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  1. beta testing???

  2. Bf109 G-6 Skins

    Lovely skin Wolfram, I added it to my folder. I've been putting together quite a few scale models and I cant imagine a ww2 German plane without this iconic symbol, I've even spent time adding swastikas to politically correct skins. xD
  3. Thanks Sneaksie! And thanks to the team!
  4. beta testing???

    Give the guy a break Im sure all the complains and bugs will be adressed in time. Also this Crash guy made some stupid remarks (aside from the terrible cheesy jokes which made me cringe) stating that it was difficult to bind keys which sounds like a joke or that there was a lack of fidelity with regard to flyable aircraft and even straight up false statements like saying that the flight models and damage models were unrealistic and the planes too easy to handle like he's an ww2 pilot while actually being uneducated about the matter, he also said that the graphics were bad a low altitude...Well not really they were in fact improved. This poor amateur Youtuber should keep doing what he does best promote the button pressing simulator he loves. Of course there are some legitimate complains and they've already been answered to, the fact is that AI is currently being worked on and same goes for the oddities with the terrain. I seriously don't understand where you're going with your "will not buy" threats, when I read you I think to myself "good! That's the toxicity cleaning itself out". Like someone is going to cry because you don't come ruin the athmosphere? Big deal! There's no need to get childish because you might have had personal conflicts in the past nobody cares.
  5. Oh and THANK YOU A MILLION TIMES FOR FIXING THE TRACKIR this was driving me nuts xD
  6. Wow you guys are effing awesome I wasn't expecting that!!! I hope the issue that made it impossible to spawn (greyed out button after selecting an available plane) and forced people to disconnect and reconnect got fixed too!
  7. beta testing???

    Well i'm not exactly sure about the ones who had to answer and got into that stupid discussion were all team members, anyway... I'd rather trust TFS and let THEM do what they do and then maybe open my mouth once 5.0 is out the door while keeping in mind that programming video games (and probably modelling all the models) is not easy and not an exact science plus these guys are only humans and can do an occasional mistake or 2 I have yet to see a game with 0 bugs. Also those who say that the game was better before Blitz are full of sh** every issue was fixed and i played a couple weeks ago and it worked fine if I had one thing to complain about it would be some old glitches with the planes instruments that are probably very hard and time consuming to fix but knowing how hard TFS has it and their available manpower I just cant be mad at all. When you know that some of them cumulate several jobs at the same time and do that on the side as they don't have magical money falling out of the sky the only thing I feel is respect and whats left is patience and a bit of trust. At least as far as I'm concerned i've been provided with HUNDREDS of hours of fun thanks to their work for no money playing a game that without them would be near unplayable and ugly. Honestly until 5.0 comes out they pretty much worked for free just for the community but many ungrateful and entitled people on this forum and probably elsewhere fail to see that. Oh and by the way I have nothing to do with ATAG or anything i'm just a fan that is thankful for what they did and has respect for them as hard working people. Also to the ATAG haters I say that I've always felt welcomed there and never had any issue on the contrary the community there was lightyears away from any toxicity and everytime I go on their TS i'm having a good time and I find patient and helpful people who might not tolerate childish and immature people as I do.
  8. beta testing???

    Do you think beta testing is in free access for BoX too? Because it's not and it's locked behind doors for good reasons too. I don't think they need random people to come and then talk sh**t on the forums and share screenshots or videos of unfinished stuff without actually helping because that's the risk and Im certain it happened already. I've done beta testing seriously and honestly it's just a shore not fun and games, it's not open to random people and certainly not advertised for very good reasons I'm 100% positive on that. TF surely already has testers they can trust.
  9. Bf-109 E7 Skins

    Any chance for a reupload please? Or maybe even a 4K upgrade if you're very motivated.
  10. TFS Update: Tobruk v.2

    I wonder what kind of news we're getting this week. Gloster Gladiator? P-40C Tomahawk? I'd love to see the latter very much!
  11. P-40 vs P-39

    Like there is an actual indicator that shows how open the rads are? If so you just have to activate the hud and see for yourself if not activate the hud and keep it that way that will help you avoid burning multiple engines and being uncompetitive. Surely there must be some kind of lever of crank I remember counting how many times i'd crank open the rad on the 109 in Clod, that was kind of a shore.
  12. Cliff of dover bf109 f-4

    If you can have 2 players in there and both are able to control the aircraft I think that would be pretty amazing. I'd have some flight training sessions with my squads mates in there. Some might have found a Ju-52 to be pretty "useful" in Box and here I am enjoying dropping cargo or troops and delivering crates.
  13. Settings I use for my X52 pro which is pretty damn accurate Pitch: -------------- Sens: 0 and sometimes up to 40% for extra accuracy when aiming in some fighters the only issue is the more you use the more you kind of ruin maneuvrability or your responsivity by limiting the imput in the center. Dead Center: 0 Dead Edge: 0 Roll: -------------- Sens: 0 Dead Center: 0 Dead Edge: 0 Yaw: -------------- Sens: 0 Dead Center: 8% because I use the twist and I want a tiny deadzone to avoid any minor movement I didn't want to make Dead Edge: 0
  14. P-40 vs P-39

    I have to agree with Gridiron I haven't used the P-39 a lot but I know for sure it doesn't retain energy at all (not entirely sure why) on top of being slow as a snail and also the awful engine limits making your engine blow everytime you throttle a bit too much has always been subject to controversy and for very good reasons I have to wonder if this result came from yet another obscure Soviet flight manual that doesn't necessarly reflects actual use in combat or what we could know from other nations who used the exact same plane. It's hard to believe this plane was that awful to fly...I wonder what pilots and especially Soviet ones mentionned about this plane and this specific model and it's behavior. I struggled a lot in the P-40 but now It's like my second home and I have no problem shooting down pesky Germans with it, unlike the P-39 that has a long list of problems one of the worst being for me how it doesnt seem to retain energy while bleeding it rather fast, the visibility and above all the fact that you get into flat spins very easily after spending some of your ammunition since the center of gravity shifts back with the weight dropping in the nose (Im still not sure how severe it gets and what different degrees of severity there might be in the simulation of that event in game).
  15. Friday Night Bomber Flight Topic

    Damn I felt like joining as a fighter for once... That's crazy It took like 20 minutes for nearly all slots to be gone because like 4 guys posted. Well I'll pass for this time. Have fun!