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  1. Friday Night Bomber Flight Topic

    I've just noticed that I didn't give the list of NN pilots : NN_Fahrenheit NN_Razor NN_Lambert NN_Oscar NN_Tango NN_Bugs is no more able to be with us this week, has to stay with madame. So there's 1 Yak-1b free now.
  2. Friday Night Bomber Flight Topic

    All P-39 already taken by 216th Jizzo and Biggles. There is no fighter left on VVS side, sorry. In "Twenty"'s debriefing, I think that 2 Ju-88 shot down are missing, aren't they Happy_Meal ?
  3. Friday Night Bomber Flight Topic

    Hi Tip, NN will take the 6 Yak-1b please. Thanks Sir !
  4. Retour au bureau

    En plus de ta config' matériel, quel Windows et quelle version (32 ou 64) ? Tu as jeté un œil au gestionnaire des tâches pour vérifier que IL-2 est bien fermé ? Utilises-tu TeamViewer ? Car j'ai déjà eu le soucis avec un autre jeu (Ark) qui semble ne pas se lancer quand TeamViewer est démarré, le fermer a réglé mon problème. Ça m'étonnerait que ça serve pour ton problème mais sait-on jamais.
  5. Friday Night Bomber Flight Topic

    Might seems a basic question and i supposed you already had a look but what's in the .sds ? On NN school server, last night I had the same issue, nav' icon instead of external view : i took a look at the .sds and some parameters were not as I had chosen while creating my new .sds with DServer soft. Once manually modified, that was all good : external view back and no more nav' icon. If it can help... However, I've noticed the same issue on payloads and above all, we were not able to choose aerobatics (the button is no more available on my server). See you in 1 hour ! [EDIT] Phoenix, alias Habu on this forum thanks to devs, has already reported a bug with the GUI on wenesday, he confirms that it does not save your choice for difficulties so that you must edit the .sds manually.
  6. Contrôles_BoS

    Check tes MP Jetsun.
  7. Friday Night Bomber Flight Topic

    Hi Tip, the 3 other NN will be me, Bugs and Oscar. Thanks for the new aircrafts !
  8. Friday Night Bomber Flight Topic

    Hello Tip, NN pilots : NN_Fahrenheit NN_RugbyGoth NN_Oscar NN_Lambert Thanks, see ya's
  9. Friday Night Bomber Flight Topic

    Thanks to my wife, I must free my Pe-2.
  10. Friday Night Bomber Flight Topic

    And 2 Pe-2s87 and 4 Yaks for NN please, Sir : Pe-2 - NN_Fahrenheit - NN_Oscar Yak-1s69 - NN_Bugs - NN_Voltigeur - NN_Lambert - NN_RugbyGoth EDIT : just seen Bladebender's registration on battlefield forum, so there's not enough Pe-2 for 2 NN... And there are only 7 Yaks and 2 guys registered after my message... so I must let 1 NN in Pe-2 and 1 back in Yak. So 1 Pe-2 and 5 Yaks please.
  11. Friday Night Bomber Flight Topic

    Nice pics of the 110 formation OldJames ! Concerning the bridges, we were not far from you before the restart, patrolling around the server was restarted before we could have found you. But as said above, that was a really hard time for us. Promise, we'll do better next time !
  12. Friday Night Bomber Flight Topic

    Nice mission again Tip. Nice pics too, as usual. We had hard time on the 1st fight, outnumbered by 110 and 109 and we did it wrong (paticularly with those devilish gunners) so paid it by 5 Yaks down out of 6... Hopefully no KIA. We managed to take revenge later when 2 Pe-2 spotted a flight of 6 (+ 1 later) 110 going to our airfield. We were to far and arrived there just after they start bombing and straffing. 1 bown by AAA, 4 shot down. And we finally supplied one new airfield. Have a nice weekend, see ya's !
  13. Friday Night Bomber Flight Topic

    Last minute invitation for NN_RugbyGoth, he can't make it so 1 Yak-1 free...
  14. Friday Night Bomber Flight Topic

    Hi Tip, can you change Razor's tag to NN_ on the roster please ? As said last week, JG71 is our LW tag for TAW only. And may we have 1 more Yak please ? NN_Razor NN_Fahrenheit NN_Bugs NN_Voltigeur NN_Lambert NN_Oscar NN_RugbyGoth Thanks sir
  15. Friday Night Bomber Flight Topic

    SA is the most important thing for a fighter imho and I think VVS suffers from lack of communication so I try to give all the intelligence i can to other groups, mostly for those who fly in the same area. So thanks to you too for answer and communicating as well, I like flying this way cooperating with other guys. I would like Java to communicate as well, even if they fly in an other place, knowing what they are doing (before the mission starts) and what they meet would give us more SA... A word to the wise ! I've had good time in this mission, we only met a couple of 109 on our 1st flight and didn't see anything else for the rest of the mission but having Jizzo in my flight made me speak in english (not only, some of my teammates don't speak Shakespeare) and we did a big tour. Look forward the next one !