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  1. SYN_Ricky

    A question on JG51 Mölders and Stalingrad

    That's correct. I/JG51 was the first unit to convert, then II/JG51 but they stopped their conversion to be sent to North Africa with new Bf-109, except 6 Staffel who later became Stabstaffel, flying mostly ground attack mission flying FWs and 109s. III and IV gruppen followed in early 1943. JG 51 started reverting to the 109 following Zitadelle.
  2. SYN_Ricky

    Houhou ......y a quelqu'un là dedans?

    J'ai délaissé la simu et le jeu vidéo en général du fait d'une machine vieillissante pendant plus d'une année, maintenant j'ai un beau PC tout neuf et je me remet gentiment à Il-2 et d'autres titres. J'avoue ne pas avoir trop consulté les forums pendant cette période en dehors des Devs Diaries, et même avant ça je ne postais plus trop, me contentant plutôt de lire 😀 En tout cas ça fait plaisir de voir certains noms que je vois sur différents forums depuis un bail maintenant !
  3. SYN_Ricky

    Mode carrière missions bizarres

    La première unité à être équipée du FW-190 sur le front de l'Est a été le I/JG51 à partir de Septembre 1942, afin de remplacer ses 109 F2 qui commençaient à être vraiment vieillissants. Les autres Gruppen (sauf le II ème, qui commence sa conversion mais qui est ensuite renvoyé d'urgence en méditerranée sur Bf-109) suivent et ensuite c'est la JG54 qui suit à partir de début 1943. Sur le front de Stalingrad les escadres de chasse passaient depuis l'été sur 109 G2, dernier modèle et supérieur aux chasseurs russes contemporains. La production de FW190 n'a jamais suffi à remplir toute la demande pour la chasse et ensuite pour l'attaque au sol, et cet avion était vu comme prioritaire sur le front de l'ouest pour combattre les bombardiers quadrimoteurs qui commen4aient à apparaître. La JG 51 conservera ses 190 jusqu’à la fin de la bataille de Kursk et commencera ensuite à se reconvertir sur 109, seule la JG 54 conservera ses 190 jusqu'au bout pour la chasse, les autres unités de 190 étant alors des unités d'attaque au sol. Je suppose que l'OKL jugeait que le 109 était suffisant pour le rôle de chasse sur le front de l'Est, même contre les Il-2 vu qu'il pouvait être équipé de pods canons.
  4. SYN_Ricky

    All the tanks stop after a few meters

    Thanks all for your replies, haven't had time to test again yet, but will do and let you know. I'll try first to drive from the commander's position and then also assign new keys. I'll let you know how it goes!
  5. Just bought Tank Crew today and wanted to try it out quickly. Looked at the controls , WSAD to move around ok, I start the engine and drive forward. All seems to go well, but after a few meters the tanks stop and the view from the driver's position gets stuck and I can't move the tank anymore. I can still switch to other positions and fire the guns, but the tanks won't move anymore. The same happened with all models, be it in quick mission or in single player missions. Any idea of what could be wrong?
  6. SYN_Ricky

    What Do You Listen? - Music Thread.

  7. SYN_Ricky

    What Do You Listen? - Music Thread.

  8. SYN_Ricky

    New guitar day!

    Very nice Strat there BorysVorobyov , I love the big '70s headstocks, and the white colour with rosewood fingerboard really looks gorgeous! My two Strats are both '90s models of the Plus series, with stock Lace Sensor pickups. The Gold ones on the Plus really give more of a classic Start tone, while the Blue, Silver and Dual Red in the Ultra let you dial an amazing range of tones, from punchy hot humbucker to a Telecaster style twang and more modern Strat sounds. These two guitars I really keepers for me, I tried and have owned / still own other models, but a Strat is where I really feel home.
  9. SYN_Ricky

    What to expect from your shiny new P39-L1

    There also some aspects that Russian pilots liked in the P-39, and in lend-lease aircraft in general, that cannot translate in our simulation: Good radio receivers and emitter, allowing good communication and effective team work. Good quality of the cockpit glazing, offering a good view around. In some cases Russian pilots preferred to fly with an open canopy due to the bad quality of the glass.
  10. SYN_Ricky

    original footage "Bodenplatte"

    Seeing that FW-190 nearly nosing over is quite impressive
  11. SYN_Ricky

    Eastern Front Air war books

    War memories from a Schlacht pilot on the Eastern front, flying Me-109s and then FW-190s, who finished the war as a Me-262 pilot. I read a translation that was published as a special issue of a french aviation magazine, I really enjoyed it. https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/680320.Stormbird
  12. SYN_Ricky

    Dumb question about the Yak...

    In fact there are two separate lineages, Yak-1 and 1b developed into the Yak-3. Yak-7 was originally a trainer aircraft turned into a fighter, this eventually developing into the Yak-9.
  13. SYN_Ricky

    How many of you actually fly an IL2?

    I've flown it quite a lot online, and even more in the original Il-2. Really love this plane. It can be very effective, especially when flown in a group and with some fighter support. Going alone on a well protected target is quite tough, as it should IRL.
  14. SYN_Ricky

    What will you do with the Spit ?

    I'll probably top-hole. Prang my kite right in the how's-your-father; hairy blighter, dicky-bird, feather back on my sammy, take a waspy, flip over on my Betty Harpers and catch my can in the Bertie.