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  1. With the awareness that it is also realistic to lose the contact while you are looking to it, especially if it goes below a cloud shadow or if flies over a similar to skin-color background or is more than 15km etc. etc.
  2. I was waiting about this kind of reply. In my country we say: "There is no worse deaf than someone who does not want to hear" but about this discussion I will like to create a new way of saying: "There is no worse blind than those who do not want to see ". Even with a 8k video someone can not agree ... but I agree with you about video compression. On the other hand I personally say that what is present on the video I posted is not SO different from real life in terms of spotting and tracking over a landscape. You can trust me or not, you can trust people that say that it is easier without
  3. Few days ago I made 2 video of what I see in RL. I was at 21000ft(7000mt) while the contact was at 15000ft(5000mt), slant range betwen us was never less than 2,5nm (4,6km). When it disappears (at 0:30 of RL spotting 2) we were around 6nm(12km) slant range. You will see how contrast makes a huge difference, how relative speed make huge differences and you can immagine if the contact was dark brown with camouflage paint. I'm not here to say that spotting in this game is perfect but I can not say that is completely wrong. The main reason of this videos are to say to people that writ
  4. 1,5nm and 2,5nm line abreast formation. Your videos are the perfect example of what I'm saying... hard and not easy... furthermore your contacts are white and dark, we are facing mimetic skins on forest or on land (how much easier it is to spot contact over water even on IL2). Now immagine to have the same contact of your videos in dark green and lets talk about "easy" to spot them. Plus not all players know that there are specific techniques to get a tally like fix a point and search for moving objects with peripheral view. About this discussion you can see that many players use
  5. Good morning gents. I want to add my thoughts on this topic which is the eternal discussion of all flight simulators. If we talk about simulation it means that they should simulate the pros and cons of real life. Getting a "Tally" / "Visual" contact in RL is difficult, it depends on many factors such as light, weather, background, aircraft dimentions/colours etc. I find the contacts in this Sim really well "simulated" but there is obviously the limit of resolutions, colors, contrast that each one of us has in relation of personal hardware. I dont have VR so I don't know how contacts
  6. I have the opposite. All ok with IL2 and all other games and mess with DCS that crashes to desktop all the time. I remind you also to avoid to use this huge fonts because it similar to screaming and it is not nice.
  7. Ok thank you. Btw TrackIR by selecting pause button gives back to the game the option to use Dof Axis with buttons. Unfortunately TrIR has no the dynamic deadzone (Acella filtering) that is a real plus in terms of stability and contact detection.
  8. Exactly, I don't like to lean in/out, I prefer to have it on buttons. Is there any option?
  9. No I'm not talking about zoom, I'm talking about move pilot head forward / backward that by default on game are INSERT / HOME
  10. Hi all, With Opentrack working is there any option to keep using the Z axis with buttons? With Trackir if pressing the pause button it is possible but Opentrack no even if you stop tracking. Any idea around?
  11. Hi Olega, This is amazing! Now I understand how some players have fluid and stable tracking! I have Trackir4 does it work the same way?
  12. In game there is difference in G onset rate. Spit is different than 109. Try to dive and at same speed pull full back stick. You will see a difference in GLOC between the aircraft G onset rate. I'm pretty sure there is a difference in G onset rates in all aircrafts (at least I hope, otherwise it is far from simulation...). We should have this info from Devs. Anyway the GLOC is not properly replicated since in RL if you experience gray vision you can always ease the pull and manage the symptoms. The real risk in RL is with high G onset rates where you do not pass to gray vision
  13. Sorry but it is not true. Plane type can make huge difference. how? with G onset rate. aircraft design and aerodinamics make the difference in G onset rate. also seat position and inclination can make the difference. The symptoms that result from high G exposure are dependent on the rate of onset of the acceleration. When the onset is gradual (about 0.1 G per sec.), visual symptoms precede GLOC. If the onset is rapid (1 G per second or more), GLOC can occur without visual warning. The problem I'm having with this game is that you can not manage the visual warnings. someti
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