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  1. Mine doesn't stretch - gives the extra fov real estate nicely on those programs as best I can tell
  2. Ha I noticed those yesterday as well!!! And was curious of their purpose - thnx!! Yes the devs have continued their wonderful efforts for us all to enjoy Cheers Ron
  3. Ohhhhh yesss pls ... I'll take several and give some away
  4. Wonderful stuff – and thanks all again for the continued fantastic improvements !! As for the skins – in the beloved spitfire thread I posted a couple of crappy pictures of Soviet spits I believe there were only just over 100 vbs delivered for Russian service and therefore not likely much in the way of variety - from my reading many with the red star with a black or white or no outline around it painted over the roundels Absolutely brilliant stuff devs - thank you and keep it coming !
  5. Haza - I took a look for lend lease info - not much in my stacks but here's a bit more for interest sake Last thumb just cause I love the pretty mk vb lines even in tech drwgs
  6. Hi all – l too am eagerly awaiting our il2 spitfire and very much enjoying reading these posts I have many books on this bird - and always enjoyed a diagram from this earlier edition on the ' family tree' And another book on the spitfire which might be one of the most comprehensive and massive volumes I've come across - all sorts of technical drawings and full details of the development from start to finish – listing all serial numbers etc. etc. At any rate thought some of you might find this interesting if you haven't seen before Regards Ron
  7. So if I install these scans do they replace the lower resolution default ones – and will these be available on servers that lock out custom skins – sorry if I am confused but if you could please clarify would be much appreciated Regards, Ron
  8. After ALOT of trial and error and crashing I now find consistent success on take off w approx 75 % mixture and 85% pitch... hold brakes to 75% throttle then release and increase and Careful minimum rudder Not sure if it's proper but works for me Then fly full throttle using mixture to control speed - typ just under 82% mint for normal cruise ... w raised prop pitch if I recall I'm sure others do it better / different Good luck! Comrade
  9. Hi guys – I too have been flying for some time with 21:9 lg monitor Are use it not only for IL-2 but also for wings over Flanders and for rise of flight I don't believe it is stretching the image in any of the programs but rather giving the wider field of view or more screen real estate on either side of centre and I absolutely love it ( until I get VR goggles of course !) At any rate I will try and post a few screenshots later – one thing I have noticed or seem to of noticed and I am not sure if I am imagining things is that in IL2 unlike the other two programs - there does ever since one of the last mean updates relating to the VR tech seem to be more bending on the periphery when I look to a windsock or a runway tower etc - nothing I would call serious fisheye distortion but does seem to be more noticeable ??? Maybe it was always that way ??? Regards Ron
  10. Hi guys – just wanted to say great videos and thanks for posting !! I may be a bit biased as our family name is Baran too ! Cheers Ron
  11. Can't you just turn those off by pressing h key (hud) ? Or is that just on some servers?
  12. Please please make it so that if the paratroopers are in the plane we can see them through all the side windows too !! And in one of my books it describes that plane also pulling up gliders – now wouldn't that be really cool to implement some day Thanks for all of the amazing and continued hard work on the best flights him out there of course Cheers Ron
  13. Back on topic - I just bought another interesting book by Kit Carson and on back he has another commentary - this time re 190 Thought some of you might find it interesting Cheers, Ron
  14. Terrain configure fix?? Please provide link as I thought that was no longer effectual since some later updates?
  15. I have a dreamflyer set up - really cool bit of engineering - in storage currently but with vr goggles and a large fan where the monitor used to go - will be even more fun Picked mine up off Craigslist locally years ago for $500 and was instantly impressed with the engineering and added simulation experience http://mydreamflyer.com Cheers, Ron
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