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  1. jcomm

    Will there ever be a manual engine startup?

    Yes, manual fuel management is a must have IMHO, but it was announced as WIP... Priorities have to be carefully managed by the Dev Team because they're a very small team involved in such a HUGE project ( so many fronts at the same time, now tanks too...).
  2. jcomm

    Game running so smooth now

    Indeed, also performance-wise, even on an "old" rig like my i5 2500, IL-2 is also Great! How I wshed to have this kind of performance, with so many activity around, when I used FSX / P3D.... Well, champion in performance are still my two other sims ... but they're not combat - sort of... - Aerowinx PSX and Condorsoaring v2 🙂 I started using windowed mode intead of fullscreen because, unexpectedly, it does perform even better. I also stick FPS to 60, no Vsync here, and have only AA 4x and HDR...
  3. Black Six just answered at another thread where I had put this same message. They are at it already. Will be fixed soon https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/41883-scripted-campaign-havoc-over-the-kuban-discussion/?do=findComment&comment=729718
  4. Please refer to this post at another thread: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/42960-game-version-3010-discussion-important-improvements/?do=findComment&comment=729607
  5. Bought it yesterday, but after the latest patch all of the three scripted campaigns appear like this in the GUI:
  6. Thank you guys! Have a GRRRRREAT weekend !!!! I'll try to, flying this stuff made by you, but something weird is happening to the "Scripted Campaigns" interface ( ? )
  7. jcomm

    Hype about ME262

    Well, for me the Me-262 will be the return to airline flight simulation 🙂
  8. jcomm

    The IL2 store

    Same here, just bought two campaigns and no problem at all... Fast and efficient, as before.
  9. jcomm

    Sidewind Landing too easy?

    Form my RL experience I find x-wind modelled very plausibly n BoX. 3-3 m/s is around max 6 knot, and probably not exactly 90º... som it's really easily manageable... Try with 10+ m/s and add some turbulence too...
  10. jcomm

    What great missions you sell.

    Ok, I have to try it 🙂
  11. Indeed, these guys are 2nd to none! I am seriously considering buying Tank Crew just as a form of support! After all, that's certainly a much more interesting/useful way of saying "Thank Ya 1C / 777 !!! "
  12. Dear All, I'm one of those who have been using this simulator since it's initial release, and actually had turned into this type of flight simulation experience just a year before, by the hand of DCS World P51d. In the past I have used many flightsims, some military, like one of the very first I used and really adored! CYAC!!! I used the Combat Flight Simulator series, the original IL-.2, a few ww1 sims, Rise of Flight, IL-2 CloD, IL-2 1946 ( last week for a coupl,e hours before requesting the refund from Steam ... ) etc... a couple months ago even War Thunder!, which I must confess really attracted me for it's immersive action online and smoothness on my old rig ( i5 2500 @ 3,3 GHz + GTX 960 ). But, TBH, all of these sims usually get uninstalled a few weeks after the initial enthusiasm because I either start finding the very same flaws I find in most civil sims, or I find them too arcadish, or, the benefit of playing them and the "sensation of flight " they provide do not overcome my sensation of "feeling stupid playing war games at my age...in front of a PC console, instead of using that time more productively..." IL-2 "Battle of ..." series has attracted me since the very first time I took the LaGG 3 for a ride. Wow! I was impressed by pretty much every detail of the simulation. From there on, and even if I try to distract myself playing Condorsoaring ( now v2 , and while the soaring season doesn't start here in Portugal ) or Aerowinx PSX ( because my dream was to become an airline pilot and the Boeing 744 is one of my preferred airliners ever... ) the truth is, sooner or later I am back to IL-2. All other variants of ww2 flight simulators were abandoned ( this includes the very well known tittle I started with in 2012… ) and I was never interested in modern air war, so I'm really a lot more interested in both ww2 and ww1 aircraft, and their reprsentation in PC-based flight simulation. So, why am I telling ya this stuff, apparently useless, instead of praising again the detailed videos done by our Papafly ? Probably because just as I posted above, while I think and find Papafly's contribution REMARKABLE and very IMPORTANT, and certainly FUNDAMENTAL FOR THE DEVS to identify some of the certainly many flaws this sim has, truth is the videos have been repeatedly linked in different threads. I believe I would probably do the same if I had the talent to build those videos, and was really involved in getting the better out of this excellent simulator, problem is, maybe because of my age..., I've started to learn that I MUST WAIT! I MUST GIVE WAY AND TIME to the others around me... In this particular case I am talking about the very small but talented team behind the IL-2 Great Battles series, specially those directly involved in the design of the flight dynamics of each model. Their work is something I can't probably even measure in terms of hours spent investigating, designing, coding and fine-tuning, and while there are many aspects I would really like to see addressed, and you can find many posts where I present my thoughts and complaints, I have decided that the balance is still very positive towards their side. Regarding the particular videos recorded by Papafly, the lead producer has acknowledged their relevance, and said it was forwarded to the main FDM developer. I think this, the simple fact that indeed Jason himself acknowledged it, and participated in a thread that yes, was then hidden, but not deleted, means a lot in terms of the kind of support and commitment to the success of the tittle, and fulfilling their users wishes, and so, I think it is worth giving them SPACE & TIME to work, instead of creating new hooks that can actually distract potential users, those that can make the IL-2 user community grow and actually "feed the system", which in turn means a higher probability of the amount and rate of good things to come, grow. So, Papafly et al, it's great that you were able to record those videos, I would like to have done the same to document the various complaints I have posted at these forums, but we have to also accept that the 1C / 777 team didn't simply put a stone over it, but rather had the courage - the Lead Producer himself - to acknowledge, appreciate and forward it all to those who can actually, when the opportunity arrives, do something about it.
  13. Can't seem to login ? Takes forever ...
  14. Anyway, with all the consideration, it appears to me that the repetitive claims are a bit useless at this time, and disruptive instead of productive for the development of IL-2 BoX, and truth is, for me who am also a pilot for more than 38 yrs, it is still the most realistic prop flightsim I have used in a PC... I look forward for 1C / 777 to fine tune their flight dynamics and damage modeling. I couldn't care less about the arms because air combat, and even less ground attack, is what interests me the less in this game, but they need time, and they've been repeating many times that they are aware and doing their best to make it EVEN BETTER!