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  1. I'm so glad to see that after the soviet planes getting some 4k love we're also getting new pilot models! Nice ground vehicles btw hopefully they will not simply explode now.
  2. I would like to express my gratitude towards Jason and the talented dev team for bringing us a proper contact altimeter simulation. It indeed was a long awaited feature, also I had no idea that some Soviet planes had a dive recovery system. I posted a topic on the subject a bit more than a year ago hoping that you would see my message and I guess you did, either way I'm very glad and considering it a case closed. This is for sure another step towards making Il-2 more of a proper flight sim. As an additional thank you i'm planning to buy pretty much everything in the store (I'm such a hardcore fan that I would have probably ended up doing it anyway). I'm now hoping for a complex fuel tank simulation which i'm certain will be brought to the game. Hats down and godspeed! P.S: Please update us on the state of the Pacific project I'm sure everyone is curious about it after the "Battle of Normandy" announcement. Thanks =ICDP= Catney for giving our beloved Soviet planes some love!
  3. Case closed! I'd like to say a massive thanks to Jason and the team! It finally happened!
  4. Brief description: navigation light over the wing on the P-51, see the screenshots.
  5. Well we got Jason...it's better than nothing I suppose. Myself and a few friends solved most of the issue by forcing the game to run with only 60 fps (which sucks when you have a 144Hz monitor like me).
  6. By the way there's a Soviet prisoner of war in it. That doesn't quite fit the Battle of Britain subject. Also please stop caring about that one offended guy on the internet. Yes people die in war and not in video games, we know...
  7. =FEW=Hauggy

    Game Engine?

    Alright, I still feel bad for them. I still haven't quite digested Arma 3s launch and the general quality of bohemia's releases.
  8. =FEW=Hauggy

    Game Engine?

    Have fun making half assed "simulations" like you guys know how to with your terribly old engine and game concept. I feel bad for the poor guy who enlisted in the military just to play a game as bad as Arma. Also this very game used it's own new engine which isn't used by any other game as far as I'm aware. The current Il-2 sturmovik uses a variation of 777 studio's rise of flight engine.
  9. Amazing stuff! Gotta love those M13s on their carrier platform. By the way I did a bit of research when making one of those free French skins for War Thunder ages ago and apparently the cross of Lorraine was blue and not red. Correct me if i'm wrong.
  10. Well I was hoping for the Spitfire mk XVI. I have to say i'm not dissapointed! The Yak 9 sounds epic and well i'm not a huge fan of the slow Hurricane but it should be maneuvrable as hell so why not. Guess i'll have to buy flying circus later Any chance to have the significant Soviet biplane modelled into the game one day (I-153)?
  11. Looks amazing! Is it planned to have those side skirts and those mudguards on the Panthed D damaged by driving on rough terrain?
  12. This is a niche market, just deal with it! Playing a sim such as this requires some motivation (at least somehow have a bit of interest for history and aeoronautics which isn't the case for most people) and some investments like a joystick and a traking device/VR and sometimes a new rig. Some players dont want to fly online and stick to offline. And last but not least some players just don't buy all of the expansions or have endless time to play. So that's a lot of people you won't ever see online. I don't mind a smaller community myself I dont crave a massive community like what you would find in some mmo such as world of tanks or war thunder with all the increased number of cancerous people that inevitably come with larger communities. Also I believe 46 worked so well because of the leap forward made by computers technology in the 90's and how popular computers became at that time and I'm pretty sure that's not happening again anytime soon. Somehow I never played 46 back them but I did get my hands on Microprose Warbirds and of course the Combat flight Simulator series (cant wait to get back into a virtual Wildcat or Hellcat). I was already happy with 1 or 2 full server so 3-4 post patch does it quite good to me.
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