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  1. sorry, I forgot to mention that it is a german career yes, german career Okay, thanks for your answers concerning german career. This was my intention. But, what about french pilots of the Normandie Niemen Group in Russia. Some of these could fly as free french in Normandie and Bodenplatte. Maybe this was not the case in reality but it would make sence.
  2. Hi developers, If I start now a late BoK career, fly some missions and wait until BoN is released, will it be continued in BoN after the BoK career is finished? Best regards
  3. Hi, I use il2dcg in a more primitiv mode, without DGEN replacement. In this mode in IL2 your career is a like a static campaign that consists by default of 250 missions, all named il2dcgmission.mis. advantage: -in IL2 no loss of mission results (awards, rank, no of kills...)(since 2013 I never lost career results) -you can switch from one campaign to the next as you want by simple creating a new campaign in il2dcg and create a new mission, in IL2 it's still the same static career. -you can even insert a single mission by renaming it to dcgmission.mis or you can insert the m
  4. Hi, in the SAS Mod BAT flyable B17 are included (I tried out a B17F or G): https://www.sas1946.com/main/index.php/topic,63246.0.html In the standard dynamic campaign of the game there is only a medium /light bomber campaign for B25 / A20. In general you can look here for WWII campaigns the the BAT Mod: https://www.sas1946.com/main/index.php/board,269.0.html If you want to use the game`s dynamic campaign generator you can try this additional modification (for BAT): https://www.sas1946.com/main/index.php/board,269.0.html There is huge number of camp
  5. Hi, I have still BAT 3.8... There should be a folder with some guides similar as on my computer (see screenshot ) On: https://www.sas1946.com/main/index.php/topic,65026.0.html you will find some infos concerning config.sys settings. Best regards
  6. Hi theOden, Many thanks for the template files! I have just made some adjustments for plane types for the Circus Offensive. Works very well. Best Regards
  7. Hi, during the last years I edited the pwcg missions before I flew them. I linked my player's plane to some selected proximity / subtitle messages. Since some months this does not work. When I zoom to my players plane I see only the icon, but not the plane itself. When I doube click on the icon nothing happens. Does anynody know the reason? By the way: editing original career missions works without problems. Best regards
  8. Hallo HansDampf, ich habe seit Ewigkeiten das Spiel nicht mehr von DVD installiert. Es läuft aber unter win10. Ich habe meine DVD von Ubisoft. Zu Beginn der Installation kann man grundsätzlich auch Deutsch als Sprache auswählen. Ich habe eben mal um nachzusehen die DVD reingeschoben aber sofort abgebrochen weil ich meine vorhandenen Installationen nicht beschädigen wollte. Mehr kann ich dazu leider nicht sagen, da mir persönlich die Sprache nicht so wichtig ist. Wenn du mit deiner DVD Probleme hast, kannst du generell mal auf der SAS1946 Seite nachsehen:
  9. only VorpX, it works well with the mentioned restrictions. VorpX is a complex software and I am glad that I have some settings that allow me to fly real missions. But I will inform me about this helix vision.
  10. Hi last weeks I was back to 1946 BAT VorpX VR, currently I am trying out War Thunder with VR, realistic simulator settings, offline custom battles vs bots. I think I will return to CLOD in some days, testing the new theOdens dyn. mission. Concerning my CLOD/VorpX / Rift-S: On my computer it works. Iwould say it is rendered 3D but no depth3d injection / no stereoscopic vision possible as fa as I know.
  11. Hallo, richtig heiße ich Jens. Ich bin etwas über 5... Jahre alt und wohne nahe Frankfurt am Main: meine "fliegerischen Daten" 1981 - 1990 RC-Modellflug mit meinem Vater 1986 3 Wochen Segelflugausbildung in Hirzenhain (reales Fliegen) 1987 - 1990 C64: Blue Max, Dam Busters, MS Flight Sim... 1990 - 1992 Amiga500: Interceptor, F16 Combat Pilot, Fighter Bomber... 1992 - heute PC, hier nur die häufiger von mir genutzten Flight Sims -Red Baron -Aces of the Pacific / Europe -1942 Pacific Air War -European Air War -IL2 / IL2 1946: seit 200
  12. Thanks very much for the new campaign and the user-made templates!
  13. Hi All, attached my current settings for my Rift-S. For basic information concerning BAT and VorpX I recommend: https://www.sas1946.com/main/index.php/topic,62928.0.html (Thanks very much, UberDemon!) -IL2 1946 BAT conf.ini -IL2 1946 BAT /Users/doe/settings.ini -VorpX IL2 1946 [Ekull] profile, only a bit changed (Thanks very much, Ekull!) -Opentrack: 2 settings, 1 for "normal seat position" and 1 for forward / down seat for e.g. FW190, to avoid hitting with your head the canopy when looking upwards. -Logitech X52 Professional HOTAS settings Note: I am using vorpX 4:3 cus
  14. made a short test, it seems to work a bit with 1946, but it`s pure 2D, like a cinema mode. Tracking is not good in the basic setting. Centering of view not so good. Joystick works. Maybe anyone who knows how it works can optimize it. I don`t have time for more testing. Best Regards
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