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  1. I did a few long range missions to destroy rear depots in a tank, funny but not something I would do on a regular basis. Once I drove in a Sherman all the way from Temryuk to Taman to put some mess at the German airfield. Very long drive while avoiding being detected by aircrafts, just to arrive in view of the airfield and get wrecked by a hidden object. Couldn't move and a 37mm somewhere could fire on me at times, I couldn't do much except damage a few planes with the commander's .50 Cal...finally planes saw me and I was destroyed...won't be doing that often either 😆
  2. Yeah sure, but it was an AI, and they usually don't die when you taxi....
  3. No I joined as a dorsal gunner, I didn't do anything special but was instantly killed on joining. The AI ventral gunner was killed while taxiing...
  4. I had something weird happening last night in multiplayer on Combat Box, I wanted to join one of my squadmates as a dorsal gunner in his A-20 which was starting his engines on an airfield. As soon as I joined I was left outside the plane and the message "gunner killed" appeared in the technochat. He started with a new A-20, I could normally join this time, but as we were taxiing the ventral AI gunner died. I saw him slumping on the ground and he then disappeared. We were experiencing a few "delayed hits data" aon respawning, could it be that it was some kind of delayed retroeffect of the gunner being killed in a previous sortie?
  5. Oh sorry, totally missed the post where you quoted the exact same excerpt 😑
  6. You're welcome, I've had this book for a few months in my "to read" pile and just started reading it last week. Sykes notes are a really interesting read. As much as I manage to dive the Camel in game by reducing a bit power and blipping (but never knowing if overcooling will happen), I wouldn't dare to go vertical for several thousands feet....haven't tried yet the trick described above, but clearly Sykes states that they just needed reducing power and mixture a little bit.
  7. In Chad Bowyer's "Sopwith Camel - King of Combat" there is a section where he presents notes that Captain Ronald Sykes DFC, wrote about flying the Camel (150 HP BR1 engine). One is about diving, I join a screenshot of the excerpt.
  8. Having some really nice tanks fights on the Kuban map, playing cat and mouse with Panzers in villages makes up for some really tense missions!
  9. Merry Christmas to you and all the team!
  10. Merry Christmas to all of you!
  11. Reading that Syndicate "Meet the Squadron" was quite fun indeed 😆
  12. True that. I would like to have a MP environment where you could recreate Ranger missions, but that would need to have randomly scattered objectives around the map so that probabilities of having fighters waiting for you would be lesser. They would have an alert once the target is effectively attacked only, giving you a chance of bugging out before being jumped.
  13. I honestly have never witnessed this problem with planes in BOX, I have seen it in FC on Flugpark server a couple of times. As for this very server I had that happen once with tanks, one guy I was communicating with spawned in a Sherman, I told him I was 300m North of spawnpoint, I see him driving past me asking where I was...turned out I was invisible for him...
  14. Some nice Mosquito books collection here. I do own several of those titles, and thanks to Busdriver a new one shall arrive soon 😆. Really looking forward to the Mossie, even if I feel that in the actual multiplayer environment it won't be able to survive much more than other fighter bombers...
  15. Great fun indeed, some good fights high up and down low, flying for the Kaiser for a change. I got a harsh reminder of why I shouldn't be allowed to fly a Dr.I for other purposes than cross country sightseeing. I was fighting my plane more than the enemy...until a Camel deprived me of my wings and at last I was flying straight....down. Pfalz D.IIIa is much more suited to my flying abilities.
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