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  1. Thx for your comment Melonfish ! Could you help me find those evidences in the net? I searched for a while but all I found was this video. Would really like to read / ear that the way it's modelled in IL2 is the right one. I remember the Spitfires were initially released with that pitching up tendency too on flap deployment and latter fixed to agree with reports from true pilots of the type.
  2. Looks more or less evident from the following video that the pilot has to pull when gear and then flaps are lowered during approach... https://youtu.be/h6m7z2HPW34?t=464
  3. @ZachariasX, Il2 109s do model asymmetric slot deployment. One just has to fly it the "right way" to cause it, but it's actually a lot easier to take place than in another combat flightsim that also has a 109 model... OTOH, I recall that when the 109 was first released, not sure if after or before the 190, in the Il2 BoS series, takeoffs were a bit more difficult to manage, including the need for brake application because the rudder was not as effective as it is right now... I find it a bit too easy to takeoff with the 109s in Il2, taking anecdotes I've read, namely being able to takeoff at full power without locking the tailwheel, just by controlling the aircraft with the rudder... That I would say may look like a bit to the "easy" side (?)
  4. Well, I just posted because i thought some might be interested... Personally I was never able to watch any war movie other than the one my father took me to see in the cinema some... 46 yrs ago - "The Bridge on the River Kwai"...
  5. The Full Movie is now available for watching during November, on Youtube.
  6. Welcome back! I am always returning too, after deambulating through other flightsims, mostly civil, but lagging a LOT of the feel IL-2 brings :-) And I am not even in VR ! A simple HeadTracker Pro is all I got...
  7. I believe 1C / 777 intend to implement a complete update of the fuel system, allowing for tank selection as well as drop.
  8. 1) In it's present state of engine modelling complexity, which aircraft should benefit from mixture adjustment with altitude, the effects being able to be followed using EGT, CHT or the tachometer ? 2) How would you recommend, leaning for any of the aircraft you cared to list for 1) ? Thank you !
  9. It's always great to know we have talented / passionate developers working on our preferred air combat title ! Me just thinks he took it a bit too risky on that wing drop ... He is surely confident of the machine he has under control, but Heck! - that recovery was too close to the ground ! Please be careful An. ! ;-)
  10. I don't have IL2 installed to test now, but to the OP I should ask: - are you sure you weren't taking off with a starboard wind component ? Other hypothesis: The aircraft loads with too high rudder trim compensation. You could try hitting the key / button assigned to neutralize all trim settings, and see if it still has that right / veering tendency ?
  11. Well, to address Zacharias quest above, it's from Meteoblue that ASOBO fetches the GRIB data containing the forecast models provided by that company. As I pointed out at another post, that's fine for medium / higher levels, and in some occasions even lower levels, but observation data ( METAR / SPECI ) or even PIREP / AIREP are important feeds as well. The problem is blending aloft model data with METAR... This blending is the secret to "success", and the latest patch has walked towards a more acceptable result for their weather engine. Missed, a LOT, is the chance to properly represent prevailing visibility as reported in a METAR inside of MFS - it's not working at all in most of the occasions, and it's a must have i one want's to use the sim for IMC / IFR training ... There is no way to define visibility in the manual weather interface, but also there's not much information on the new "aerosol density" variable. Let's hope they bring VISIBILITY SETTINGS as per METAR in the near future ...
  12. I had a problem with my 2nd install of the DVD std version and decided to contact the MS Gamestore support through the chat window. It worked beautifully and they solved my problems. You might want to try it too ?
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