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  1. Hi, the issue I reported on saturday directly after win10 update could by a result of a clod update too. -while I have now serious stuttering issues with a old quick mission (bombing attack on calais (stuttering now even with average graphic settings) on the other hand tobruk missions are working well. For comparision I made 2 in respect of number / type of planes identical missions with channel and tobruk map. The missions are over the sea far from coast to reduce influence of the many trees / buildings of channel map. On my System the tobruk mission works well without problems and in the channel mission there the stuttering issue again ca. all 2 - 3seconds. (tested with identical maximum graphic settings and 2240x1680 for Rift-S) I have attached the missions for information. channel vs tobruk map test.zip
  2. I know this old procedure with autopilot, I have used in the TEF campaign. But before Tobruk I engaged autopilot during take off only 2 times very short: -when waiting on the runway when autopilot starts rolling in the same second I switched to manual control and took off manually, when airborne I retrackted landing gear as fast as possible, switched to autopilot and ca. 5 seconds after autopilot stears left or right I switched to manual control. This was enough for that formation issue and I was able to take off manually. Now in Tobruk it seems to be much better. In theOden dyn. mission it seems to work ca95%. without the autopilot trick. I have tested theOden dyn. m. operation sun flower. Changed later: what I said about Tobruk / theOden dyn. mission is correct, if you are element leader (not flight leader) of the 2nd. or 3rd. flights second element (very often in theOden`s dyn. mission) . If you are a member of the 1st flight you have to activate autopilot to start the whole take off process of the squadron, but after autopilot begins to accelerate you can directly switch to manual control and take off manually. And if you are the wingman of the 2nd element of the 2rd or 3rd flight autopilot is not required too (I am quite sure, I was No.9 only 1time). I have to admit that I don`t know if you need autopilot if you are flight leader or squadron leader. This is a really challenging game, I like it!
  3. -flew a theOden dynamic mission Operation Sun Flower mission: there was a Air Combat ca. 8 BF109-E7 vs 5 Blenheims over desert: OK, no stuttering - quick mission Bombing Attack on Calais still issues with stuttering / fps -copied that quick mission Bombing Attack on Calais and changed map to tobruk map, Now it's better, but it's over the sea 20km from coast. Question: was there change of the Channel map in the last update?
  4. -of course I had already at first deleted the cache - no success -acc. suggestion by 9./JG52_J-HAT after backup I deleted the whole Softclub folder, started the game: no success. Because of that I restored the Softclub folder -Now one remark: I noticed the trouble when playing the quick mission Bombing Attack on Calais, I fly this mission since many years and there were never performance issues or stuttering. -Next test was to continue my TheOden Dynamic Mission Operation sun flower campaign: A fighter Bomber Mission with BF109-E7, no enemy fighter contact, only AA-fire: no problem with stuttering -Last Test: quick mission Bombing Attack on Calais with reduced number of planes: seems to be a bit better but still problems, this time more with fps. -I will continue my TheOden Dynamic Mission Operation sun flower campaign and will report the how it works
  5. Hi, I think the cordite is just the propellant in the cartridge that moves the 7.7mm bullet in the barrel. Of the cordite itself you should only see the muzzle flash and maybe a bit smoke (cordite is a smokeless gunpowder). If you see it during the flight or when it hits the target depends of the bullet type.
  6. Thanks for confirmation, I hope this issue will be fixed in the next update. By the way: Great Battles seems to be not inflicted. i have updated the NVIDIA driver: without success.
  7. some short questions: -do you have the NVIDIA control panel or is only the option missing (a screenshot please)? -what type of notebook do you have and GPU? If we don't find a solution for the custom res. you can try out to optimize 1920x1080 withn the VorX ingame Menu (when flying): Image settings/Aspect Ratio Correction and Image Settings/ Image Zoom. This could be possible because with my standard custom res. 2304x1440 (shown on Monitor) and standard settings of the profile not the whole Monitor is shown in the Head Set.
  8. Hi all, Yesterday evening there was a win10 update. After Update in CLOD Blitz/Tobruk every 3seconds a short "stutter". Not very nice! Has anybody same issue? Best Regards
  9. Maybe we ask in the VorpX forum for a solution. When I have time available I will ask or you ask them.
  10. Hi, check 2 things: custom resolution in NVIDIA Control Panel and conf.ini in correct folder have you defined the custom resolution 2304x1440 in the NVidia Control Panel?: see VorpX Config/Custom Resolutions: NVIDIA Control Panel on my computer (sorry in german): Location of conf.ini with custom .resolution: example folder of conf.ini with custom resolution: do not change the conf.ini in this folder: Best regards 0-conf.ini.zip
  11. Hi All, Reason of Problem of chaotic Recentering of Tracking solved, Oculus Guardian was defined wrong
  13. Hi, I am glad that clod works with vorpx on your system and that the graphic quality seems to be acceptable. The stuttering when turning your head is a new issue for me, which resolution are you using? Have you selected "full screen" or "pseudo" ( pseudo is a new mode for me, higher res. possible but maybe with stuttering/ tested 1st time yesterday) and check if mouse=1 in conf.ini If mouse settings are =2 vorpx head tracking runs in a wrong mode and recentering is not possible or chaotic. When flying switch "INDEPENDEND MODE" (default key F10) so that the mouse pointer is active. The menu with the diasappearing mouse is common for me, but it should be possible to select a mission, fly and quit it. Is that possible for you or do you need support? For IL2 1946 I use for head tracking addionally Opentrack because I have problems with the recentering. There are helpful posts by UeberDemon on SAS/BAT/BAT Lounge Best Regards
  14. Hi, as I said: the mouse is visible when you start CLOD, when starting CLOD you use only your Monitor, you select with mouse your mission, confirm one or two times and when the mission begins (when you hear the engine sound) it's time to put on your vr headset. after you have finished your mission you press escape and you pull off your vr headset. Now the mouse pointer is invisible but you can still see whem it`s over a menu button because the colour of the menu button changes. Best regards
  15. Hi, with the Video I have some problems, Fraps does not work together with Oculus / VorpX. I will try to find a solution. But not this weekend. In the meantime some pro / contra reason to try out VorpX negativ: -costs 40$ -maybe does not work on your system -maybe you have to spend many hours for testing -the VR Graphic quality is inferior to the Great Battles Sims that you already have (no stereoscopic vision) -if you are used to play modern VR games you will be disappointed of the graphic quality, positiv: -if you already like CLOD Blitz/Tobruk because it is a great simulation you can fly now with your Rift-S Headset and you see everything from the cockpit (for me very importent) -the cockpit elements, the gauges, the gun sight are in 3D (but no stereoscopic vision), you can see that when you move your head sidewards close to them -from my point of view the head tracking works good -It is better than Great Battles in battles with many planes and the number of planes has no negativ impact on distant spotting -very fast starting / loading of game -if you are already using the older IL2 1946 you can use VorpX for that game too (with stereoscopic vision!, but less detailed cockpits) Alternative: If you just want to fly in VR in the Battle of Britain / Mediterrean region you can try War Thunder, it for free, many nice historical planes and from my point of view good VR graphics. I will report when I find a solution for the video Best Regards
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