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  1. 17. P-51, P-47 and P-39 have correct trimmer animations; what exactly does it mean ? Have the trims been fine tunned so that we no longer run out of picth trim in landing configuration on some aircraft like the p51 and the p41?
  2. Game actually models low / high temperature effects on geopotential ! For the same QNH you get a given altitude at a lower "height" in cold weather !
  3. … and get free from all of the stuttering we now experience? If yes, where in the menus can we do it ?
  4. One of the most awaited features is the new FDM built from scratch, pretty much à la IL-2 GB / XP stylle - meaning it'll be based in finite element analysis. The FDM visualization looks a lot like whet one get's when enabling the visual flight model mode in X-Plane 11. The biggest problem with X-Plane is that is was never a pollished product. The team keeps updating stuff in a rather "erratic" way, and while Austin Meyer has recently started investing again on the flight dynamics, truth is I believe the huge team and budget at the MS / ASOBO headquerters will most probably bring to release a much more fine tuned flight dynamics model. Add to it an also completely built from sratch weather engine, and there aren't reasons to believe MFS will become a true success. I've seen images of airfields around where I live and work, and fly from that are 250% better than any freeware / payware add-ons I ever used for either FSX / P3D or X-Plane.
  5. AFAIK Orbx is not coorperating with ED.
  6. How would you cope with 3, 4, 6 ... engines? Left 1 , Left 2, ..., Right1, ... ? Not pratical, nor realistic according to RW practice, with the exception, maybe, of GA twins, although at most airschools around here ( Europe ) students are taught 1, 2 ... to get familiar with what will meet them in their profession.
  7. Wow! That's a rocket-like climb in is pilot career ! I wish Requiem All the Best for 2020, and he's new left seat experience ;-)
  8. Very well put into words Moach, and I do agree with your view, and actually mentioned, in another post, how much WT can turn into Casino-like addiction... In my case I did buy a few golden eagles and created two accounts because the first one I was still so far from understanding the system that I started accepting all sort of "research" I was almost forced into... But my main focus is the feel of flight, and while I do get thrilled with the combat, it is really not my beach.... It also helps that I'm above all a flight dynamics / systems modelling addict, always seeking to find innacuracies / well implemented details, so, WT can easily turn into the next game to uninstall at any moment I forget about the smoothness and graphics, and some characteristics I actually would like to see ported into other sims... Anyway, Wt runs smooth in my old rig, I start it when I'm in the mood to play it for a while, and that's all, so, as you also put it very well, it depends strongly in your mindset... Are you an economist, btw ?
  9. Yep, have long been calling the attention of the devs with pictures and even video at other posts in this forums... like this one recently: Nothing updated yet 😕 but I know dev team is small and this is a chosmetic detail more than a FDM issue, and I did send Gavrick a PM and he acknowledged it long ago and told they would look at it when a slot is available...
  10. Thx for the link for the followup video. Indeed there are at least two major problems with IL-2 FM. One is nose heaviness in some aircraft. I first noticed it in the P-40 E-1, then with the D-9 and a few more, and it ended with the P-51. The other problem is related to "flaps aerodynamics"...
  11. I disagree... and I do come, and am at, rw flying for 39 yrs... I don't see, all summed up, much difference, other than some ground physics simplifications, between the best models I've tried in WT ( simulator mode and realistic controls ) and IL2 GB. Actually I do prefer the caricatures of some ww2 fighters as they're portrayed in WT, and I definitely prefer it's immersion in EC mode and even in the many SP missions we can play... There are features I'd like to see ported to DCS and IL2, like the possibility of setting ground trim tabs where they are available and save that configuration that will then become the default one when starting the flight in WT, or nill it and re-aply whenever required. Damage model looks ok to me, communication is great even using their limited but effective menu, and the fact that aircraft visual identification is much better than what it is now in IL2 or ever was in DCS is yet another plus. If you talk about DCS, then yes there's a big difference, for the better, in details of the flight dynamics, engine and systems simulation between it and both IL2 and WT, but then all of it's modules take ages to get to final shape, and all evolves so so slowly in the assets and modules development that I've given up waiting...
  12. My biggest problem is that I throw everything out... I still remember though flying one of the first versions of Apache, and that great CYAC !!!! And of course Janes ww2 fighters :-) But I kept using mostly civil flightsims, and only very recently turned into air combat sims.
  13. Well, although I agree with the rather peculiar way of grinding being a mess, at least for my brain to process, and the whole rewards and "economics" I am forced to adhere to and play like in some sort of Casino, look silly, truth is WT became my only air combat sim, and actually for the time being my only flight simulator, and I never used any other sort of virtual games... I got disappointed with the lack of immersion in IL2 GB, the latest updates brought a significative downgrade in it's performance, the view system is weird and probably the worst among the three sims with WT having by far the best solution even if not perfect IMO, and waiting for upgrades / fixes / updates / new content in DCS World. WT gives some of the best moments playing online, immersion in every session, excellent performance in my old rig with much better graphics and enough plausibility of the FM, DM, etc,,, Love it ! I'm War Thunderized 🙂 ( in Simulator full reall controls mode only !!! ).
  14. In the IL-2 Spits we still miss the typical "elevator down" as seen from cockpit or outside showing as a result of nose heavy trim being mostly used, for instance while cruising. Our IL2 Spitfire always shows it's elevator aligned with the horizontal stab, or even showing slightly deflected up. It's maybe a little visual / cosmetic detail, but it's correctly modeled for instance in DCS.
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