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  1. Actually... https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/48964-invisible-plane-bug/?do=findComment&comment=1023450 I guess it was moved. Anyway you guys knew and had files. the glitch is the very same. Do you still need more tracks?
  2. I'll try to record some other tracks of this bug the old ones are now obsolete but dont worry the bug is still very present.
  3. It's happening online on any server. Just like it was described above you spawn and no planes are anywhere to be seen. Restarting the game fixed it for me but a simple reconnect might be enough. It happens a lot since one of the previous updates, it's rather recent. I actually previously reported it but the thread was deleted...classic.
  4. Looking good! I don't mean to be negative but...have you guys looked into that new glitch that makes all planes exept yours invisible upon spawn and is only fixed by a restart?
  5. Nice try, pretty sure you're now on his ignore list now 😄
  6. We need the servers to keep running for other timezones. I think your solutions to those 2 first questions are a bit too radical, we need compromises.
  7. I registered on both events! I'll be flying a BF 110 over the English Channel. See you on wednesday guys!
  8. Great news! I registered to fly a CR.42. I've added myself to the list with the French guy but I'll fly with anyone granted they speak English or French. See you on Saturday guys!
  9. Nice! Can we get a rework of 50. cal ammunition / guns for the next one please? 😝
  10. I didn't play much recently but this happened to me twice once pre and once post patch (today). All the other planes are invisible. Here is my track showing the issue my friends will provide their own, you can compare these were taken at the same time in the same plane. The beginning of Unicus's recording is at around 0.38 in my video.
  11. Thanks a lot! I salute you too 4/II JG-27
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