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  1. jcomm

    Online DMs since 3.008

    And, unless the older versions of the IL-2 "franchise" can actually do better that BoX, which from the few I tried I don't find to be the case, let's admit there simply isn't another ww2 aircraft flight simulation with such detailed damage model as IL-2 even presently has - and I assume it'll only tend to get even better with time, and probably more users & resources... People look sometimes like they like to shoot their own feet... We have the chance of a unique WW2 flight combat flight simulator, and that depends partly on continued support and investment from the user community, and yet, instead of trying to taste and profit from what we already have, we tend to try to destroy it ? Strange, but probably very Human-like... after all...
  2. In the Launcher screen under SETTINGS ( to the right above the picture )... See here the option "Seed when downloaded", and disable ( untick ) it in your SETTINGS. Then pay me a beer downtown Lisbon!
  3. Make sure you disable - "Seed when downloaded" from your launcher options...
  4. Saw it at a magazine store today, but just as expensive as a "collector plane" for IL-2 BoX, so... Anyway, interesting read, for those who like it ... https://www.editions-heimdal.fr/fr/historica/992-historica-n94.html
  5. jcomm

    Really hoping the Mustang...

    It's not only their engines, I guess.... In the P-40E there's that pitch trim weirdiness too ? I have to keep using full tail heavy trim in landing configuration or at slower speeds - it simply doesn't feel right to me ?
  6. jcomm

    Too many problems

    It's growing famous among ww2 combat flightsim players. I've seen, during the last 6 months, a notorious growth in server occupation whenever I login to play IL-2 BoX for a while. Since I am in Portugal, I get good ping from most European servers, I prefer the Russian ones, specially BERLOGA, but lately also a new one called something like "front... and tanks" ( ? ) not sure the exact designation. Never ever experienced lag. I did only when I once tried a server somewhere in China ( ? ) with huge ping, but that was certainly expected. Make sure you haven't got your "seed when downloaded" option ticked in the main startup screen settings - that can sometime become a huge resource consumer ! One thing I really like about IL-2 BoX as opposed to my other combat sim experiences is the way I glimpse aircraft in the distance. They're not simply "black dots" like in another sim I sometimes played too - they can be seen, even given the limitations in distance - that actually also apply in that other combat sim... - like real aircraft, with their shapes, and identified as friend or foe.
  7. jcomm

    Spitfire elevator...

    Interesting PapaFly. I never used a FFB stick, so I really can't tell. Given this is actually modeled - which sounds great to me - I ask again, if you don't notice the increase in force, in the nose-heavy direction ( forward ), on your FFB stick when flaps are deployed ? I noticed there's actually a slight pitching down which we have to counter by pulling the stick, which agrees with the NACA reports and is associated in this case with the deflected downwash increasing the local AoA at the tail horizontal surfaces... The DCS Spitfire IX, which was initially released without that "nose-heavy" force that the pilot feels on the stick ( stick-fixed condition as usual specially with non FFB sticks ) and having as effect only the "ballooning" when the flaps were deployed, was then updated, just as their Yak-52, and there is now a marked forward displacement of the stick that you can check in the virtual cockpit views, and counter by pulling, but it's a lot more "intense" than what I observe in youtubes or read in the NACA reports. I find the way it is modelled in IL.2 BoX more subtle and probably more realistic, and now that you mention it feels ok with FFB, even better! But beware, in this particular case the effect is actually due mainly to the propwash deflection and increase in local AoA at the tail. OTOH I would like to see little details, like the one that actually motivated the OP, fine tuned. It's probably just a graphical glitch... Other aspects like those you exhibited in your video are certainly being checked by the main flight dynamics dev at 1C / 777 and I strongly believe that with the required time - they're certainly busy given the amount of content they poured into the sim during the last year and since it was released - certainly a winner in terms of quantity and in a good part too in quality, for a ww2 combat flight simulator, taking as reference the alternatives - I can't speak for 1946 though, since I never played that one, but I am seriously considering giving it a try...
  8. jcomm

    Where's my thread about the FM issue collection?

    I believe that's the spirit of Jason's post. I strongly believe they are doing their best, and although I notice the quirks, I also notice IL-2 attracts me like no other ww2 combat sim I have tried recently. Let's enjoy what we already have, wait for their opportunity to fix what is wrong, and continue to support 1C / 777 in their endeavour to make IL-2 BoX a great combat flight simulator. Yet, I'm grateful to the OP for he's excellent explanation of the quirks he detected, and I believe are important for the Dev Team to track what is wrong as soon as they find the time for it.
  9. jcomm

    using a second monitor and mouse

    It would be great if the Mission Map could be displayed on a 2nd monitor...
  10. I never bought 1946, although I did buy the original IL-2 long ago. Have been watching some IL-2 1946 videos, with the patched versions - I believe the version presently available from Steam is not fully patched ? - and it looks very convincing, actually in some aspects ( not graphically though ) probably more complex in some aspects than IL-2 Cliffs of Dover ( ? ) What kind of CEM is available in the fully patched ww2 IL-2 1946 ? Do we have control over water and oil radiators, inlet and outlet panels, etc... ? What about Mixture, Superchargers, ... ? Can the engines of multi-engine aircraft be operated separately ?
  11. jcomm

    Tried the K-4, back to the A3 :-)

    Thank you Talon_, and you have now also answered my other question about the duration of the MW-50 mix. So it is modelled correctly, independent from the fuel tank. They can empty at different times - MW-50 after 45 min of interleaved use, totaling 25 min of total MW-50. Thx!
  12. jcomm

    Tried the K-4, back to the A3 :-)

    Ok guys, thanks for the various hints, and it was my problem, of course 🙂 Calibrated throttle axis and some bias added to the extremes in order to clean some spikes that were preventing correct MW-50 activation. Still would like to know if the MW-50 empties independently from the main fuel tank, when using almost fully filled fuel tank configurations, or if it is simplified, and they always empty at the same time.
  13. jcomm

    Tried the K-4, back to the A3 :-)

    Ok, so applying here for your knowledgeable hints: .) In the DB 605 B and C variants, MW50 is engaged whenever I move the throttle to the extreme forward position right ? .) At these settings I can fly continuous WEP for 10 min, then another 10 min in CMBT, then again 10 min WEP... until I get out of fuel - btw: shouldn't it usually be out of MW50 first ? Is this modelled in IL-2 K-4 ( the MW50 fuel tank becoming empty before the "main" fuel tank ? .) When am I supposed to get that "low press system" techno chat message ? Thanks !
  14. jcomm

    Tried the K-4, back to the A3 :-)

    Hmmm, I must be doing something wrong then ? I have to check my throttle axis settings - too often I get the "low pressure system" techno chat message - maybe I am not correctly engaging the MW-50 ? Thanks for the remarks.