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  1. Nice! Can we get a rework of 50. cal ammunition / guns for the next one please? 😝
  2. I didn't play much recently but this happened to me twice once pre and once post patch (today). All the other planes are invisible. Here is my track showing the issue my friends will provide their own, you can compare these were taken at the same time in the same plane. The beginning of Unicus's recording is at around 0.38 in my video.
  3. Thanks a lot! I salute you too 4/II JG-27
  4. Oh alright I just recognized his squadron emblem, I kinda forgot what model of 109 he flew in North Africa. Well thanks for the work buddy those skinds look good!
  5. Do you think you could do a Franz Stigler skin too? Looks great so far!
  6. If only there was at least one half decent tank crew server I'd buy it. But all we got is the Finnish War Thunder style mess.
  7. I've tried 3.1.2 that someone else somehow manages to use but it didn't work for me somehow. Will give it a try and keep you updated, many thanks! The only version I could find is 3.1.0 and it doesnt work. Think you could host your files or something? Thanks!
  8. Try to check with windows update if everything is up to date (net framework etc etc). Check your video card driver version. Also you could try reinstalling the game. I hope that helps. That's all that comes to mind right now.
  9. I tried using reshade (even with an older version) but it seems impossible for me. Everytime I get the "unsupported overlay" green message in the bottom right corner and reshade just freeze and stops working. My game is on steam. Thanks for your help!
  10. Too bad the tank game isn't popular and the tanks move like slugs offroad, I might have bought those then.
  11. Maybe the air Marshall is ready and comes along with the Hurricane. Or is that an odd way to announce a new front? Only Jason knows.
  12. Thank you! Finally some more groud targets! Could we have some tank columns as to try the 40mm armed Hurricane. Oh and by the way an Opel Blitz could never tow a flak 88, only the 8 ton Famo half track could.
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