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  1. I don't think rudder pedals are a must have but depends on your budget, a Truthstmaster T1600 is pretty good and rather cheap. I personally own a Saitek X52 pro and I am very happy with it (not one of the cheapers but theres a separate thottle and many buttons, switches hats and so on, also you can lock the twist if you want to use rudder pedals instead. A freetrack system (cheap and almost free if you build it yourself using a webcam and some leds theres totorials on youtube I believe) or a trackir 5 also is a must have, some will go for VR but I personally don't really think I have the need for it.
  2. =FEW=Hauggy

    IL2 BOX FNBF - A Russian Massacre

    It's not like I-16s and Laggs were the hardest opponents to deal with, nothing incredible.
  3. =FEW=Hauggy

    Spitfire Mk.XIV poll

    It might not fit in there but I'd love a premium Yak-3 myself.
  4. =FEW=Hauggy

    Illuminating the tank optics at night.

    Some white phosphorous shells could help too, not sure if they were used on the Eastern front tho but in Normandy they were used to direct and coordinate night assaults and also to blind the German tank optics with the smoke as the phosphorous would stick to the tanks.
  5. =FEW=Hauggy

    Det's Hangar

    Amazing skins Det!
  6. =FEW=Hauggy

    Would You Purchase?

    I don't know where "Guadancanal" is but I can tell you the sim is going to the Pacific normally after Bodenplatte. The first part should be the Battle of Midway, it was delayed mainly because the research and translation process of various documents concerning Japanese aircrafts is taking a lot more time than usually anticipated (manuals written in older Japanese without any diagrams or illustrations), as far as I know the lack of information about these aircrafts made it impossible to start the project earlier. If you have a relevant suggestion to make it should got in the Developper Assistance subforum, there is a "Suggestions" category and there is a poll subforum if you want to know what people think without going too far offtopic.
  7. =FEW=Hauggy

    Would You Purchase?

    Ok let's just say helis played no major role. These oddballs are barely worth mentionning imo.
  8. =FEW=Hauggy

    Would You Purchase?

    Absolutely nothing there seems either doable or enjoyable. You're wasting your time with such unrealistic wishes. Helicopters played absolutely no role in ww2, I'm 99% sure nobody would want Zeppelins and ships would be way too complicated to simulate considering there is more than a handful of crewmens even in the smallest of destroyers. Something like a torpedo boat might be fun tho but the amount of work required would be much better spent in other areas of the game, I'd already be happy with just torpedoes to mount on a bomber.
  9. =FEW=Hauggy

    Current Status of TF 5.0 'Tobruk' build

    Thanks for the update! Can't wait for the completion of the project!
  10. =FEW=Hauggy

    Developer Diary 206 - Discussion

    Will Cologne be the field of ruins it should be at this stage of the war? Can't wait to see the famous cathedral. Those cities look pretty good! Can't wait to see the Flying Circus statics and buildings, I hope we'll have horse carriages, that was missing from Rise of Flight and was modded in.
  11. =FEW=Hauggy

    DD today?

    I doubt the devs would choose the Ju-87B (although it's clearly missing for the Battle of Moscow along with my beloved I-153) but I'd love to fly it especially if that means we're finally getting the auto bomb drop and recovery system I keep talking about (Han did tell me that it will be done one day after I messaged him).
  12. =FEW=Hauggy

    Developer Diary 205 - Discussion

    By the way am I the only one who thinks this pilot has a big nose? The guy must have been a boxer previously, he reminds me of Jean Paul Belmondo.
  13. =FEW=Hauggy

    Developer Diary 205 - Discussion

    Looking good!
  14. Thank you for this update! 24. Projectiles now can be stopped by trees That's cool it should help us get rid or magical AAA shooting us down through trees.
  15. =FEW=Hauggy

    Developer Diary 204 - Discussion

    Read the previous Dev Diary.