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  1. We have everything right) No. T'was a commanders' decision my lad. Why don't we play the campaign and only in hindsight with the experience on our back shall we debate whether it's a good or bad idea?
  2. Happy Birthday Jason Can it be done and if so do you have an ETA for improving netcode and allowing more than 84 players per server please?
  3. The semi-laminar flow airfoil of the P51 delayed it's transition into turbulent regime by only around a 5% margin from what I've read in the literature (lednicer). However one thing which is clear is that their coating of wings and use of flush rivers changed the friction drag dramatically, which empirically has been widely known to contribute to a third of the total plane's drag. The finish is more important than the airfoil in this case in maintaining laminar flow. Of course wings have a bad stall transition because the boundary layer is much less energised and can detach with ea
  4. A more complex approach: In the literature you will find flaps generate lift AND a moment around the aerodynamic centre. A more intuitive way to think about it that the lift vector (w/o moment) is exerted on the centre of pressures which is a moving point. So the lift vector increases but also moves forward and backward. This changes the pitching of the plane not only by the increase of force around the CG but also how much leverage it has (like a wrench). When the flaps are deployed the downwash changes and affects the tail, which will now also produce a di
  5. centre of pressures indeed shifts forward with AoA which has an implication on the trim for different speeds. With higher Mach number with compressibility/shockwaves it moves back. But at speeds at which flaps are able to deploy this is not something to consider. I wonder if they implemented aileron reversal, as it requires an aeroelasticity model and custom parameters per plane... I think they simply implemented control lock with speed and change in maneuvrability of the different surfaces with speed which may take into account (artificially) some of the aeroelastic effects.
  6. Please differentiate in my statement the difference between the pitching moment around the wing's aerodynamic centre (which you quoted) and the pitching moment acting on the whole plane (last paragraph, which you should have quoted). The hypothesis for aircraft configuration which pitch up with flaps was stated, and consequently I asked whether there are any planes in the game which correspond to this configuration, because I do not know if there are, but the hurricane should definitely not be one of them.
  7. (not talking about specific planes, simply generally): Even the most simplified model for flight dynamics like the one from a starters university course would usually place the generatation of lift from flaps centered half-way down the chord at a "most forward point". Never in front of that. And the centre of pressures of the airfoil will always be in front of this point, in subsonic flight anyway. So, as a result, with any trailing-edge flaps, there should be a nose down moment around the aerodynamic wing's centre, even when flying a most primitive sort of simulator.
  8. Why is everyone going ballistic with them negative waves? VR mods (and manty 2d mods) are broken and rightfully so because the renderer got changed, which forms the foundation for such mods. Devs have taken no steps to mess with the VR experience. Give the modders enough time and I am sure they will revisit their products to use the new renderer. I am sure that everything will be back to normal soon enough.
  9. I am an ACG pilot and have been flying TAW for RED this campaign, as opposed to the prior ones. Half of ACG flies Blue. We are a dozen squadrons flying under one roof to simulate axis vs allies campaigns and other immersive experiences. As such, TAW offers something that is quite unique and fascinating from our point of view. ACG Allies https://taw.stg2.de/squad_stats.php?name=Air Combat Group ACG Axis https://taw.stg2.de/squad_stats.php?name=ACG I kindly request the TAW team to un-ban Drifter and any other ACG members, if any, that have been banned under this rul
  10. ACG_Cule + BoN Thank you so much my good Sir. ~S!
  11. My mate Azref asked for a pink Sherman. I made it for him. I post it here as he said it may be interesting to other meme lords out there. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1gwO-oTg4CBxm1n0Koua73FQBrp26dc33/view?usp=sharing Enjoy.
  12. Turn rate involves lots of factors. Engine power is one of them, because with higher angles of attack in the turn, a more powerful engine will deliver more centripetal force, assisting in the turn. F2 (in comparison to F4 and Gs) has weaker power at combat and continuous settings, and if I remember correctly the turn times are calculated using such power settings. This could probably be the important disparity when the devs calculated it. However, a good indicated best turn time does not mean a plane will turn tighter in a combat situation, where energy is bled through drag to assi
  13. (talking about turning on the left, which is what 109s do) Both aircraft share similar wing loading, the P-51 has a neater laminar wing which at high altitudes with high angles of attack will badly affect turning radii. In addition the 109 still will have a bonus assisted turning capacity to the left using the more potent torque. In DCS this is especially fun for instance. Although it's been more than 2 years since I flew the K4 there actively on multiplayer. In good old 1946 it was generally so off it's not worth comparing in my opinion
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