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  1. I understand this is a WIP (I hope) As someone who flys in the rain, the effect is good until the plane gets up to speed, then the effect is poor. It's like you have the viscosity of the water set too high. ​The prop tends to "mist" the drops just behind the prop. The streaks would not be that thick and hard to see thru. Also i hope that the dust effects on the field are toned down when rain is present.
  2. Blitzen's problem solved. He had a "reshader" program installed. I thought I had IL-2 returned to a clean install but his mod program was still in there. Once I took out the files manually, it worked.
  3. I solved Blitzen's issue. He had some "reshader or sweet efx" program running too. It took me a bit dig it out of his machine. Once that was done everything worked as people have described in the start up proceedures posted in this sub forum.
  4. using TrackIR, I have the same issue as the OP. I would like to move the mouse to move the gun but no one has said the actual command yet. I've been unsuccessful in the IL-2 thus far.
  5. same here, anyone know the commands for making the turret move? I don't mean the key, I mean the command.
  6. I hope the learning curve won't be too steep
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