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  1. I think they need to tone it down a bit for sure for human and ai players.
  2. I know it is only fighting ai but it is great fun seeing the 190s trying to drive and run from the tempest 😀. It's like where the hell do ya think your going... Love it.
  3. Hoping for Ar-234 & Meteor. Jason hinted that an jet dog fight with the meteor and 262 would be interesting in an interview a while back and I love the 234 on il2 46. I also think these two aircraft had the closest thing to all jet encouter during ww2 when a base housing meteors was bombed by some Ar-234's but buy the time the meteors where airbourne the Ar-234's were long gone.
  4. Pretty sure that means we are getting the gloster meteor next year😎 The meteor was deployed to this area at this stage of the war covered in the game, as it was deployed to battle with the 262.why should it not be considered just because the brits were too scared to fly it over occupied territory?
  5. Pretty sure that means we are getting the gloster meteor next year😎
  6. Yeah, hopefully that means they won't have to spend too long on the skins
  7. Vs 190 Turning Circles 41. There is very little difference in turning circles between the two aircraft. If anything a very slight advantage lies with the Tempest. Rate of Roll 42. The Tempest V cannot compare with the FW 190. Vs 109 Turning Circle 47. The Tempest is slightly better, the Me.109G being embarrassed by its slots opening near the stall. Rate of Roll 48. At normal speeds there is nothing in it, but at speeds over 350 mph the Tempest could get away from the Me.109G by making a quick change of bank and direction. http://www.wwiiaircraftperformance.org/tempest/tempestafdu.html
  8. Hoping for a decent DD today after all its been one month since we last had one, that said there has been an update in that time so can't complain too much .
  9. Really hoping to see more of the tempest in the next update, until then enjoy these wartime colour photos the magnificent beast 😀
  10. Not sure about the US planes, but the tempest would have caught you according to this:
  11. Yes! finally we get to see what i've been waiting for .....that sexy deadly beast, the tempest 8-)
  12. Happy independence day, mankind owes much to will Smith for his heroic actions that day.
  13. Must admit clouds are the biggest problem for me in Box series on my system both with and without VR They should have an option for none dynamic clouds, more so like RoF or Clod style, even though they are not ideal and have problems, at least they dont kill performance on lower end systems yet still look decent.
  14. Thanks for the update, I was hoping as unlikely as it was the Tempest V would be next on the release schedule, but at least this way it gives me more time to save up before i order it. Keep up the good work.
  15. So the Americans did try laser beam technology during ww2. I think Dr Evil fitted the same technology to sharks many years later
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