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  1. I would like to see the option to refuel the plane on other AF´s to get back after a long sortie escpecially at the end of 2nd map, where reds are so far away. otherwise there is only about 10-15 mins to stay over enemy territory. it would be nice to land on big fields like AS or BRUSSEL to refuel and to get back to Dortmund or Enschede. to provent that pilot fly another sorite, AI could refuel only as much as needed to get back to Dortmund or Enschede.
  2. here the same with max zoomed out, textures in the middle and far range are blurry and shimmering i use standart nv settings with my 2080 ti @4k
  3. same sortie same situation https://taw.stg2.de/pilot_sortie.php?id=16068&name=Cpt_Siddy this kill was count to a RED to RED friendly fire. but FF was some minutes ago after that i shot him
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mbavYn0UeaQ https://taw.stg2.de/pilot_sortie.php?id=448&name=SV7_Vase guys whats going on? bug? normal? 1000kg bomb dont destroy trucks on random flak. even 20mm are useless
  5. @=LG=Coldmanovich nobody of LG guys gave a answer about my question. what kind of group is this?
  6. sorry, cant see AAA there.. thx for other answers
  7. my qustions are why random groups are different on blue and red? (postet a screeshot of a german randon group) where did 3 Fab19 guys found over 40 light tanks in 2 hours? does SdKfz count as a light tank or as a truck? does the kill count has an effect on overall win situation?
  8. seem Fab19 attak only random group because there are often only light tanks in their sortie statistic..u dont neet skill for that kind of job
  9. thx Coldmanovic. but can u give me an answer pls, where did 19GvFab found over 40 light tanks in one round? the 3rd guy leaved alredy. btw, just saw a german random group, cant see any PzKpfw 38t....
  10. can any one explain me how it is possible that 19gvFab destroy with 3 players within 2h over 40 light tanks? i guess in random groups there are many SonderKfz which also counts as a light tank. can post screenshots if some one need it
  11. guys one question, do light tanks of random AA count for statistic for winning conditions? if yes, how many tanks does the german random AA group has?
  12. yesteday i red in russian forum anpetrovich´s statement about less boming damage after patch. they located the problem and will fix it next week. its a problem with static object like buildings and static ground targets which are set in a mission builder as a "enitity". there is also an option to set static objects to be more weak or strong against boming blast
  13. reflections? yes looks nice but whats about fixing essential problems like this?
  14. Danke für die Info Leider ist oft das Team sehr unausgeglichen und dann will man die schwächere Seite unterstützen... Dann müssen wir wohl noch etwas warten !
  15. Wo ist der TAW Server? Sehe den schon seit 2 Tagen nicht mehr Und eine Frage bezüglich der Spielbaren Seite, ist es den möglich im Profil auf die deutsche Seite zu wechseln? Würde zu gerne mit der Ju52 fliegen
  16. https://1drv.ms/i/s!As-RiyJ_dhXCgZsEoBDQ_nwp35chmg Any solutions?
  17. Kannst du da bitte mehr verraten Sprich welche Einstellungen etc`?
  18. Guten Tag allerseits Ich würde gerne wissen ob sich schon jemand mit den Programmen ReShade oder SweetFX und IL2 BOS beschäftigt hat? Wenn ja, wie sind die Erfahrungen ? Gibt es dort eine Möglichkeit bei den Wintermaps die Schneeblindheit zu reduzieren? Ich für meinen Teil habe oft Schwierigkeiten den Horizont zu sehen. Lässt sich damit das Rendern weit entfernten Wäldern / Dörfern realisieren?
  19. Also ich habe ebenfalls 2 780GTX und hab diese Option Ingame. Evtl mal das Spiel neu installieren?
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