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  1. The pitching moment due to flap deployment was most certainly fine tuned, and it's now very plausible I believe 👌 I still miss looking back inflight towards the tail and not seing the elevator slightly down due to the mostly nose heavy settings used for the pitch trim in the Spitfires, while cruising...
  2. From the video linked above one should notice the difference in power if the turbocharger AND the throttle are always synced. As much as 300 HP ! A difference like that would be noticeable when flying high, chasing the bombers at angels 20+ I don't have IL-2 GB installed right now, so I can't test it.
  3. Has anyone tested the need to reduce ( retard ) the "boost" lever to maintain constant MP during climb up to critical level and specially above around 12,000', according to the following video: Also, when approaching max turbo rpm is it required to significantly reduce it ?
  4. I would be good with something like what I have in War Thunder Sim mode. It's way better than every try ED did with DCS target spotting IMHO, and better than what I see in IL.2 Great Battles at present.
  5. I would be good with something like what I have in War Thunder Sim mode. It's way better than every try ED did with DCS target spotting IMHO, and better than what I see in IL.2 Great Battles at present.
  6. Couldn't have put it better! Than you Rolling_Thunder - excellent view / explanation of why WT has such an almost addictive effect on me that makes all other feel and look dumb these days ... And honestly I don't find WT anymore "arcade" than IL-2 Great Battles when played in Simulator mode - I actually find that in some aspects aircraft performance appears sometimes closer to the historical data, and there isn't that woobliness that still plagues IL-2...
  7. I noticed that no matter at what altitude I increase or decrease RPM when MP at or bellow 41", there will be no tendency for it to move opposite of RPM. For instance on ground, with MP at, say, 30", RPM reduction should increase MP and the way around. This is due to the blower kicking in above a given MP ( usually 41" ). [SOLVED(?)]: Either I was not looking with sharp eye or something changed in an interim update, but today I was able to test this effect at a very low MP setting while doing engine tests on ground. Bellow around 13" MP the RPM regulations affect MP in the opposite way - incease RPM, MP drops and the way around. It's a slight variation, but it's there. Probably the blower in the modeled P51 kicks in a lot lower then in more modern models?
  8. Well, I started flight simming seriously around 1993, and played most of the tittles, mostly civil, you can name, as well as some not even known to most simmers... My experience with combat flight simulation started with CYAC, a couple of well known attack heli sims, Janes WW2 Fighters, then Combat Flight Simulator and a couple ww1 sims too. Did try the initial version of IL-2 by Oleg, then skipped pretty much all stuff after that one, and returned by the hand of DCS after the fate of MS FLIGHT in 2012. I was tempted by the P51d, and really liked that sim ( still follow the news about it ) but then in 2014 someone offered me IL2 Battle of Stlaingrad, and it became my goto combat flightsim. I even stopped playing PSX, ELITE IFT, X-Plane and P3D to become an almost full time IL2 player. I was once called attention into War Thunder, tried it ( some 3 years ago ) and found it so so so Arcade that I couldn't even believe the guy who told me to try it did actually play t too... Well, things change, and last year I revsited War Thunder, found about the "Simulator mode", Battles and EC, and decided to give it a new try. War Thunder turns out to be the only flight simulator I play these days, and since I never played any other type of games in a PC, it's in fact something I couldn't really expect to happen only 2 yrs ago. When I think about it the reason - for me is probably the fact that there is always something interesting and immersive to do in WT, the sceneries even if reduced and not accurately pretending to represent rw theatres of War, are great, with lots of interesting details, the skies look a lot more interesting than in either IL2 or DCS, and if I look realistically at the level of accuracy and feel of flight, even though ground physics are simplified, in the air most aircraft have performance and feel that doesn't at all disappoint me.
  9. I just wonder if this recent update to X-Plane 11 might be of some interest for the Devs here at 1C / 777 since I believe X-Plane and IL-2 share very much in common regarding the modeling of flight dynamics... The part of the video where Austin starts talking about delayed wash and how it can cause aircraft perturbed in pitch to react less abruptly - wooble less - when the control are returned to neutral is around min 35:00... https://youtu.be/WROEk_Jv33w?t=2129
  10. Have you properly set the new trim controls ? or... Might it be due to the new physiology simulation, limiting the forces that your pilot can apply ?
  11. Do you know - I wasn't even aware this patch had been released !!! Now I have a full work day ahead before I get back home - but please give me some feedback on that P51d and how it performs! Puleeeeeeeze!!!!!
  12. Just did one at 16+ Mbps! Not bad at all for my home link.
  13. It would be great to have some way of setting date / time for a quick mission from inside the game without having to use the Mission Editor. It would be even better if the best adapted seasonal version of teh underlaying map could automatically be selected based on the Date.
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