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  1. GrinderX9

    My last give away

    Your generosety is much apreacheated. . I was to late to be a part of this lottery, but in the end I think many deserve it much more then me, so congrats to the winners
  2. GrinderX9


    How dare you! You sire, are an insult to this fine game. This community don't need no stinking landings and take offs! Real men are born in the sky and die in the sky. A flying game with landing and take offs, what's next? U-boat sim's with sailing on the surface haha, that would be the day!
  3. Like you can see in my answer above, I did test to lower settings. And Yes that gave me higher fps. But when flying close to other planes and looking at them, the frame instantly drop from 40-50 fps to 15. Same result whit low settings as it is whit high settings. Like I also did say, this has never happened before. So a lower settings answer do not really answer anything, even if it had workt, something that it did not. But thank you for the ASW tip, that did help on the FPS. But had no effect on the problem when getting close to other planes. I have my problem in a few different places on the forum, so far, no one have helpt more then a "lower" settings tips . Not complaining and glad for everyone trying to help, even the "lower" settings tips. If it had help, I would have been super happy. So I have my own theories. I think a new optdate in steam vr or Oculus is to blame. I play IL2 in steam, with a oculus rift. In some games this is not a good combination. So today, I'm uninstalling IL2 in steam, and download the installer directly from this page, and hoping that this will be a better solution for "this" Oculus rift user. One more thing. My FPS have never been better then around 40 fps. Most of the time that number is constant, and that is good enough for me, and I have never complained about it. But reading on this forum, I get the distinct feeling that most people gets much better fps on similar hardware? I have I7 6700 K 4.0 ghz GTX 1070 and 16 gig ram.
  4. I'm having exact same problem. Much lower fps then before in career and Qmb. No Idee whats happened. Mabe some optdate in oculus rift/home is the problem?
  5. I'm having the exact problem CPU: I7 6700K at 4.0 Ram 16g GPU: GTX 1070 It's a few weeks sins last i played IL2, so not shure whats updatet sins last time. Not IL2. But mabe some steam or oculus uptdate? I have never been happy whit the performence of il2 in vr. But at least I normaly get 40-45 fps in vr. And It most of the time feel smooth and nice. One week ago I boutht the spitfire, and wontet to play. But instantly noticed what JG51 Costa said. Ghost effect, and extremely poorer performance. When I meet singel enemy fps down in the 20... fps. Ghost effect and terible performance. I have changed none settings ingame beforhand. But today I testetd a few things, and eaven If I drasticly lower graphic settings, no go, still same low fps and ghosting when meeting enemy. Can some plz advise on this, unplayable as is
  6. GrinderX9

    Campaign FPS drops again

    I used my feedback on other topics. This is also more a bug, then a question of optimalisation.
  7. GrinderX9

    Campaign FPS drops again

    No one has tips for this? I have tested some more, And can't find enething in quick mission that can recreate the problem. But soon as I start campagne, the fps drops to around 15-20 fps in VR. Unplayable. 8 vs 8 firefight at low altidude in quickmission and I get stable 45 fps. On the other hand I dont see the steam VR basestation flashes.... but the FPS drops nevertheless.
  8. GrinderX9

    Campaign FPS drops again

    I never before had problems with this. But Playd today, after a few weeks pause. And the FPS in campaign was unplayable . Quick mission with 4x4 battel seems normal. One question. I did try to lower my resolution, read this in IL2 VR tips today, that it wont effect VR graphics, just whats on the monitor. I lowered it first all the way to 640x something . And it did indeed effect the performence greatly. But.... my mouse was restricted to a very small work erea. When I chansed the resolution up to 1200x something the mouse could movie in a bigger space, but still not the entire screen. Unfortently I was unable to be able to start flying when I couldent get the mouse down to the lower right menu. Eny tips how to fix this? I realy want to fly whit much lowered resolution on the monitor.
  9. GrinderX9

    Landing the Fokker dr.1

    Long time since last time I flew the Dr.1 in Rise of flight. So I don't recall the procedure anymore... But could it help to force the Stick all the way back to hug the ground with the tail?
  10. GrinderX9

    Expensive aircraft in Il-2?

    Of cores the price is to high. Compared to normal "games" or even older sims. But price and demand... And to be able to make and continue to give us content for the game, this is the price they have to take. And I think most of us pay it gladly. Of cores I want to pay as little as possible, but more then anything I want to be able to play a modern ww2 sim.
  11. GrinderX9

    WWI-Era Planes

    Why are ww1 birds always taking of and landing in grass fields, even when paved runways are next to it? Is it because paved runways are to hard on the planes on landing?
  12. GrinderX9

    Adjustable Scale in VR?

    Yeah the VR are really nice in this game. Sims in general are somewhat hardware demanding, and so is IL2 BOX. My GTX 1070 do keep my fps around 40-45. That's a bitt on the low side, but at the moment I'm unwilling to turn down the graphics, because its so damn nice in VR. Know i'm just waiting for money to rain from the sky, so I one day can get my hands on a Gtx 2080 😄
  13. GrinderX9

    Adjustable Scale in VR?

    Test some other planes. The 109 copit are extremly smal compared to many russian planes. And beacause of that, i get the feeling that the russian copits are bigger and are suposet to be that way.
  14. GrinderX9

    Release Schedule

    I'm really happy that Rise of flight are being ported into the IL2 game. To be able to play ROF in VR are beyond unbelievable and cool. Of course, the price are equably unbelievable, and that only for a fraction of the content of ROF. And I guess we have to pay that price 3-4 times more before we have all the content. If they had to remake all the content, that would have been another matter, but its almost just a reskin job. Correct me if I'm wrong on that. But no matter, I guess the company need the money, if it helps them making more great content for this sim, I see no problem and pay gladly. The only think that makes me wonder, are how long it takes. Do the reskin job Take this much time? No I don't think so. I guess its more of a business plan, to spread the income evenly thought the year. Or something like that. But if that are true, it also means that there are a very planed timetable, and the only thing I and the rest of you really ask for, Is that timetable. So devs, plz give us that much at least