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  1. It's always great to know we have talented / passionate developers working on our preferred air combat title ! Me just thinks he took it a bit too risky on that wing drop ... He is surely confident of the machine he has under control, but Heck! - that recovery was too close to the ground ! Please be careful An. ! ;-)
  2. I don't have IL2 installed to test now, but to the OP I should ask: - are you sure you weren't taking off with a starboard wind component ? Other hypothesis: The aircraft loads with too high rudder trim compensation. You could try hitting the key / button assigned to neutralize all trim settings, and see if it still has that right / veering tendency ?
  3. Well, to address Zacharias quest above, it's from Meteoblue that ASOBO fetches the GRIB data containing the forecast models provided by that company. As I pointed out at another post, that's fine for medium / higher levels, and in some occasions even lower levels, but observation data ( METAR / SPECI ) or even PIREP / AIREP are important feeds as well. The problem is blending aloft model data with METAR... This blending is the secret to "success", and the latest patch has walked towards a more acceptable result for their weather engine. Missed, a LOT, is the chance to properly represent prevailing visibility as reported in a METAR inside of MFS - it's not working at all in most of the occasions, and it's a must have i one want's to use the sim for IMC / IFR training ... There is no way to define visibility in the manual weather interface, but also there's not much information on the new "aerosol density" variable. Let's hope they bring VISIBILITY SETTINGS as per METAR in the near future ...
  4. I had a problem with my 2nd install of the DVD std version and decided to contact the MS Gamestore support through the chat window. It worked beautifully and they solved my problems. You might want to try it too ?
  5. Just out of curiosity, after initially having got MFS through the Alpha program, and then later bought it from Steam, I asked for a Steam refund, which I was promptly given, and bought the DVD version. With the 10 DVDs burnt into ISO files, an MFS reinstall now takes usually no longer than 25 - 30 min including the final download it always makes from the cloud of a few Gigas...
  6. This is an aspect MFS can prove useful with... Of course provided you train near areas with good scenery, and the aircraft systems and damage model are ok, which is not yet very much the case 😕
  7. Unfortunately, I'm afraid not... I.e.: https://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/threads/prop-wash-effects-on-yaw-roll.449169/ Not to talk of details like the way IL-2 models for instance some aerodynamic systems that aren't even by far available in MFS even through the MODERN FM, such as slats in a 109, that can't actually be modelled in X-Plane either, at least in as far as asymmetric deployment goes... Do you know that in MFS there isn't yet a modelling of elevator trim other than as it being, just like since fs4, a stabilator ( airline style ) approach ? Do you know the trimming of other control surfaces is still not dependent on dynamic pressure ? ... That's why some 5 years ago I landed in IL2 land, a bit against my will, but immediately fell in love by the "feel of being there" this sim provides, even more IMO than DCS World ... For sure MFS is now the very BEST World Visuals Flight sim... Great to use as a visuals generator for other sims ( ELITE XTS, Aerowinx PSX... )
  8. You may have a point when it comes to comparing types, although we can pick in MFS aircraft that are more or less in the same aerodynamics class of some fighters in IL-2, but above all it's the details when you ( try ) to dig into the MODERN FM. Not much info available yet, but we're still stuck with the good old limitations that MS FS ever posed to such basic stuff as, among many many in a certainly long list - modelling trim, from elevator to other types, the absent effects of deflected propwash due to wing camber changes due to lift augmentation devices ( htail AoA is fixed ), engine modelling limitations, an almost inexistent damage model, not being able to model aircraft with more than 1 reference main wing, ground physics ( again the messed friction coefficients - and I must say IL-2 is still by far my preferred sim in terms of ground physics 🙂 ) and many, many more details that although this "new" Modern FM may suggest are still inherited from previous versions of MS FS... Of course IL-2 is far from perfect, but given that I don't like combat sims, it is still my Go-To option when I start feeling deeply disappointed with the alternatives...
  9. Regarding weather modelling in MFS, it's already being fed by model data ( the several sources that feed Meteoblue themselves ) and most probably making post-processing on some of those products. The only aspect that was very problematic before the last patch was the blending between METAR and model data, but it seems to have been almost completely addressed now. At least the places I have tested look fine to me. Yet another possible use for MFS 2020 - joining the most advanced ever Boeing 747-400 simulator with the most advanced ever flight scenery sim: I am looking forward for the release of the already announced Spitfire Mk1A for MFS 2020, by Aeroplane Heaven...: https://www.flightsim.com/vbfs/content.php?21294-Aeroplane-Heaven-Announces-Spitfire-Mk1A-For-MSFS
  10. Indeed, latest patch has significantly improved performance on my rig, although not to the level IL-2 provides, but they're completely different beasts... Weather is now also more coherent, both aloft and near aerodromes with METAR reports. I still need to consider a PC upgrade, maybe later this year or arount 2021 to be able to profit from the amazing graphics MFS can provide. Yet, my main concern are flight and systems modeling. The SDK docs are rather sparse in details, but ASOBO is actively working on it, helicopters will arrive sometime along 2021, and I am sure that the arrival of major 3pd players will bring additional features. All in all, a very good source of fresh air for the civil simulation community. But IL-2 is still ahead, way ahead, in physics modeling, IMO...
  11. https://www.nexusmods.com/microsoftflightsimulator/mods/75
  12. P51d freeware released at: https://www.msfsaddons.org/aircraft
  13. Make a civil aviation port... That's what could surely attract more users...
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