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  1. Didn't fly much in December, but captured most of it.
  2. This time also featuring some kills flying on the russian side. I was surprised how much I actually enjoyed the MiG-3 and La-5.
  3. Yes that's me. Stayed with IL-2 1946 till the end. JAGER_Riksen, right?
  4. Another one from my cockpit view. I hope you enjoy.
  5. Flying the 109 & 190 in Multiplayer. Enjoy.
  6. Some online action in the 190 A-3.
  7. Sachte beschleunigen. Bremsen benutzen, linke "," rechte "." Und immer leicht den Knüppel zu dir hinziehen und mit dem Seitenruder arbeiten.
  8. lol Blak and Kathon.. I tried to send you a PM, but it was not possible (full inbox?). So I post my problem here... I tried to register on TAW-website as "I/JG7_Leo". I never registered there before and when I press on register it says my name is already in use. I try email password recovery, but none of my emails is registered yet. So there is either a guy who fakes me and use my name or it is simple bug. Would be nice if you can take a look. Cheers Leo
  9. Not much left of I/JG7 these days... But I will be there. Registration done.
  10. Blue side - Luftwaffe I/JG7 "Nowotny" - total 3 players / 1-2 mostly active European TZ +1 UTC 1. I/JG7_Leo 2. I/JG7_Baba 3. I/JG7_Killerfliege
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