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  1. Fahrenheit

    d3d error

    Non, toujours pas d'autre solution que de mettre cet ancien driver (ça fonctionnait chez moi avec le driver 350.12) ou de changer de carte graphique (je pense que nous sommes plusieurs à avoir opté pour cette """solution""").
  2. Fahrenheit

    L'esadrille Unbound Frogs n'est plus

    Au delà des quelques rencontres virtuelles avec les grenouilles, je pense que c'est ce souvenir de Duxford 2016 que je préfère : Je me vois encore signaler vos sweets à Razor en disant "Mais, c'est pas les UF ça ?" puis les IRRE qui passent par là alors qu'on était tous près à partir après le show du samedi. L'avantage de la communauté francophone, c'est qu'il y aura toujours de la place pour les copains pour voler (ou boire une rôteuse en meeting !).
  3. Fahrenheit

    Friday Night Bomber Flight Topic

    Asgar, your screenshots would be reaaly much more beautiful if you had downloaded our skins...
  4. Fahrenheit

    Friday Night Bomber Flight Topic

    You should receive the briefing today by MP on this forum, server password will be in this MP. Dynamic campaingn and dynamic missions, cool to see the front line moving while in mission ! Tip, Lambert will finally take my plane (he hopes he wont have any work strain), I'm not sure to be back at home early enough so I prefer to leave him my plane. Can you send the briefing to Razor please ?
  5. Fahrenheit

    FNBF's VVS paint shop(includes some Luftwaffe skins).

    New NN skins, made by @PatCartier. Thanks again ! You can download on our Drive : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ogfb3P037wfRfkPIQDheR6DP5-nE8Ucl/view?usp=sharing
  6. Fahrenheit

    Friday Night Bomber Flight Topic

    Can you add 1 NN on stand-by for Yak-1b please Tip ? So we'll have : - NN_Fahrenheit - NN_Razor - NN_Bugs - NN_Voltigeur - NN_Oscar - NN_RugbyGoth And NN_Lambert on stand-by. Thanks Sir.
  7. Fahrenheit

    Friday Night Bomber Flight Topic

    Hi Tip, 6 Yak-1b for NN please. Thanks.
  8. Fahrenheit

    Friday Night Bomber Flight Topic

    Ah ! Another french squad in ! You should follow this topic to know when a new message is posted, so that you can book aircrafts before they're all taken. We can meet on your TS (or NN) this week if you want.
  9. Fahrenheit


    Je ne sais plus qui au NN mais nous avons bien rencontré la 10019 une fois, l'ouverture des ports avait réglé le problème, tout comme pour la 10016. Oui Phoenix, c'est ça, je lance 2 instances, jeu et dserver, quand j'héberge l'EdC du NN.
  10. Fahrenheit


    Arf, avoues que j'étais pas loin quand même. Mais pour le coup j'irai vérifier ma box dès fois que j'aurais effectivement personnalisé ça (pas de nécessité à mon avis). L'élève a encore beaucoup a apprendre du maître !
  11. Fahrenheit


    Phoenix a étéplus rapide que moi, je pense aussi qu'il faudrait regarder du côté des ports de la box, il faut ouvrir la plage 28000-28101 en TCP et UDP si ma mémoire est bonne.
  12. Fahrenheit

    Friday Night Bomber Flight Topic

    Thanks Biggles, taking it instead of 1 P-39. Quick debriefing of last mission, a dark one for NN cause we lost 2 pilots in air action (3 if we count me in as IL-2 Stat count me dead whereas the ingame stat didn't, my death occured while I was back on briefing map, after "end" appeared) and we might have lost 1 or 2, captured after bailing out in ennemy territory, and we lost 6 Yaks. However, we destroyed 8 LW aircrafts, 6 109 and 2 110, with 5 pilots. and 2 gunners killed. Sorry for Schuck, I really didn't see your canopy ejected when opening fire. I immediately had a look at the time and was happy to see that we were wtill in the mulligan. First meet with 110 and 109 was hard, beginning at 2 vs 3 110 and 3 109 that we didn't spotted before attacking 110... But next meet was the opposite, shooting down 2 110 and 2 109 with only 2 Yaks. Another 1 109, Jizzo, shot down while he was in Lambert's, telling him how to manoever to save him. Comm' with other groups could be improved, global whisper isn't the best idea, mainly when 2 groups (A-20 and IL-2/P-39) call in at the same moment... And not enough answers when information are required to help (JaVA) or to find the group (DBS). Please, let me know how we, NN, could improve our comm' too. English speaking : please, keep in mind we have a terrible accent and sometimes (during fight for instance) we can misunderstand you.. sorry for that... so speak loud and clear, not too fast. I'm nearly fluent in english but it can be hard to understand or say precisely what I want. I really appreciate FNBF for that, it makes me practice my english. I wont be in on Friday, Tip, can you send briefing to Razor please ?
  13. Fahrenheit

    Friday Night Bomber Flight Topic

    Sure, P-39 need speed and it's completely different from our usual Yaks, no dogfight with it and new ballistic. We'll train on it and see if we manage to do something. Otherwise, for our team and our fun, we'd better freed them and stay on the ground for this one. Tip, have you ever think in adding influence area, so that in addition to dead is dead we could have pow is pow ? I know it could get harder for every one, mainly for bombers, just an idea.
  14. Fahrenheit

    Friday Night Bomber Flight Topic

    No much choice for us this week... Let's take the last Yak-1b and the 3 last P-39 please Tip... we dont know this aircraft so we'll see what you'll be able to do with it.
  15. Fahrenheit

    Friday Night Bomber Flight Topic

    I've just noticed that I didn't give the list of NN pilots : NN_Fahrenheit NN_Razor NN_Lambert NN_Oscar NN_Tango NN_Bugs is no more able to be with us this week, has to stay with madame. So there's 1 Yak-1b free now.