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  1. Von-Target

    Being kicked out of MP server...

    Ok, so the problem appears to be a more General one... Thx guys for your reports!
  2. Von-Target

    Being kicked out of MP server...

    Thx for the feedback Willy_ ! Are you on the latest Win 10 patch - the infamous 1809 ?
  3. Von-Target

    Being kicked out of MP server...

    Nope, it's actually a stable 50 for ping, even from their site scores. No problems in other servers... Tahnks for the suggestion though !
  4. I know this is a "Multiplayer" sub-forum matter, and I did post there too, but since this forum has probably more visibility I decided to post here too. I've been experiencing some weird kick-outs out of BERLOGA server. I get a window with a message regading: "#10009 Game Server connection lost... " and then I click Exit and it brings me to the MP board. Happens after playing for a while in that server, and I posted about it here: Any ideas ? Thanks!
  5. Von-Target

    "BERLOGA Duel & Dogfight" server

    Thanks anyway SDV. I'll keep trying and finding out what can be the cause. I believe the latest win 10 update ( 1809 ) might have something to do with it, but I have no facts so far... I have no AV software ( use default Win 10 Defender only and the IL2 folder is excluded ) and the same applies for the FW. Doesn't happen at the other servers.
  6. Von-Target

    "BERLOGA Duel & Dogfight" server

    Thx SDV, just logged in and got, from that site: Von-Target (50)
  7. Von-Target

    "BERLOGA Duel & Dogfight" server

    BERLOGA has been my Go-To server since it was made available. I seldom use other servers, but in the last few days I've been experiencing something like being kicked off the server ? I've described it in this thread at another thread bellow, but basically, I get a popup window saying "#10009 Game Server connection lost... " My connection has good PING, and I even started using other servers to check if the same happened, but this is really just happening at BERLOGA. Any ideas ?
  8. Since a few days I've experienced being "thrown off" the server while playing. It doesn't follow a patern, but all of a sudden I am back to the Servers board, with a window displaying: #10009 Game Server connection lost... My Internet link is good and actually shows a very acceptable PING ( around 50 ). Any others experiencing the same ?
  9. Von-Target

    IL2 vs real (WWII russian based military trainer.)

    I believe I feel it ok in the IL-2 fighters, although I think it's more evident in DCS. Comparing the 109s and even the 190s, I float more in DCS than I tend to in IL2. If it's realistic or not, honestly after 38 yrs flying gliders I only feel it when I decide I don't want to be far from the hangar and retract the spoilers during flare... Other than that I should say it never played quite a role in my glider landings. At high speed and over scenery areas where the terrain is mostly plain I can feel it too in IL-2 and as I approach the ground the aircraft slightly "cushions" - something I often use to escape some guys who really persist in going after me 🙂
  10. Von-Target

    Does IL-2 GB need to return to the Eastern Front?

    Why not Africa ?
  11. Von-Target

    pitch trim at start-up

    Well, you can revert them all to NULL. There's a key combination for it, and you can also assign a joystick button to it. All existing trims for that particular aircraft will be set to their null positions.
  12. Von-Target

    Individual joystick response curves

    Same here! X-Plane 11 is getting it too in the next update. Rise of Flight has it too. DCS... We need this, really!
  13. Indeed, Jason himself suggested it, and I started using it with my GTX 960 since then, with good results, or at least certainly not worst than in full screen, and given I do not use Vsync, and limit FPS at 60.
  14. The answer to the OP question was already given, but I would just like to add that sometime ago I read that actually windowed mode can provide better performance, or that there is no special advantage in not using it. Since then I've been using IL-2 Great Battles only in windowed mode.
  15. Von-Target

    Spit Mk9 Post 3.006 Update

    Oh, thx, didn't notice it unreasonable.