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  1. =FEW=Hauggy


    If you bought it on G2A you asked for it, this website is notorious for selling keys bought with stolen credit cards. That happened on Kinguin too. I have never bought my keys anywhere else than on steam or the IL-2 website and the problem never occured.
  2. Glad to see something's being done. I hope to hope this is not just fixing the link account issue, which is a minor thing compared to what we have to deal with while trying to play.
  3. =FEW=Hauggy

    Tactical Air War

    This was legit the worst TAW campaign ever.
  4. When looking back to the right in the Spit MK V the track movement would snap up and down making the camera shake like it was hitting some kind of limitation. A fix would be very welcome. Is there anyone else having this issue?
  5. =FEW=Hauggy

    Armament and equipment

    Brief description: When using any plane it happens that the guns won't fire since last update. [edited] Detailed description, conditions: random glitch You do not speak for others. Keep your false narrative out of the bug reports section.
  6. =FEW=Hauggy

    Video and sound settings

    Brief description: sounds Detailed description, conditions: In a flight hen moving your head near to the (closed) canopy of most planes using trackir you can hear the wind, additionally turning your head to the left in the 109 g2 you can hear the sound only from one side. Additional assets (videos, screenshots, logs): Can be verified easily on your install, I did the test with my squadron and we all have this sound issue.
  7. 2. This forum is provided by 1C-777 Ltd. as a courtesy and its usage is a privilege and 1C-777 Ltd. reserves the right to ban any member temporarily or permanently for any reason at any time. Any penalties listed below for violations of the rules are guidelines only and forum administration may take additional action if they feel it is warranted. Use of the forum is not connected to usage of the game and access to this forum is not guaranteed to users as a consequence of purchasing the game. 6. It is forbidden to discuss the actions of moderators and administrators in any form on the forum. All questions are to be sent via "personal message" to the administrator/moderator.
  8. This is going a bit too far, guns don't even jam from overheating and you are suggesting this Why not having Panther D self combusting as it happened during the battle of Kursk. On a different note i'm sad i'm broke right now, can't wait to pre order from the il-2 website.
  9. =FEW=Hauggy

    DCS news

    Wow the exact same game is getting released one more time to create more cash out of thin air with existing content, how uninteresting and absolutely not exciting. Same planes and same maps as DCS exept they're smaller and you can play with keyboard and mouse instead of a joystick...
  10. The lights appear above the plane at a distance. This issue has been there for a while, thanks in advance for fixing it.
  11. =FEW=Hauggy

    Sturmgewehre StG 44 in Syria

    I can imagine the description "Original STG 44 in good shape, only dropped twice" xD
  12. =FEW=Hauggy

    How hard would it be to implement Nvidia Ansel?

    That sounds incredibly useless.
  13. =FEW=Hauggy

    Retours sur la VF

    Pour info je viens de demander a Jason, je n'ai pas vu Sneaksie depuis quelques jours. On va voir s'il peut me répondre. Désolé j'ai failli oublier. Je te tiens au courant!
  14. =FEW=Hauggy

    TFS Developer Update - July 2018

    By the way that Dewoitine 520 looks amazing I have to wonder what this modeller (that I assume to be French) plans on working after that. Possibly a Ms.406? Or maybe something bigger?