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  1. As usual, IL-2 by 1C-777 Rulezzzz !!!! Thank you for the most enjoyable slots I have had at the home PC during the last week !!!! Only 1C-777 !!!!
  2. @ZachariasX, since my closest experience with ground handling in a Spitfire is based only in desktop sim experience 🙂 I wonder if I shoud infer from your words that indeed IL.2 has caputred the characteristics of ground handling better than "the other sim" where it is simply impossible to taxi without using differential braking because, unless you have your power set for takeoff, the propwash is not sufficient to give enough authority to your rudder. In Youtubes I see pilots taxiing Spitfires, Me 109s and Fw 190s using rudder, but some say they only do this to creat mommentum, and the turns are still done using mainly differential braking. In IL.2 I can taxi the two models using mostly the rudder.
  3. Problem was, from where to get the QNH settings back in the ww2 times... QFE was surely easier… Of course QNE is meant to be used above transition alt. Strangely, both IL2 and DCS "model QFF" although they don't report it… You can test by settings missions on cold winter days vs hot summer days...
  4. QFE shows you 0,0m / 0,0 ft at the aerodrome reference point, QNH should show you the altitude of the aerodrome. It then uses QNE for the standard atmosphere setting of 1013.2 mb / 29.92 inHg for inflight. That's better than QNH when flying because then you would have to keep setting it when moving to more distant areas where the QNH might differ ( not the case in IL.2 though... I believe ) Just out of curiosity, there's also QFF, which takes into account geopotential height due to colder / denser vs hotter / less dense air mass...
  5. Ah! So, "Fly-Central", this is something I wasn't aware of… It's better than what I thought - you're setting it to the nearest friendly airfield settings. But, those are, AFAIK, the same across all of the Map since there is a single reference pressure for the whole Map / Mission, I guess...
  6. From the official manual: "Altimeter: you can adjust your altimeter in all aircraft between two different readings: standard atmospheric pressure and home airfield elevation. The former setting shows your altitude above sea level, while the latter will show your altitude above your home airfield. This latter setting is especially helpful when landing your aircraft. To adjust your altimeter’s readout, press the Left Alt + A key combination (Altimeter: reference pressure toggle)." So, nope you can't set it to a specific aerodrome.
  7. It's done by two key combos, one to set it for local QNH, other for QFE for the reference airbase. Alt-A and another one I don't recall right now...
  8. Well, X-Plane until now ( version 11 ) hasn't been doing it for ages... It usually freezes the skies at initial development year, and doesn't have a perpetual calendar... But it's still considered "Ultra Realistic"...
  9. Just out of curiosity I also found out, soon after having started to use IL-2, that it also has precise Moon ephemeris. Set a date in the mission editor, and a time and check the Moon position and phase.
  10. @too-cool... it would be 18 / 36
  11. Today something never experienced before took place at BERLOGA. In one of the combat sessions I hit F8 to track the closest enemy, and while I kept following something, nothing was seen , although from time to time the padlock view behaved as something had just passed near me. This invisibility experience came with some cockpit shaking - all very strange ( ? ) Any plausible explanation ?
  12. Easy and not to slow ( albeit my old internet link ) update here too. Everything fine, and the MS Antivirus ( Defender the only I use in Win 10 ) didn't complaint about the mentioned "DRM false positive"... Good performance, but I noticed that enabling the new graphic option for lighting is heavy on fps ( lost around 15-20 fps ). I'm on an old rig, i5 2500 GTX 960, so it always surprises me how these games ( DCS, IL2, WT ... ) perform so well in it.
  13. https://www.microprose.com/ https://twitter.com/micro_prose?lang=en Oh! A B-17 !!!!
  14. For me it's the yaw trim at least that is indeed over sensitive on the P51d- Maybe the devs could fine tune it - sometimes there's a significative yaw bounce that would have consequences for sure IRL...
  15. jcomm-in-il2

    Spit Flaps

    I still dream of the day the Devs announce they finally found the culprit for these and other Flight and Systems modelling quirks... Sometimes I get away from IL2 for a good while, even uninstall it... But then after another while I am back at it - after all there's still something special about this game, but heck, these bugs are really irritating...
  16. Good point! Will try it differently then and report back...
  17. So, yesterday I tried one of the packed missions, was on an Fw190 A5 mission to destroy a convoy, ready for departure with my mates all around, bomb fuses were ON, and inadvertedly I hit the "B" key, and the first, thgen the all bombs felt down on the ground just bellow my aircraft. There was somne smoke, but no explosions, and ceretainbly not any damage to my aircraft ???
  18. Thank you all for your contributions. I will surely opt for the QMB and some of the scripted caampaigns for a start. When I tried to play the scripted campaigns some 2 yrs ago the AI was so "stupid" that I simply gave up, but the latest updates apparently did make it a lot better, so, I will try it.
  19. I almost never even tried to play it. I confess it kind of irritates me to see all that information presented as I once tried to enter a Carreer and was given newspapers to read and take notice of the state os affairs in the war front... Wanted something more directed to going staright into action, in small episodes. How can you motivate a guy like me, who only plays online for a while and only buys scripted campaigns to support the game, playing a carreer ? Or even a simple scripted campaign ?
  20. Ahahah! Didn't glimpse it when I firt looked at it :-)
  21. Outside of the cockpits ? What do you mean ?... Wow, that lighting in your shot looks great though 😉
  22. Well, sorry to know some still have it. My PC is still the same CPU and RAM + Mobo from 2012 ( i5 2500 and 16 GB DDR3 RAM ) and only the GPU was updated some 3 yrs ago to a GTX 960 4GB GDDR5, but IL.2, when it runs well, it runs like a rocket even in this rather outdated system. After the latest patch it is gorgeous to look at in the Bodenplate battles and smooth as silk, at least in the various MP servers I visited in the last few days.
  23. Latest tests, even at the MP servers that were almost totally unplayable for me untiol the latest patch and since the immense stutters had started, are completely gone. Back to smooth as silk experience - Great Update, at least in as far as this pareticular problem was concerned. Normandy bought and lookiung fwd for the upcoming Collector Hurricanes 🙂
  24. The principle is always the same... Just some feet above ground, say, 20 ft, start to uncrab and upwing low, to start a forward slip. Different aircraft will aloow for different amounts of upwind wing down, while staying away from a wingtip strike or prop strike on twins / multi-engine. Some prefer the fwd slip approach starting from a higher height AGL.
  25. 17. P-51, P-47 and P-39 have correct trimmer animations; what exactly does it mean ? Have the trims been fine tunned so that we no longer run out of picth trim in landing configuration on some aircraft like the p51 and the p41?
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