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  1. When not working I'll be reading, listening to/playing music, playing solo boardgames/wargames and video games of course.
  2. It's one of the plane that I haven't flown much, but it's definitely fun. Took it for a couple of rides on WOL the other day, I enjoyed it and even managed to survive an attack by a La-5 and come back home to tell it. Only think is that beside of its AT guns (which are not easy to use), its bomb load is not really impressive, as a 110 or a Fw-190 can both carry more and heavier bombs while being faster. It's a terrific strafer against softer targets though. P.S.: and why are the prop pitch (same also in the early Pe2) and especially pitch trim inversed in this plane ?
  3. I am reading Peter Hart's "Bloody April", and just after seeing this topic I came across this passage where Manfred Von Richthofen recalls a fight with 19 Squadron Spads on April 29th. The book doesn't give an explanation about Manfred's apparent change in attitude though...
  4. Some good fun last night, bombing factories in a Bristol and then getting in a couple of furballs in a Dolphin, hadn't seen so many planes in one place in FC yet. Spads were everywhere.
  5. It seems that I can use my track-Ir as long as I cycle between stations (Right Ctrl+C in my setup), but as soon as I select a specific station (Right Shift+1,2,3...) Track-Ir doesn't work anymore and I can only pan the view around using the mouse. Anyone having this kind of issue?
  6. SPAD XIII is by far my favourite plane, that was already the case in ROF. S.E.5a and Dolphin come second close. On the Central side I really enjoy the Pfalz DIIIa. I'd like to love the Camel and Dr.I, but I'm really terrible at flying them...
  7. Good fun last night, including: flaming a German sausage and suddenly finding a whole bunch of angry Fokkers chasing me, and then crash landing in no man's land. At least it diverted their attention from my squadmates flying Bristols to bomb some barges. that last mission in Bristols to bomb the northern German front airfield, ending up in a massive furball a few feet above a town, and getting shot down as expected 😆 Looking forward to next Sunday!
  8. Got my copy of Vol. 4 and crowfunded Vol. 5, I really hope that the series will go on.
  9. Yeah, I wonder that too, seems pretty unusual. Ok, I missed the fact that the two MG (13mm and not 7.92) ports are in the front part of the nose. So it's indeed 6x20mm and 2x13 mm, must be quite lethal!
  10. Reproduced these pictures that are included in the book "Battles with the Luftwaffe" by Jane's. First shows the installation of a twin 20m pod under the belly, and I guess the caption is wrong, as it would be 4x20mm and not six, unless the MGs were also replaced by cannons. The second pictures shows a pair of Mustangs caught on camera by the rear gunner as he watched them come for the kill as his guns were out of service. He did get shot down but survived.
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