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  1. Indeed improving this God awful antialiasing should be a top priority. I'm sure this issue will be tackled somehow.
  2. Very nice! Can't wait to see the P-40s and the different variants of Hurricanes. This looks real good! Glad to have some news and eye candy. Thanks and keep up the good work!
  3. 64. PTAB sub-munitions effect on ground targets has been corrected; How please? Nice update, can't wait to see how the engines changed, thanks to the community members who make us 4k skins.
  4. It looks pretty nice! Too bad everything renders at such short distances, we'll have to get real close to see that jeep or that smoke.
  5. Yeah I realized i was late. How about Havoc over Kuban?
  6. And a great job has been done by the dev team no doubt. But couldn't the map have been improved if someone took some time to fly over it prior to release? I hope you'll find a way to properly test things out because I can tell you that this map doesn't currently make me want to buy "tank crew". Have a great day!
  7. Can't wait for the Tobruck planeset on Clod. It would be a nice break from battle of laggingrad, flying my dear 520 or some epic biplane fighters. I agree that more French planes is always better. At least the Hs129 is powered by French engines.
  8. Nah we're a bunch but most won't even try to mention it or make a proper report. It's a "feature" from the previous update. I really hope someone is working on a fix. I have reported it here using someone else's video.
  9. Very nice! I hope you can fix that flashing smoke glitch by next update.
  10. Hey it's me again! If there's flying circus or Tank Crew as part of the giveaway I'm interested otherwise please pass it to someone else. Have a good day dear Dyno enthusiast!
  11. No news for a couple months? Does that mean theres nothing to show or on the contrary things are advancing at a faster pace?
  12. Nice update! Thanks for adding more 4K skins! Hopefully the A8 and Spitfire are next? Honestly if you fix the Prokorovka map flickering trees and textures, the tank damage models (namely the Tiger which can survive over an insane amount of hits in its weakspots at close range) and add the possibility to destroy/damage a barrel and set a tank on fire I'll buy tank crew right away! Can't wait to see the other maps I hope they will include damaged buildings. Also the new flashing smoke issue is a real problem atm.
  13. Please explain how a glitch that requires you to restart the game is not game breaking? Because Id say that not having any sound or just an annoying metal rattling one and wasting several minutes each time it happens just to fix it is pretty "game breaking" in my book. No need to encourage the devs to ignore this issue which appeared months ago by stating nonsense like "it’s not too major an issue"
  14. It's not perfect but it's a lot better.
  15. The sound issues are still present they just seem to appear randomly and seemed to happen more often on Prokorovka for me but also on other maps (had it on Berloga Stalingrad map) even tho they remain rather rare. That and the orange flashing smoke, dissapearing contrails depending on the angle of view and other visual glitches (smoke floating in the sky, tracers coming out of nowhere etc) that just appeared or reappeared clearly made the game a bit less enjoyable. I'm certain that reinstalling doesn't fix anything and others I fly with or know from the forums have had all the said issues, all we can do now is put our faith in the devs who hopefully will manage to fix that. I'm afraid that the tester are not thorough enough in their testing when I see the state in which Prokorovka came out (trees and textures popping in and out of render when flying low above the "detailed" area).
  16. Exactly this Il-2 is the one that's lacking it, thanks for pointing it out.
  17. I've also noticed the white ground textures were flickering when flying above this map as well as the trees when flying very low.
  18. Still not managed to fix it, reported for the devs to have a look at this, also disabling the AA transparency makes the game look pretty awful imo.
  19. Brief description: All smoke effects flashing orange on summer/sunny maps (smoke stacks engine smoke on the ground, gun smoke etc...) Detailed description, conditions: Appeared after the very last "Dora" update The smoke is flashing orange on summer or sunny maps (seen on Kuban ,Stalingrad, prokorovka) Can be fixed by disabling antialiasing transparency in the Nvidia control panel according to one players which didn't work for me and all the other players who have this issue and that I know, also doing that made the game ugly (resulting in aliasing effects). Additional assets (videos, screenshots, logs): (on top)
  20. I'd say shadows and extra supersampling from Nvidia Inspector to not get rid of those horrible shimmering effects at low alt.
  21. I got the same issue but disabling the antialiasing transparency makes the ground shimmering and frankly looks extremely bad, it certainly is not a good solution. I will try to revert back to another video card driver, hoping it will work. The issue appeared after the Dora update for me.
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