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  1. It's crazy to have 60 + buttons and still not have enough for a non clickable stim. Clutch button would solve that easily
  2. The other sims I fly (DCS and MSFS) all allow modifier buttons, that when held, will change the function of a secondary button. The ability to double available buttons is an absolute game changer, and something that IL2 desperately needs.
  3. I agree, I don't find weapon sounds to be terrible but the engines lack bass. Night and day from DCS warbirds
  4. This is more in line with what I would expect to happen with the 151
  5. Thanks a million @haluter, just getting into skins and this makes things super convenient.
  6. Thanks for the replies all. A point that @[DBS]Browning and @oc2209 mentioned, that the aerodynamic damage is not depicted visually makes me feel a little bit better in that the 151's are probably doing more than MG rounds, I'm just not seeing it visually. Thanks for the correction on the nose guns of the A3, they are indeed rifle caliber; in this case it's a moot point as I'm not counting hits from those anyway. I'm still a little bit skeptical of the performance of cannons in IL2, interestingly enough they are *extremely* effective against ground targets with the exce
  7. Hi all, I've been messing around with the A3; it's a ton of fun, when I'm warmed up and my deflection shooting is on point I feel like Darth Vader riding a rollercoaster. That said I've found that despite it's ample firepower it's not a consistent killer. Sometimes I'll get a good burst in that ends the engagement, but all too often I'll have to put in 10-12 20mm (and who knows how many *EDIT 12mm 7mm) hits into a fighter sized target before they go down. This isn't solely from the rear aspect either, but incudes slashing attacks that hit the wing roots, aft fuel tank, and fus
  8. This thing is a li... neck saver. I have neck problems and without it I wouldn't be able to use VR properly. Hats off to you @J2_NobiWan
  9. HOT DIGGITY! VR 2 Clouds is a game changer and has not performance loss as far as I can tell. Thank you, @rowdyb00t so very much, for doing this on your own time. Are the dev's going to make this official so we can have awesome clouds in multiplayer? They should.
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