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  1. Thank you SCG_Tzigy for the generous gift of BOM it really is greatly appreciated M8. I've seen a lot of folks give gifts on this forum over the years and honestly it must be commended, cheers. What a great forum and awesome bunch of guys, brilliant. Thanks Tzigy, Mick.
  2. Would love the BOM if still available please. Amazing giveaway buddy, well nice SCG_Tzigy Mick.
  3. Awesome video. I didn't even realise that Germany even had an aircraft carrier, so thanks for the info. Beautiful model btw. Mick.
  4. A wellington would be awesome as it only has 2 engines. Mick.
  5. I'm not sure this is what you mean but pressing "F9", (I think), changes snap views to pan camera mode, this should move your view around like what moving the mouse looks like. Mick.
  6. Great offer Blue. Would love to own a JU-52 or a P40. Good luck folks, Mick.
  7. Great Dev Diary (other sim devs take note) The increased immersion coming from the rain effects looks great, also can't wait to play the new campaign. Well done team. Mick.
  8. One thing I do like in Clod better than BoS is the view out to the horizon. When flying up high, looking out across the Channel towards France it's pretty amazing, it's the only sim ever to give me that sense of scale and distance. Mick.
  9. Exactly. The folk that hang around vulching, shooting folk as they try to take off are guaranteed to be the ones who spawn camp on other games, they know they are doing it and that it pisses folk off but that is where they get their kicks from, not from playing the actual game. They do realise it is frowned upon but they will not give a damn, but don't blame them for it is their nature and most of them will probably be ass hats in real life. Mick.
  10. I thought the screenies were taken in BoS as the trees and landscape all look the same as BoS. What was it that makes you think they are flying in BoM? Mick.
  11. I must say thanks Sokol1, for all of the key bindings you have suggested under the "less keys is better" mantra, I use, and they all work a treat. Cheers bud, Mick.
  12. I don't think it would be such a tall order, remember they had subs in ROF, with seaplanes taking on sub-hunt missions and recce. Mick.
  13. It may be 10km for air objects, but I doubt it would be 10km for ground objects as well, might be wrong tho. Mick.
  14. The way DCS and WT achieve this is better imo. When in those games you look backwards your view looks over your shoulder as your view turns. In BoS when you turn to look behind you, you see the back of the seat where the back of your head was, it would be a lot better if your view just leaned that little bit, just to see over your shoulder, and therefore behind you a lot better. Mick.
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