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  1. I do set infinite ammo while practicing offline, but can't do that online, and that's where I fly most of the time 😉
  2. Spitfires. Love the planes, but in game they dont love me. With the Mk V, I can't hit anything, and by the time I might manage to do so, my cannon shells are depleted. Mk IX at least has some more ammo, but I find it extremely "mushy" in pitch, and it seems I can never trim it on that axis in a satisfactory manner. It feels very different in that aspect to other planes, at least on my end, and I can't get used to it.
  3. The Germans on the eastern front had to evacuate airfields in a hurry, in front of advancing armoured spearheads, on several occasions...
  4. I had that happening a couple of times a few months ago, it drove me nuts....I ended up setting all fire groups and fire all guns on the same button, haven't had the problem again since. On the F2, the 20mm gun option is apparently not considered to be the same fire group as the default 15mm gun, which can cause it not to fire depending on how you set up your firing groups, had that happen in a co-op mission.
  5. Very sad to read that, sincere condolences to his family and all of you that were his squadmates.
  6. Ju-88 is already flyable in game, or I did not understand your post correctly...
  7. Wow, that's a quick reply!! Thanks for checking, that makes sense, I thought that when colliding it showed who you damaged and who damaged you in the log. And thanks again for this server, always good fun either flying or tanking there!
  8. Had a weird death last night, was flying low over German south troops/arty, there were quite a few red attackers in the area and AAA was active, when suddenly my aircraft blew up. I thought I might have collided with someone or gotten a heavy flak direct hit, but looking at the log it seems that's not the case. I didn't crash in the ground, I was flying level and straight at about 100m height... http://stats.virtualpilots.fi:8000/fr/sortie/log/1000872/?tour=40
  9. The "open hatch" keybind should open any hatch when you're occupying the corresponding station. So go to the commander position and use the open hatch command. To use the commander .50 Cal you use the same keybinds you use to man plane turrets.
  10. I did a few long range missions to destroy rear depots in a tank, funny but not something I would do on a regular basis. Once I drove in a Sherman all the way from Temryuk to Taman to put some mess at the German airfield. Very long drive while avoiding being detected by aircrafts, just to arrive in view of the airfield and get wrecked by a hidden object. Couldn't move and a 37mm somewhere could fire on me at times, I couldn't do much except damage a few planes with the commander's .50 Cal...finally planes saw me and I was destroyed...won't be doing that often either 😆
  11. Yeah sure, but it was an AI, and they usually don't die when you taxi....
  12. No I joined as a dorsal gunner, I didn't do anything special but was instantly killed on joining. The AI ventral gunner was killed while taxiing...
  13. I had something weird happening last night in multiplayer on Combat Box, I wanted to join one of my squadmates as a dorsal gunner in his A-20 which was starting his engines on an airfield. As soon as I joined I was left outside the plane and the message "gunner killed" appeared in the technochat. He started with a new A-20, I could normally join this time, but as we were taxiing the ventral AI gunner died. I saw him slumping on the ground and he then disappeared. We were experiencing a few "delayed hits data" aon respawning, could it be that it was some kind of delayed retroeffect of the
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