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  1. Same issue here, black screen when trying to replay a record taken in Berloga server
  2. I thought to rise it by adding some wood below the throttle but as soon I tested it was really comfortable.
  3. In a wardrobe I can understand that a busy table with Joysticks and pedals is not so "elegant" Nice but much more expensive and "difficult" to make
  4. When I moved to the new house my wife immediately told me: "I don't want to see PC around with joystick and other nerd stuff" So I started to think on how I could walk around this irremovable wife decision... Looking around on the net I found some nice foldable play-seat but they are all too big to be hided from wife eyes, more nerd than a normal seat and also not so cheap... Finally I decided for an Ikea foldable and cheap chair (wife approved) plus some wood: NISSE folding chair for 15€ + pice of wood 60x80 7,50€ = 22,50€ for a foldable play-seat Here is the result: Then there is the story of the PC inside a wardrobe... but it is another story
  5. Scope: level of realism management Explanation of the proposal: Add (as option) the limit of the zoom-in feature. The ZOOM-IN is the most Unrealistic feature. ZOOM-OUT even if not realistic can be maintained as Situation Awareness FOV. Servers can decide to add or not this options. Advantages: It will increase the total realism and it will limit people shooting at extreme distances or fly at ultra high altitudes looking down with zoom. Tactics will change and closer fights will be more common. Pilots that escape from a fight will not see snipers shooting at 6 o'clock or lower aircrafts in a fight will avoid to shoot to higher aircrafts.
  6. http://www.simw.com/hardware/stick-throttle/airrow-flightstick-pc.html This is the same but from speedlink
  7. http://www.redbull.com/en/games/stories/1331793895965/red-bull-air-race-the-game-beta-takes-off
  8. The zoom-out to increase FOV can be ok but explain me the zoom-in 20x... any reason to zoom-in so much? NO From 7000m and full zoom-in you spot aircraft flying low level! In real life it is impossible to spot a 10mx10m aircraft without the help of optical devices! To resume I will like to see a different zoom feature that can be zoomed out but not zoomed-in more than the default position so to force pilots to enter the fight to obtain positive ID and most of all... avoid annoying zoom-in chasing shots from 1000m+
  9. The most realistic way to play will be removing the zoom feature and have only the default view (with the above mentioned positions) plus the movement front rear of the head. In this way all the tactics will be different, players will fight closer to obtain positive ID of enemies and high altitude boom and zooms will be reduced. I'm not for removing the zoom feature since most of us use it, but I will like to see this feature as a expert server option because I'm sure that in this way fights will change dramatically in term of realism (real pilots do not have zoom or binoculars during fights).
  10. I wish this "game" could replicate this races...
  11. you are right if you consider IL2BOS a game... but I think that most of us are looking for a simulation...
  12. I solved this problem in this way: Set the in game volume to 100% then go back to windows (alt+tab), go to volume mixer (right click on desktop volumes) and set the game volume to 8 or your preference (it will be keeped in this way by windows). Overall hit sounds can be better (something that Devs can work on) but in this way is much better. Ciao!
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