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  1. Too bad the tank game isn't popular and the tanks move like slugs offroad, I might have bought those then.
  2. Maybe the air Marshall is ready and comes along with the Hurricane. Or is that an odd way to announce a new front? Only Jason knows.
  3. Thank you! Finally some more groud targets! Could we have some tank columns as to try the 40mm armed Hurricane. Oh and by the way an Opel Blitz could never tow a flak 88, only the 8 ton Famo half track could.
  4. Well I pretty much have the same settings exept for the transparency setting. What helped me the most was when i checked the video settings and finally realized there were new options to antialiasing I havent noticed until now. 😄 I chose SMAA ultra + default luma instead of color (not sure which of the 2 is best).
  5. Hi there! I'm not sure how to get the game textures and antialiasing to look a bit smoother. Would you mind sharing your nvidia control panel/reshade settings if you managed to improve those? A couple screenshots should do the trick. Thank you!
  6. Well thanks for finally allowing me to see something! Everyone doesnt use a giant tv screen to hunt pixels. I'm so glad that happened.
  7. Btw Pierre Le Gloan's D.520 (number 6 on top) only had a yellow tail after the French defeat. The yellow tail and later yellow tail with red stripes were used in North Africa and Syria so the Italians and Germans would recognize them as friendly, this skin would be more fitting to a French vs Brit scenario, I think he shot down a few Hurricanes with that plane over Syria.
  8. Any chance to see vehicle columns and other ground units?
  9. Well it didnt seem to cause any issue with me after all. I might install the next update then.
  10. Found a bunch of graphical issues with the Martlet. The pitot probe doesnt seem to connect to the wing from inside the cockpit. The air filter handle is missing a part and dissapears once pushed or pulled. Third one is what happens when the planes flips over which happens to me a lot not sure if the breakes are supposed to be that strong. Last thing i'm not sure but the mixture handle might be inverted as 100% mix pushes the handle towards auto lean and 0% towards auto rich. Also the mirrors dont seem to work for me anymore since recently I might need to clear my cache.
  11. Not sure if that's the map I played on last saturday but I believe the airfield was indestructible. Couldn't disable it. Is this working as intended? Thanks for the effort you put in this map I couldn't stand those default maps anymore.
  12. I do hope that this will also make the pilot more vulnerable. Can't wait for some cool multiplayer missions to be created the default servers are kinda boring atm.
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