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  1. I hope the 50 cal being quite ineffective atm has been mentionned, I do hope we'll get armor piercing incendiary with the Razorback. Nevertheless I will enjoy every bit of it. Can't stop listening to Jason and the guys, its quite exciting to have an insight on their work and to hear what they went through. Thanks for sharing!
  2. Imo if VR people want it to have the feature added they should buy the product if they like what they see. If you can afford it supporting the team is the only way to ensure VR happens because as far as I know VR is next but the expansion has to be successful for that to happen really.
  3. I take it that "Theatre of War" wasn't a success. Too bad! Glad to see the launch is near, certainly a must buy.
  4. Notice it doesnt have a parachute either.
  5. Yup and that propeller too. Finally this thing might be able to climb. Can't wait to figure out if it sustains damage any better too since the damage model changes.
  6. I'm so very glad the 47 gets some true love. So far I've hated that lump of lead, if felt like a brick without the wings, hopefully it will somewhat be a bit more competitive. I still have hope on the P-40 severe engine restrictions being somewhat improved, maybe we need a further DLC featuring a P-40 for that (Pacific?).
  7. The cockpits do look great. Can't wait for the day we'll be able to lay our hands on this.
  8. Very nice! Did you manage to fix some of the old intrument glitches we had? Namely in the BR 20 if I remember the artificial horizon had some issues. Also any chance to see the head movement in the cockpit improved (kind of limited with trackir compared to Il-2 BoS). Any improvements for the gunners? If I remember correctly the gun wouldn't move when firing. Can't wait to see some new pilot models.
  9. Nice looking lineup! I wish the Panzer III and IVs hard shurtzens. Any chance to see the Prokhorovka map improved so patches of trees dont pop in and out of render constantly when flying over it? Other than that it looks incredible. I might consider buying this, it looks incredible.
  10. Thanks for this nice player model! Certainly a nice addition to my dear U2. I hope the Tank crew map will be fixed.
  11. Okay after checking it seems that antialiasing issues were indeed fixed. Thanks team! main reason why I was using reshade...well that and the in game HDR creating artefacts over the horison in certain conditions.
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