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  1. But, Motoadve, in your real life simulated dogfights did wake turbulence really play a role ? I do identify it all of the time in my towing times ( I only fly gliders ) but, I never thought about it's relevance for instance during a dogfight between my Me109 E and whoever I'm after πŸ™‚ unless it's a bomber...
  2. I'm not sure I understood the options above... - When you guys say: "two 12.7 mm" do you mean the gondola version, the 700 or the 300 ammunition versions ?
  3. I am really looking fwd for the P-51D in IL-2. Somehow there were always some aspects I seriously doubt about in the way it was modeled in DCS. And then, I will be looking fwd for the day Devs announce the introduction of fuel management, and resulting asymmetric fuel loads in aircraft that have that problem, losing fuel from one tank, etc... πŸ™‚
  4. Thanks for sharing motoadve ! πŸ‘ So, he didn't comment about the huge amounts of tail-heavy trim required for landing, under a quite wide weight range ( fuel + amno ). I still think there is something strange with that aspect of the P-47 FDM. Strangely, I seldom can play any of the glider simulators I have used - and I guess I used all available variants ever marketed. They all felt so far from reality that the only soaring sims I started using are those that come with my navigation softwares πŸ™‚ But there are surely many examples of rw pilots, some professional, who use flight simulators as "simmers" too. We can find some excellent examples at the Aerowinx PSX forums. I never tried VR with the modern technologies. I believe I will skip it in this life. I'm almost 100% sure it would get me really dizzy...
  5. In May Geronimo553 posted in a thread about playing IL-2 in career mode some suggestion for optimal graphics performance. Since then I have been using this settings, actually reducing a couple of parameters on he left column, and haven't had better results ever. That thread and Geronimo's post will probably get "lost" among the many posts in this forum, so, I decided to leave a link here today just as a reminder:
  6. Mea-culpa too... Thinking about the point in Go_Pre's post I sort of agree with he's view, and why ? Well, not implying this is the motivation of anyone who uses this sort of tag - "as a real pilot" - I have to admit that I 99% of the time stamp it in a thread, uselessly trying to support my "evidences" with a supposed acquired experience, when in fact my RL experience is after all not a factor when the subject is the analysis of a flight simulation software and the way it models flight dynamics having in mind that it's users are going to be interacting with it through various types of hardware controllers, most of which aren't even close to being considered adequate, and even more having in mind, in my particular case, that I only fly gliders !!! Ridiculous, I must admit πŸ˜• It's indeed the kind of tag, I use to somehow - uselessly - try to give more weight to my view... and it's after all, and most of the time, even if we don't want to admit it, some kind of "need for recognition", and not in it's most pure intent, but rather in a much more - useless - pride-oriented mood. I seldom read such tags from Dakpilot, didn't even notice LuseKoft, Go_Pre and many other for sure are/were owners of a pilot license. I do know, and somehow feel "jealous" about the fact that guys like Syn-Requiem, who is a dedicated user of IL-2 and a very cooperative member with he's instructional videos, fought for he's dream of becoming a professional pilot, took a hiatus from flight simulation, and is now flying for a job, fulfilling he's dream. Does he need to keep saying in his posts and / or youtubes, that he is now an ATPL ? No.... So, and again not trying to apply the same interpretation to what makes motoadve, and myself, sometimes use these "being a pilot..." tag, and ehehe, I even try to - uselessly - emphasize it with that additional mention to "for more than ... years..." 😎, I have to admit I do see the point of Go_Pre's post, and actually sympathize with he's view / hint. Most of the time when posting such tags, I'd better know, as some at these forums actually do know, how to present my arguments in a much more scientific, supported way - using physics, and particularly flight dynamics but also knowledge about flight simulation techniques and the particular features of the aircraft being modeled in this sim. Some guys are living encyclopedias of ww2 aircraft and armament! Go_Pre's point fits beautifully to my mindset, when writing those tags - I have to acknowledge it! Suggestion...: Let's move on and continue to discuss the aspects we find, as simmers, which is exactly what we are around here and whenever discussing flight simulation games, and not trying to show our "credentials" but rather, try to present some sound / mathematical / scientific-based arguments to support our ideas, like some actually do around here - many times making me pick a pencil and a sheet of sheet of paper to try to better understand / reach what they're passing.
  7. A pitty the p-51 isn't yet available for your friend to test in IL-2. If you get the chance, please ask him about the huge amount of elevator trim required for instance to land the P-40 E in IL.2 GB... I hit 100% "tail-heavy" trim most of the time... and find it really weird...
  8. Yep, that's Static Margin. I've tried with a few aircraft in IL-2, by varying the fuel load, as well as ammunition, but didn't notice any difference... That's true about X-Plane, but also about MSFS - on both you can play with your CoG / CoM vs CoL
  9. My other sims are Aerowinx PSX and ELITE ( now XTS ). Both PSX and ELITE couldn't be more "table-based" :-), and yet they do their jobs remarkably well, and IMO incomparably better than X-Plane for the same aircraft types they model, in the case of ELITE provided you "vly" them within the "normal IFR envelope" and also completely forget about "ground physics"... Fine tuning a BET-based FDM must be a real headache. And I mean, doing it in DCS or IL-2, since for instance in XP I always starred at the inability to simply "predict" the pitching moments due to flap deployment on my designs using Plane-Maker, and always having to manually add it ( parametrically after all... bummer... ). But honesty, and even though I feel the quirks here & there, there's soemething really special about IL-2 GB that makes me always return to it after my diversions πŸ™‚
  10. The performance of the flight dynamics regarding, for instance, static and dynamic pitch stability when using FFB controllers, is an "open" question for me because I never owned such a stick. I did try ( and didn't like it - but that was long ago with another flight simulator game ) a cheap one, it was NOT the MS FFB I read / heard was very good for it's time. I wonder if the use of a good FFB device in IL2 GB might give me a different feel regarding this "wobbling" effect ? Regarding X-Plane comparisons - I've been using X-Plane in demo since version 2 and as a buyer since version 7 - can't really compare to IL-2 GB in many aspects. By far IL-2 GB does a much better / credible job in terms of "feel of flight" and detailed flight characteristics of it's aircraft than any similar aircraft type I have ever used for X-Plane. The hype around "BET" is a lot bigger than the end result - reason why it's IL-2 I use these days whenever I seat at the desktop PC to pretend I'm a pilot flying a powerful ww2 or awesome ww1 aircraft, even though war and air combat are far from being my "beach"... And, btw, contrarily to what someone suggested in a quoted text above, I do not think IL-2 GB's approach is stab-derivate based - quite on the contrary! Not saying that parametrically it doesn't use derivates, but I find the approach described in one of the first texts posted by the developers when it was announced as a project gathering 1C and 777 teams, a lot more in the line of the so called X-Plane "BET" approach...
  11. Pretty much what Fumes wrote. As a rw pilot for more than 38 yrs, I also find that, just like in other desktop flightsims I have used, IL-2 suffers from an over done response to perturbations in pitch ( maybe also in yaw, and coupled yaw-roll ) from the trimmed AoA. This affects some aircraft more than other. Probably the ones which came closer to what their rw counterparts feel like are the Spitfires, where they model the neutral pitch stability quite convincingly. In this particular aspect, sometimes I found the MSFS aircraft more realistic in terms of short period oscillations... but then, as we start using the aircraft in that "old" sim many other shortcomings come to rise... DCS also does, IMO, a better job in this particular area, and I don't recall CloD... But, truth is, all summed up, IL-2 is still my preferred flight simulator. It's mi go-to sim in front of a PC when not working πŸ™‚ So, yes, there are limitations / quirks, and yes it is getting better from update to update and the series is by far the most rewarding and productive I have ever used in game flight simulation. The development team, as small as I think it is, has been delivering so so so many new features, corrections, enhancements that every penny spent in this sim is more than worth the investment ! There aren't perfect flightsims πŸ™‚
  12. I don't have access to IL-2 GB right now, so I'm curious about what happens to the turbine RPM if you shutdown an engine and accelerate / decelerate - Is the windmill effect simulated?
  13. The model in the above mentioned NACA report ( D-30 ) is not the one we have in-game...( D-28 ) ? Our model, for instance, does not have dorsal fin. This should actually make it even less stable directionally ? Anyway, it's interesting to read about the pitch stability in that report. Comparing to the model in-game it appears it has not much in common ? I haven't been able to quite reproduce the reported instability. Also mentioned in that report, having blown-flaps, they should retract at higher dynamic pressure values - not the case in our D-30 model ? I've tried to reproduce it flying in full landing conf, as well as other intermediate settings, and no partial flap deployment resulted.
  14. Very sad to read this. Kwiatek was a reference in he's always very RW-pilot-oriented observations about this passion of ours for flight, IRL and in the Virtual. My sincere condolences to he's family and those who had him in their hearts! RiP Kwiatek!
  15. I honestly think reality is somewhere between the overdone tail surfaces efficiency of IL-2 and the weak effectivity of the same surfaces in DCS. The rudder waving in Spitfire videos is also the way tire pressure is distributed between the wheels, so I believe that even if slight, depending on surface type and radius of turn, the pilots are still using the grip in the stick.
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