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  1. @ladlon "I've been hoping to do some ground bombing with a 109" Campaign Definition files in: E:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\IL-2 Sturmovik Cliffs of Dover Blitz\parts\TEFCampaign\campaign\east\Files blueAircraft.SECTION: [Jabo] BoB_LW_ErprGr210F (REMARK: BF110) BoB_LW_LG2_I (REMARK: BF109 Jabo) BoB_LW_JG51_III (REMARK: BF109 Jabo) missionTypes.SECTION (maybe already modified) [DEJabo] FreeHunt 5 BomberEscort 1 BomberIntercept 5 JaboEscort 3 Jabo 8 Bye Bye, I have to get up at 4:20 tomorrow
  2. Hi ladlon, I am flying my plane during take off by myself too. At the beginning of the take off I immediately deactivate the Autopilot when Autopilot starts moving the throttle Lever Forward. After the plane is in the air I retract the landing (flying straight Forward following the leader). When the landing gear is retracted I engage the Autopilot for a second time (for ca. 20seconds) until my plane reaches the waypoint and starts flying a curve to left or right. If this happens I deativate the Autopilot. I think every offline gamer has his individual style of playing a flight sim. My personal style is to fly the plane as realistic as possible: I don't use Autopilot (exept of the 2 times during take off) and I don't use time compression (because of that I prefer the east part of the campaign / shorter missions). During combat I am always using internal Cockpit view without padlock and without Icons, symbols, subtitles, head up Display. External view only after take off or during cruise when enemy contact is not probable At the beginning of the Mission I set the FOV to an angle that the sight ring of my BF109 has a diametre of ca. 50mm on the my 27" Monitor and my eyes are at a dictance of about 500mm in front of the Monitor. With this narrow FOV I see the other planes in a realistic size but the disadvantage is that the overview is not so good. I don't use flying aids like Auto rudder and I operate the coolers and Propeller pitch manually. But this is only my personal Point of view. If you are interested in TEF campaign BF109 fighter missions you can try the attached missions I have already flown and survived. Best regards already flown TEF campaign missions BF109.zip
  3. Hi ladlon, I am using Blitz and the new TEF campaign since about 3 weeks in works quite good, in TEF campaign I think in 90% of all missions there is air combat. My Settings: -I used only the east part of the campaign, because the missions are shorter (I fly without time compression), and (I suppose) because of the smaller battle area there more enemy contacts. -until now I was flying always as a Luftwaffe fighter or fighter bomber pilot -number of planes: min:30 max:60 -AI Level 5-8: AI pilots are attacking, but they are not to strong -until now I am flying as wingman (I like this new function, in the older Version of TEF I had to modify the missions) -airfields: very often Wissant an now St. Inglever (1 succesful Mission) -my procedure at beginning of Mission: 1.: I pause the game to adjust some Settings: map area relevant for Mission and I set the FOV angle. 2.: I lower flaps to ca.10° to 15° 3.: Importent: When I hear the Radio Messages that the flight is taking off I activate AUTOPILOT 4.: immediately after AUTOPILOT starts to move forward the Throttle I deactivate the AUTOPILOT and take off manually 5.: important: directly after take off I retract landing gear (flying straight Forward) and after that I activate AUTOPILOT 6.: After 1 waypoint is reached (your plane starts flying to left or right following your leader) you can deactivate the AUTOPILOT and fly manually. (Remark: using AUTOPILOT 2 times seemes to me necessary to ensure that your plane is identified as a member of the flight and maybe that the flight continues with the Mission) 7.: When flying as a wingman it seems to me that there is only one suitable Radio command available: Request ground control for air targets Best Regards
  4. Great, improved missions with more enemy contacts as older Version. One small issue that I already know from older Versions: when flying as wingman Fighter Bomber BF109 (in older Versions I edited the campaign mission manually): When the flight reaches the target the bomb of my plane is released automatically although Autopilot is deactivated. At the Moment my solution is to overtake the flight and release my bomb before the others do. Does anybody know another solution to avoid that? Best regards
  5. I tried Macro Gamer, it works! Thanks very much Sokol1!
  6. Thanks for your answer. I am already using Total Game Control and since 1 week JoyToKey for smooth Pan View (for CLOD and IL2 1946) but because I have no further Joystick Buttons available I will try out the Software you mentioned. Best regards
  7. I want to try "Attack my target", but pressing keys: Tab, 1, 1, 5, 5 takes some time, not so easy in combat. Is it possible to define a single key for this command? I know there is in Options a menu for defining Radio commands but I don't know how it works. Best regards
  8. Hi all, I have installed Blitz, TEF dynamic campaign and some single Player campaigns. Generally everything works fine and the new version of TEF campaign creates now better missions with more enemy contacts. Thanks very much! But I have still a problem in single player missions with the Radio commands for combat. The commands to attack air Targets (especially bombers) seem not to work. Can someone tell me how to order ai planes to attack fighters, bombers ? Best regards
  9. Hi All, Till now I always used different key mappings for Camera Rotation left/right (Coolie Head left/right) and Pilot Head Movement left right (shift + Coolie Head left/right), this was not suitable during hectic combat situations. Pure rotation is fast but unrealistic and the backward view is limited. I wanted to have combined realistic Rotation and movement to look backwards "over the shoulder" I have just tried this and a works: To combine head rotation left / right (in game called camera rotation) with move pilot head left / right I mapped both on the same Coolie Head directions joy0_pov_270 and joy0_pov_90. In Settings\Cameras I choose the Ratio between movement Speed / Rotation Speed to 3/4, for example movement Speed 30% and Rotation Speed 40%. The Result is you get in combat situations very fast the (realistic) full view backwards over your shoulder. The slower movement Speed is to insure that can still see the crosshear of your sight if you turn your head just a bit (ca.20 to 30degree) Best regards
  10. Hi All, I have released German-Wingman-Messages-v01e changes: I observed some issues with the proximity triggers for the "unidentified plane" message for 8km - 12km. In v01e I replaced the 1 proximity trigger with activated allies and axis by 2 Triggers, 1 for allied and 1 for axis. Now you get more messages for these ranges. Best regards German-Wingman-Messages-v01e.zip
  11. Hi All, today I created some screenshorts for each step during installation of my Groups in PWCG campaign Mission. The Installation time is less than ca. 5minutes (depends on time required for opening mission in editor). If you have some practice it quite easy and I am modifying each campaign Mission since 1 year without problems. but of course implementation in PWCG would be the best. Best regards installation_screenshots_Radar-Moscow_Airfield-Tower_German-Wingman-Messages_v01c_w._subgroup.zip
  12. Hi Patrick In generally I am using now 3 Tools (Groups) per per mission: 1.) for Moscow, Stalingrad and Kuban I have tools (Groups) Radar Stalingrad, Radar Moscow and Funkpeilung Kuban Purpose: to provide the Player with enemy plane grid coordinates by maybe 1941-42 ground observers, Radio direction finding and from 1943 radar generally all of These Groups consists of checkzones combined with subtitles, MCU_Timers on each 4digit grid. Radar Stalingrad was the first with fewer checkzones not for each 4 Digit grid https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/28386-tools-radar-stalingrad-and-jaegerleitstelle-v01/?tab=comments#comment-456810 https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/37218-for-kuban-maps-tool-funkpeilung-kuban-radio-direction-finding/?tab=comments#comment-630315 To Change the accuracy and pobability of sightings it's possible to Change the checkzone radius and the random. For example: for my current 1941 Moscow campaign when Radar was nort available I have reduced random of MCU_Timer to 50 Installation: just with Import from file, no further linkages To be improved if possible: for missions when no Radar was available only reports over own territority 2.)Wingman Messages (former Name Jägerleitstelle) This tool is for use for single player missions /PWCG campaign missions -You get only informations if friendly planes are near / max. distance 2,5km -Messages at distance between 8km and 12km: due to the distance you should get a message unidentified plane / nicht identifiziertes Flugzeug for enemy and friendly planes -Messages at distance between 500m and 5km only enemy planes are reported -Probability that planes are reported (nobody is perfect): 50% to 85% for each Proximity Trigger Installation: after Import from File ALL PROXIMITY TRIGGERS TO BE LINKED WITH PLAYERS PLANE To be improved if possible: direction of enemy planes v01b: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/37370-tool-wingman-messages-for-german-allied-side-missions/?tab=comments#comment-630530 v01c (only german): with proximity Triggers in Subgroup for faster linkage (idea by [TWB]Sketch) v01c + OBS Messages: with proximity Triggers in Subgroup for faster linkage (idea by [TWB]Sketch) with additional Messages by ground observers (if plane in range of observer) 3.) Airfield Tower: please see: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/38380-tool-airfield-tower-radio-messages-for-realistic-gameplay-german-offline-missions-pwcg/?tab=comments#comment-647633 Demo Mission: PWCG-Demo-mission-Airfied Tower.zip PWCG Scramble Demo Mission that contains Airfield-Tower-v01a, Radar-Moscow-v01(with reduced Random = 50 / effective ca. 30% probability that planes are detected) and Wingman Messages Best regards Radar-Stalingrad-v01a.zip Radar-Moscow-v01.zip Funkpeilung-Kuban-v01c.zip Wingman-Messages-v01b.zip Wingman-Messages-v01c with subgroup.zip Wingman-Messages-v01c and OBS Messages with subgroup.zip
  13. Hi Semor76, I agree with you, all my Tools are makeshift measures and I am not an expert with the BOSEditor. But generally it's possible to use them for eacg PWCG Mission, it takes about 5 - 10minutes to install Airfield Tower, Radar... or Funkpeilung... and Wingman Messages. I am doing that since more than one year and it works. Your Suggestion to implement them to PWCG is of course the best, give me some time, I will ask Pat. Best regards
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