AI only, with the possibility for flyable at a later date. It would be to much of a good PR move to announce that one as flyable as early as possible. Change there mind during development? Hmm.... absolutely possible, but I don't think so. More jets on the other hand, would be tempting, when they first have introduced the tocology to the game. Whit the code in place, "easy" to add more.
  8. I have no Idea what kind of work you guys are doing nor where in the world you are located, but I do know that I want to work there!
  9. Hi, how are VR performence after latest patch? I have had big problems with VR performance for a long time, but the patch that introduced the me 262 fixt everything, and performance finaly become preaty good. But the newest patch, and I think it was the hotfix, made everyting bad again . I know the graphic reset after new patch, I have sett graphics back to what it was before patch.
  10. This was possible in original IL2. I have always preferred singel player gaming, so when I found out, I quickly checked it out. I imported pictures of family and friends, and a few celebrities, Captain Kirk, Han Solo, The King of Norway and so on :P . YES it can bring you a bitt out of the experience, if all you are after is as real an experience as possible, and I guess this is the crowd for that, more then most other games :) . But for me I studently cared a lot about my AI buddies, and I gave it the extra effort to protect my wing man when I it was my best friend or Captain Kirk that was in peril :P I totally get it if this is a thing, many would not like or need, but back in the IL2 days, I really enjoyed the experience :)
  11. I did Haashashin's tip, (not steam versjon), deleted everyting related to the newest patch. Everything worked after that. But I did not use my pc or internet while updating, just to not Jinx enything . Everything good now. Exept, sound.... Having asound bug. When two or three difrendt sounds are played simultanly, engine sound disaperes. (me 262 Kuban map).
  12. I for one had not excpected the p-51 to be ready just yet, very happy they still relese update with whats alredy ready ๐Ÿ˜„ . Halberstadt was one of my favorit planes in ROF ๐Ÿ˜„
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